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It’s going down in a beautiful magical way in the #5daystoempowerment challenge 😍 so proud of what has already been achieved in the group & the connection, love & support shown to empower each other. #Day1 we focussed on clarity - getting super clear about where we are currently at & where we want to go.

#Day2 is here and we are uncovering (and kicking to the curb!) the limiting beliefs that have held us back from making that change.

For me for the longest time that has been my “not enough” story that has run the show. It kept me playing so small I didn’t even try for YEARS. It cost me a lot to stay in that place. This past 12 months has really been a continual practice of facing off with that story and making a new choice - and in the process a whole host of evidence of why that story isn’t true.

What is that one story that is holding you back? What is the the TRUTH? Because that’s all these beliefs are. The stories we have told ourselves enough to believe them. Tell yourself a new story. Make a new choice. Start proving yourself wrong TODAY. Build evidence why you CAN. I’m sure you already have some if you really thought about it. You’ve got this. I believe in you. Now choose you, too. 🧡

Action. It’s the antidote to fear. It’s the game in which authenticity is learned. Where you find out what you’re made of & enjoy to love the ride.

Actually taking action towards what it is I say I want, despite the fears and doubts, has been the greatest sense of empowerment.

You can only get ready to get ready for so long until you have to jump in the game. Where are you still “preparing” for what you want instead of diving in? You won’t know until you try and the reality of the game is very different to the learnings. AND - it’s a hell of a lot more fun 😜

So f*cking excited to dive in with everyone who has signed up to the #5daystoempowerment challenge starting Monday. Not only because I’m amped to connect & support people towards their own empowerment, but in doing so it’s another big step in the direction of mine. So thank you to everyone who has stepped in - you’re not only gifting yourself the ultimate act of self love by choosing you, but you’ve also given me an incredible gift too. 💗 So grateful.

Its not too late to join us - link in bio xo [📸 @thesoulecho]

One week to go until the FREE #5daystoempowerment challenge kicks off 🙌🏼✨

🧡 It’s not too late to join - LINK IN BIO 🧡

If you want to set yourself up for a year of powerful change, this is for you. If you want to be surrounded by a group of epic souls to support you, this is for you. If you want to prove to yourself you CAN & claim your power, this is for you.

You will also have the opportunity to win a scholarship to my 7 week Empowerment Academy Program valued at $497 (ensuring your 2018 is next level!). There’s also a 1:1 Empowerment coaching sessions & a beautiful essential oils gift pack up for grabs AND a few other bonuses because I just can’t help myself 😂✨

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

Last year I made a commitment to embracing the testing grounds and being in the game nearly a year ago. It’s not always easy & the comfort couch sure looks good at times haha but it’s worth it. This year I am committed to honouring my voice & stepping in to using it more. To put the lessons I learned last year to practice & begin embodying my message more.

What is one thing you are committed to this year? 👇🏼✨ There’s only two options - reasons or results. Choose wisely & choose YOU.

33 today (which has apparently shocked a few of people based on some entertaining conversations 😂) 🎈I can honestly say my 30s so far have been better than my 20s in so many ways. Don’t get me wrong my 20s were a shitload of fun 😂 but I had always been told that “life was downhill after 30” and had so much dread around that age. Society had me convinced I was supposed to have it all figured out by then & I was panicked that I didn’t.

Nobody told me that as you get older, life is richer, more precious & holds more meaning. You know yourself more. Things bother you less and you fall less in to the comparison game. Everything that previously worried you starts falling in to place and the lessons and challenges start to make sense. You care less about what people think, how it’s always been & let go of other people’s ideas of how life should be lived and just live yours. The past three years have been brilliant, and I have a sense of peace, purpose and passion I’ve never had before.

Every year is a gift so never fear that opportunity. I share this for anyone who is afraid of getting older, or that time is running out, because of what we’ve been programmed to think. (Our bodies constantly regenerate themselves, time is questionable and energy never dies so maybe age is just an illusion? 😂) It truly is your script & you get to write it however you want. How much more joyful would life be if we decided things just kept getting BETTER with age? Forget the timeline. Forget what age you’re “meant to” have done things by. Enjoy YOUR ride...and make the most of it 🧡✨ [📸 @thesoulecho]

Celebrate the growth, the journey & who you are BEcoming in the process. It’s your race, stay focussed on your lane. ✨

Stepping in to the new year like...nothing feels much different 🤷🏽‍♀️ Because for the first time I started my goals and vision for this year back in November. Because I now choose to see every day as a new opportunity.

Yes there is a kind of magic about a new year and the idea of a clean slate. But every day, every moment has the same possibility if you choose to take it. You don’t need a new year or new week to start. (Ahh yes hello this was me for so long 🙋🏻‍♀️😂 and that cycle kept me in my comfort zone)

What does need to happen though is to take radical responsibility for your life. To get SUPER clear on where you’re at - no BS. To understand what shows up that prevents you from creating the change you say you want. ‘New year, new me’ means nothing without this.

