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You did it~
Don't cry~

Sometimes, it’s good for me to have such a regretful feeling. Romantic stories happen a lot. But only a few childish matters belongs to the memory of that age. When those things come to me, I feel a little bit regretful. Everytime I see you eating well and sleeping well just living well as I do. Those regretful feelings spread to me. I only dare to translate these moody words into English and post them in ins. At the same time, these words are written to me as well. Actually, I’m not willing to let the past and present go. I know it is selfish to myself. Now and then, when I’m driving and playing a certain song, I will feel like maybe a particular regretful feeling is a good thing to me.

Sometimes involuntarily think about whether friendship has a deadline. Every time firmly believed someone would go through thick and thin together, but now it is as far as a stranger. More helplessness than pity.

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I've forgotten why I started going to the gym, but honestly, I really hate to take protein powder and tons of chicken breast without salt as food. I’ve given up keeping fit for a few months, and easily I got my flabby tum back. It's hard to get back to the state of fit, but the life with yum fried chicken、cakes and ice cream is@fucking awesome!

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