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K  Working on a songfilm


ATTENTION: did I mention that this film is also about my next album? Backers of the film will have EXCLUSIVE access to full clips of the creation process (like me and cinematic @takenobumusic here hammering out a chord progression). Tomorrow is the last day to support the film! @omoiyari_songfilm (link in the bio above!)

What an incredible week! Birmingham, Selma, Arkansas, Nashville, Whitwell, Chattanooga. In this life changing week of filming, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this ugly beast that is racism. Ive learned that segregation is very real and is not just in the south, and that the symptoms of slavery continue to linger in so many ways...
Really an honor to have award winning and currently sober @natgeo photographer @andy_bardon document this trip. Thank you everybody who came out and supported and joined us in this ongoing conversation. Thank you @thenonoboyproject and @juliansaporiti @erinkaoyama @takenobumusic @jtaylorsmith @maxreggieritter for keeping up with the intense schedule!
Tomorrow is the last day to support @omoiyari_songfilm

What does it mean to be American? Does it mean you can’t speak another language? Does it mean you can’t worship another religion? the Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII faced the difficult decision to hide their culture in an effort to be more “american”....
I wrote this melody because as a tribute to the Issei (first generation) who’s voice were largely suppressed from the Incarceration story. Please support @omoiyari_songfilm. The campaign ends on Sunday! Epic cinematography by @jtaylorsmith @maxreggieritter @andy_bardon

Nashville! Very acoustic, informative, and intimate concert tonight at 7pm! @forthouston music starts with the cinematic @takenobumusic, followed by scintillating Nashville native @thenonoboyproject . We will show you clips from our filming this week for @omoiyari_songfilm. $20. Tickets still available ☺️

@omoiyari_songfilm shot with cinematic heavy weight Red Camera. #hollywood #red #americanmade #4k #ronin. Last week for support!

The gang is back together! @erinkaoyama and @juliansaporiti and the @thenonoboyproject have arrived and we will continue filming . Birmingham tonight! Selma tomorrow! This is the last week to support our film @omoiyari_songfilm

In 1922, In lieu of a tip to a courier at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Einstein scribbled down an uncomfortable truth:
“A calm and modest life will bring more happiness than the restless pursuit of success.”... When I lived in New York, i used to think that ambition was a kind of virtue. It drove me to play my violin harder, make the most emotional music, and carve me into the musician that I am today. Seeing Sleep No More the other night (which is based on Macbeth) made me really wonder, is ambition really the root of all evil that drives men to war? I wonder if my own insecurities as a pimply Asian teenager may have added to my drive later in life to be successful, desired, and wealthy.... these are questions that I will be asking myself this week as we will film our trip to Birmingham, Selma, Jerome and Rohwer...
It’s our last week to support our film @omoiyari_songfilm!

String power move: block the bathroom door and hold a baton 🙃 thanks NYC for joining us for an incredible evening of rhythmic accuracy and friend vibes!...
@chopes26 @emilyhopeprice @lauralutzke @joebrentmandolin ! Heading back south to work on my movie @omoiyari_songfilm

I can’t begin to explain how innovative and inspiring @sleepnomorenyc was last night ☺️ . You put this mask on and you wander and follow silent actors and dancers through a speakeasy era hotel of multiple floors filled with art installations, blood, and bacchanal... thanks for joining me @fixthatmess! See you all at midnite tonight @joespub.

I cut my teeth in this crazy city many years ago. I was enamored by the exciting people, the delicious foods, and the general camaraderie. In a single day, you could see something break your heart and then later have your faith in humanity restored by an act of selflessness. Everything is amplified here, but I’m embarrassed to say I was oblivious to the serious class warfare that exists here. NYC has THE most segregated school district in the nation. I’ll be exploring these ideas and the adverse affects of gentrification and privilege in my documentary... Please join me in this exploratory journey. One more week to support! @omoiyari_songfilm
#nyc #gentrification #omoiyari

So honored to be included in a community of such talented artists. I love the simplicity of the idea and the imagination that this sketch begs you to breathe. Thanks @dearbearsquare 🎨

Hey New Yorkers! If you still need tickets for the sold out String Quartet Live! show this Friday AND you want to come see Sleep No More with me on Thursday, I’ve set up a $250 perk in my indiegogo page in the bio above!....
(1) ticket to @sleepnomorenyc 7:30 Thursday 1/11...
(2) tickets to @joespub Friday 1-12 at midnight! Don’t let me go alone it looks kind of creepy 😅

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