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K  Working on an album and a documentary about racism and Omoiyari. Next concert Miami 4/20-21. ATL 4/29. Chicago 6/1.

@nu_deco_ensemble conductor @jacomobairos’s ability to embrace you with a mere gaze is legendary in Miami.

Oh man it’s happening Miami! @nu_deco_ensemble had a first run through last night and I already know it will be a spectacular event. Did I also mention that I’ll be singing new orchestral arrangements for Honeybody, Antichrist, and Philosphize In it?! Tickets still available in the link above. See you soon! 🌴

It’s done! I’ve finished composing and orchestrating my 25 minute piece entitled “Improvisations on EO9066”. I’ll be performing with the incredible @nu_deco_ensemble at the state of the art #newworldcenter in Miami. The lush orchestra and I will be playing along with filmed improvisations and new songs that may or may will be on my next album and @omoiyari_songfilm Tag a friend in Miami who might want to be a part of this once in a lifetime world premiere 🤗 April 20-21 tickets in the link above!

Athens! So excited to be performing at Chase Street Schools this Tuesday with the incredible @linquafranqa. Check out our rehearsal/jam in the live video today 🎤

Join myself and Mr Hendershot @seffrohendo @daniel_j_brunner and @talltalltrees in Atlanta 4/29 at @parktavern ! (@takenobumusic @kathrynreneekoch you want to play with us too??) FREE

I’ll be at @hendershots_ all week working on my Sibelius orchestrations for my epic 25 minute Miami symphonic piece with @nu_deco_ensemble later this month. Mr. Hendershot @seffrohendo has customized a motivational technique that alternates between coddling and tough love. 😅

Safety first y’all! Speaking of safety, let’s keep guns out of schools and assault rifles out of reach. #neveragain #marchforourlives (@co32_minus thanks for the sketch!) also @iheartjlp said he “really likes my mouth”...

My friends and family @of_montreal are the nicest people and are off on tour! Kevin is the consummate artist and the original indie provocateur. I’ve learned so much from working with him. Go see one of the wildest shows around! :) (Kevin’s photo by @rlviningjr). @gardsyvis @dobbysdelicatessen @daveysaves @usernametaken27 @mt_wheeler @claytonrychlik @tabre @thebeewithwheels

Received visual confirmation that my friends’ lives are waaay more thrilling than mine atm 😭 @jtaylorsmith @travisrice @gwheels .

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” - RIP Steven Hawking 😢... In middle school, I read a “Brief History of Time”, and was explained to in fairly simple terms how significant the Theory of Relativity was and about how black holes worked and the Big Bang Theory (string theory was a little out of my grasp and even today). It blows my mind how humans can dream up these fantastic stories of the universe through non-visual analysis and mathematics. It gets me excited that we have so much more untapped potential to look forward to and that no matter how observant you are, the universe will always be impossible to fully comprehend. There’s nothing “before” the Big Bang because there isn’t even “time” there?? 🤯

My #cholula has left some strange kanji vibes today. What is my soup trying to tell me? It’s almost Kishi “橋” . Taking suggestions as to my fortune 🔮 #narcissistmuch

Just relived this luxurious setting for “Say Yeah”. Never had a dirty martini been more appropriate at :20 🍸 😋. @joespub (thanks @shoelessthunder)

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