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harlismama  Harli Lynn Prewitt is my heart. KY "if we spend all our time judging each other, we don't have time to love each other."

❄️ winter time blows ❄️

in honor of not having been on instagram in years

Mommy damn sure wishes her princess was snuggled here in this bed with her, where she belongs. There is NOBODY on the whole planet, scratch that, universe, who is more capable of caring for my daughter than I. I am the one who carried her, birthed her, fed her from my breast, and who has spent/will spend eternity with her on my mind. I am the one chosen to teach her, support her, and protect her. I know that I am the chosen sole guardian because I am her mother!!!! Not anyone else!! Go somewhere and make your own child, and leave mine alone. She is not a pawn for people like you to use against me... She is a tiny, perfect little girl who needs her mommy! And mommy needs her! I miss you Harli Lynn. I promise to you, darling, once you are back in mommy's arms, I will never ever let anybody take you out of them again. No matter what.

late night adventures to (what harli considers...) paradise!
some people might just call it a McDonald's PlayPlace :)

✴ thru thick & thin, there will always be us... ✴

"My Sweet Family" Ft. Broken Mandible Jaron 😚💀💕

Our girls actually seeming to like one another! They are both so flawless! How lucky am I to get to have both of them as mine?

what is it about happy meals that is so magical to the little ones?? we dunno, but my girl is just as obsessed as the next kid 😎🍟🍔💛

the queen herself 🐭👑

We had so much fun, just like always

mommy & minnie 👭🐭

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