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Editing  ♡ Gomez or go home ♡ •● I will never stop loving Selena Marie Gomez●• ☆ I use Photoshop Cs6 ♡ Redbubble: Iziukas (T-shirts) ⬇

queen of the universe. i love planets so much sksks, so tonight sweetener is coming out and i am so fucking excited sksk!!! this edit is alright, i mean it doesnt have a meaning or anything lmao but i hope you like it anyways♡♡

this edit is weird lmao. i wanted to make that the moon was like popping out of her skin from beneath a bit, i think it looks somewhat like it haha. its a simple edit idk, i am going to prolly make better one tomorrow lol. anyways i hope you like this♡♡ @selenagomez

this dress is actually super fucking cute sksks. this is my last edit ive got prepared, coming home on Tuesday so ill probably have a new edit either tuesday or Wednesday. anywho i wont bore you with my schedule lmao, i hope you like this:) ♡

HI i missed u all!♡♡ I am in Sweden right now, visiting my cousins. i am sorry i didnt post for a few days, just i wasnt in to posting rn, but here is a new simple, basic edit that i prepared before leaving. this was easy to come up with and fast before leaving so dont judge lmao♡♡ anywho i hope you like this 💜

you dont know how bad i want dylena to be a thing. Dylan is the fucking cutest creature and so is Selena, a match made. although i love Brit ( dylans gf ) i think they are togehter right? anyways enjoy this rare edit hehe ♡♡

my uncles birthday party location has no fucking signal. so i dont even know if this will post tho. the cake has not been sliced and its 10 pm....the cake better come soon. anyways i hope you like this edit ♡♡

the matte lip is always a must, it looks so good lmao. tomorrow i am going to uncles birthday party where i am going to stuff my face with cake and all the foods. wish me good luck tomorrow hehe. anyways i hope you like this♡

this actually looks fucking real. yet again simple but successful. i dont have anything to say except that shanes new video is out and i am going to watch it asap. i hope you like this♡♡

I do actually kinda like this edit, I just love how simple and real it looks, idk it's kinda cute right kitty girls lmao. Update on my kitten, she's doing great, cute as always and loves to explore the house which is getting annoying haha. anyways I hope you like this♡♡

hi guys, sorry that I didn't post for a few days, I was in Poland and now I am home for 1 week and then again going to my aunt to Sweden for a week and it's all just so hectic. this is simple and I am hoping I will make not more complicated but more cuter lmao. anyways enjoy kitty girls ( James Charles has gotten into me ) ♡♡ @selenagomez

I am obsessed with this edit sksksk. so today was fun, it's my mom's birthday yet we couldn't and won't swim in the sea for 3 days because of some kind of bacteria,ugh. i have nothing to say lmao. Anywho I hope you are having a great day, enjoy:) @selenagomez

what happened today was really scary, demi overdosing is something I have never thought would happen, I thought she was under control and happy, but I guess the label and her team couldn't let her be honest because of her reputation. it's sad, I love her dearly and I am relieved that she is 'stable'. anyways I hope you like this edit that turned out quite good hehe @selenagomez

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