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Kit Cope  UFC/K-1 vet, 4XWorld Champ, Performance Coach, Pipe Hitters Union member. Shooter, Certifier and final authority of #manshit. #getonnit

Good thing we held out for the house with the pool when we moved to sunny Florida! #monsoonseason #15daysofrain #mypoolcuprunnethover

Workin on the night moves... you can’t squeeze creativity into a 9-5 box. #ithappenswhenithappens #itsanarchy #dogsandcatslivingtogether #youredoingitwrong #whenthemoodstrikes

Everyone is so into “new” and “progressive”. What’s wrong with old school. I feel like a good dose of old school won’t fix the problem, but at least some people would get some well deserved comeuppance!#manshit #shitcanthewholething #snitchesgetstitches #nobodylikesatattletale #takemoutback #abovethelaw

That’s just rad. Having been bitten by 3 of the top 5 deadliest spiders in the world, I absolutely hate spiders. But this is still rad. #spidergotskills #yougottamove #interwebs

What a good time! I’ve been invited to do this @bookcameo thing and the requests I am getting are hilarious! If you want some #manshitmotivation to look at when you’re feeling like like a little bitch or a message that you want me to make for your girl... or your dude... or any of the other genders you’ve made up, book it! #cameo #dontbescurred #whatchugot #manshit #shoutout

Who else thinks this is complete bullshit?!? You want a tip before I experience your food OR your service?!?! WTF is going on in this world? #soundoff #qualityappropriation #bullpucky #youredoingitwrong #thatsnothowitworks #nottodayassneck #standagainsttyranny

Stoked that @stiinternational is letting me be a part of their party with these two beautiful people!
Join us for an exclusive STI range experience during this year's NRA Annual Meeting (@NRAAM2018) in Dallas!
(Link in bio) - Note: There is limited availability of 40 total tickets for this event.
Details: Try your hand at our course to see (and feel) how our state of the art 2011® stacks up against the industry's top sellers. Get one on one training with experienced firearm instructors, meet Instagram celebs @TheGatman and @Charissa_Littlejohn, and hangout with UFC and K1 veteran @KitCope. And as long as you're at it, get registered to win a DVC Carry with our 5-Shot Challenge! Space is limited to ensure guests get an exclusive, one on one experience. This event will sellout so be sure to get your tickets ahead of time and reserve your spot.
Admission includes: all range fees, firearm rentals, ammo, food & drinks, and an exclusive event t-shirt. If you decide to pull the trigger on a new STI firearm purchase at the event, your admission fee will be credited towards that purchase.
See you at the range!

New a ton of #manshit to do so that more #manshit can be done. #diy #hometraining #muaythai #mma #staysharp

Just arrived in Orange Beach, Alabama. Checked into my hotel and made sure that The Gideons have been here with their standard @stiinternational DVC Carry. #thegideons #hotelessentials #manshit #pewtrip

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