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KIRSTY GODSO  Nike Master Trainer || Energy Dealer ⚡@pyrogirls 🔥 PYRO TINGS ⚠️ @madeof_____

After years of searching for the perfect protein powder, I stopped compromising and @madeof_____ was born. This product is high performance and Made Of everything you need, nothing you don’t. So excited to share this with you all. Out now in North America. Link in bio ⚡️✨❤️ #madeof

CUT THE SAFETY NET! A safety net is the same as a ceiling. It’s not there to catch you, it’s there to stop you.
Sat down with @james_silvas to speak on the @bethatonepercent podcast. Tune in to hear our conversation on:
Growing up with Nike, the power of language and internal conditioning, how to PYRO your life and chase your dreams and surrounding yourself with energy and people that fuel you forward. ⚡️✨ Link in bio. It’s long and I have an accent but #justdoit 😏 #letsgo #PYROGIRLS

From coffee to cardio, Keyoncé and Smashley are City Ready with @nike and @bandier ⚡️✨ @ashleywilking

Believe in yourself. Stay up all night. WORK OUTSIDE YOUR HABITS. Collaborate. Don’t procrastinate. Get over yourself. Keep learning. Find inspiration everywhere. Trust your gut. Ask for help. Learn to take some criticism. Do your research. Think about all the possibilities. Now don’t just think, DO! 🖤✨ #justdoit

New York minute(s) 💕 I like to run them together. From work to workouts, street to studio, barre to rooftop bar... @nikewomen City Ready collection carries me through it all. Link in bio ⚡️✨ #nikewomen #NYC #letsgo

I’d swipe right on this bodysuit 😍🔥✨ @nikewomen City Ready Collection takes you from studio to the street 🧚🏽‍♀️ Link in bio #nikewomen #cityready

💚💜🖤 @georgiafowler @prada

When I graduated with a double business degree and then 180’d into a career in fitness it was “an interesting choice”, “a risk”, “a disaster”. When I left many things I loved to follow my deepest dreams it was “the worst decision I ever made”, “stupid”, “crazy”.... well thank you. IT IS A CRAZY DREAM TO JUST DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Grateful that Nike have allowed me to live out my childhood dreams and be part of this amazing Just Do It campaign that is taking over globally. From New Zealand to New York, this crazy dream continues! I encourage every person out there, no matter age, size, description to GET CRAZY and go after what they want. I’m grateful I listened to the voice and dream of 5 year old KG who believed this could one day happen. That voice continues to encourage me to trust, and more importantly do. Your turn ⚡️✨❤️ #justdoit #nike #nikewomen

Pullin’ back the curtain by myself, take a look ✌🏼👀 #letsgo #MMW #nike

Calling the holiday hotline 📞 ✨ Sunday’s are for sisters and some of our fav moves. @georgiafowler ❤️🔥 Swipe to see the sweat:
1. Single leg hip bridge x 10
2. Single leg hip bridge with leg lever x 5
3. Single leg hip bridge with circles - 5 in each direction
Repeat on other leg
4. Resisted Dead Bug x 12 - go slow and focus on the exhale!
Add this in as a fun combo to your next workout. Repeat 3x 🤗
@victoriassecret #sundaysweat #aintnothinbutaGthang

NIKE BOYZ ✔️✨ @stockx

SICKO MODE BODYWEIGHT HIIT-OUT 🔥⚡️✨ Add this one to your training as a finisher or quick HIIT set after a warmup.
45 sec work/15 sec rest each drill.
1. Typewriter
2. Lateral shuffle to touch
3. Switch climber AKA Pyro Ting
4. Single foot agility shuffle (switch foot at halfway)
5. Tuck jumps
6. Hotsauce Burpees
Your turn! ❤️🔥 @pyrogirls #nikewomen #letsgo #HIIT

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