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Editing  ♡ Gomez or go home ♡ •● I will never stop loving Selena Marie Gomez●• ☆ I use Photoshop Cs6 ♡ Redbubble: Iziukas (T-shirts) ⬇

can you tell that I didn't have any ideas? yeah me too. 😂😫 also tomorrow is freaking Friday and I can't wait. this week was so long TF. anyways I hope you like this❤ @selenagomez

I literally have no time so sorry for this shitty edit😫 school and the dog is taking loads of time, but can't complain you know♡ anyways enjoy!❤ @selenagomez

I ALWAYS FORGET THE FREKAING OIL PAINT ON THE HAIR FJDJFJNDJF. Hehe, yeah this is not my fav. i didnt have a lot of time so just threw something together. I hope you like it ❤🤩 @selenagomez

ok so an update on the dog. He's pretty big, he is still scared of me and my family members, like you can kinda go up to him but he will back away and if you can reach and pet him he will stay and let you pet him. Also he doesn't really know how to play but I think it's because he's a bit stressed and scared. anyways he is doing pretty well and I hope you like this simple edit❤💖💖 @selenagomez

a fast edit, I haven't done these kind of edits in a bit❤ anyways I am getting the puppy tomorrow and I am SCREAMING inside fjfbsjdndn 😂 anyways I hope you like this💝💝

ok but why do I low key like THIS?!😂 AN EDIT I TRULY LIKE FOBDFBNDJD 💖💛 so I think tomorrow were going to decide on what dog to get and I couldn't be more excited, a dog is all I need in life right now fbsjjfbdhdh💖 and I hope you like this, I love you !

yeah...today is not an editing day 💛 Also how in the heck tomorrow is Friday!? I'm excited hehe💛💛 anyways I hope you find something you like in this edit ♡♡

another wedding look hehe. Selena in white elegant dresses are my fav💖 Wednesday is done only 2 more days left!💖 I hope you like this ♡ @selenagomez

THE highlight in the inner eye corner 😍😍😍 Its so simple yet it's so relaxing to do these kind of edits💖 and I hope you like it♡♡ @selenagomez

MY #5pngchallenge created by @nartsya . I honestly had so much fun making it and the bangs turned out better that I thought.💛💛 it's a bit dark but you know it hides all the mistakes hehe. anyways I hope you like it! @selenagomez

this dress is so freaking gorgeous ☁️😍 also thank you so much for the feedback on my recent post! yall are the best💖 and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do♡ @selenagomez

THIS edit LOOKS AMAZING OMG. honestly imagine Selena walking down the aisle with a princessy dress oml. Also this hairstyle fits PERFECTLY into the wedding theme💖💖 IT'S Friday and thank God the week is over, I hope you like this💖 @selenagomez

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