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Happy Monday ☀️ #mondaymotivation

I’m gonna say this in the most respectful way possible.. I don’t open dms, I appreciate all the love and compliments THANK YOU 🙏🏼 it’s become apparent that I cannot communicate with everyone nor is it safe. Not everyone has pure motives and the amount of fake accounts with ill intentions is crazy. I love y’all though 🖤

When you master your own frequency they flock like moths to your light #vibes #beastrawnotasponge #deflectnegitivity #shareyourlight

So, someone was telling me about the comments on that YouTube video.. so I did a quick scroll and apparently I’m morbidly obese, can be found in Walmart, and look like a blown up midget.. I honestly laughed at all of them. I did want to bring awareness to cyber bullying, that shits real! If I wasn’t happy in my skin I wouldn’t have done the video, others may not be as confident and could be affected by such comments. This is my 9 months pregnant weight and I’m happy af here. I don’t diet because I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years but I eat super clean, I workout but I’m not obsessed with my appearance or societal standards of beauty. I think beauty is a feeling, a way of being... I can go on but y’all get the point

I see all you new followers and appreciate y’all but it’s simply impossible to read and reply to the hundreds of dms so let’s do this... introduce yourself and tell me something good

Thick is life 👌🏼

You can have your queen, this goddess was made for a god 🙏🏼 #ohmygoddess

This is me walking away from all that negativity ✌🏼salt water is so cleansing, good for the body, mind and soul.. I feel so refreshed ☺️

An interdimensional portal 🕳 I am spirit dancing as matter... #iamlove

If you ever get the chance visit the Bahamas 🇧🇸 it’s simply amazing

Just a few 🏝

Tattoos and bathing suits 🏝

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