If I learned anything last year it was that you need to be more committed to why it will work than your excuses - both are going to take energy so you may as well make some changes.

You can’t create change with the same mindset & ideas that got you here. If you want something you’ve never had you’ve got to do something you’ve never done and COMMIT to being the version of yourself that can make it happen. Action is the antidote to fear - it will always seem impossible until you begin & get in the game.

Clarity. Turning limiting beliefs in to empowered thinking. Mindset. Energy. Successful habits. Action. These are just a few of the things that we will be diving in to in the FREE #5DaysToEmpowerment challenge that starts on the 15th of January. If you’re ready to create lasting change & kick some serious butt this year - click the link in my bio & sign up. You’ve got this. What you say you want is possible and it’s closer than you think. ✨ [📸 @thesoulecho]

2017 - you were by far my favourite year to date. The type of year I had hoped for.

Started the year on a rooftop in Hollywood, frolicking in the snow in NYC & another month in LA. Although I didn’t know the exact direction I was headed in 2017 I knew my focus was to become the best version of myself.

Investing in my growth was the greatest gift I have given myself & it led me to exactly where I wanted to be. This year set the foundation of the relationship with myself to make everything that is in store for 2018 possible. I met & connected with a TRIBE of the most epic humans that I am honoured to call friends.

You can’t do this shit alone & I am so fortunate to have gained the support of my soul family to make it possible. 🧡

I let go of the expectation of what things SHOULD look like & began to enjoy the journey. I became comfortable being uncomfortable, proving the stories I had around not being enough wrong. In playing in the areas outside my comfort zone for the first time in my life I began to see the magic of life & experienced real joy for the first time.

I began to trust myself. Trust in something bigger than myself & surrender to letting go of the how it was all going to work out & just knowing it would.

Life is truly magic. The dawn of a new year doesn’t make it so, happiness is an inside job. So if you’re not sure what you want your 2018 to be, commit to yourself. Commit to your own self worth & happiness. The rest will fall in to place.

I want to thank you all sincerely for being a part of my journey, for any support or encouragement offered. Being present. I have so much love for you all & 2018 for me is about supporting as many people as I can humanly reach in to the peace & joy I have found this year.

So in 2018 let’s love louder, be the light the world needs & make true connections to those around us. Let’s not buy our own shit of why we can’t & use that energy to create what we want & deserve. 🧡✨

[2017 also brought me love & this is my face when @thesoulecho asked about @bitofadreamer - the cherry on the cake of an epic year 💗😄]

Thank you 2017 🙌🏼 2018 you have big shoes to fill 💫 LETS GET IT!

2018 is about to be EPIC!! 🙌🏼 I would LOVE to support you to create the change you want to set yourself up for the best year of your life.

I’ve created a 5 Days To Empowerment challenge totally FREE - to pass on the foundations of what I have learned this year so that you can have a kick ass 2018 and beyond. ✨

So if you are ready to take yourself on, let go of what has held you back in the past, feel empowered & lit up from the inside out, step in to the best version of you and finally create the change you've been wanting...then I cannot wait to see you inside this challenge. NOW is the time to choose you. 🧡

All the juicy details are in the link in my instagram bio xo LETS GET IT!!

ALSO... Theres an opportunity to win some AMAZING prizes!! First prize - a scholarship to my 7 week Empowerment Academy Program valued at $497 (ensuring your 2018 is next level!), Second prize - a 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Session, Third Prize - a beautiful essential oils gift pack. Click that link!☝🏼

(📸 by my soul sister @thesoulecho)

Despite the overall vibe I’m throwing off in this shot that makes it look like I’m having the worst day 🤣 I was actually having an incredible time at The Getty Center with my babe @axlll - high on life learning about alchemy & the universe.

Fitting there was an alchemy exhibit, given I had just finished reading the book The Alchemist - a story about the quest to fulfil our own personal legends & follow our dreams. The book gave me the last little push I needed to take my own quest, and there is a term in there that always struck a cord - Maktub or “it is written.” That somehow certain elements of our destiny are carved out for us already, we just need the courage to remember & take action.

Even more fitting in relation to my journey from then to now - the definition of alchemy; a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. This couldn’t sum up my experience over the past year any more if I tried. In trusting my intuition, following the signs and stepping in to the ring time & time again to let go of what was holding me back & step in to what I knew was possible - 2017 turned out to be one of my favourite years yet. This is a concept that stuck with me and one that I will continue to take with me in to 2018. After all, it is written. ✨

That thing you say you want.

Are you taking aligned committed action towards getting it?


Are you ready for when it shows up?

Because when you make a request & put it out in to the universe, until you start taking action to prove you actually do want it - nothing happens.

When you do start taking action, be prepared to hit the testing grounds. To prove how much you actually REALLY want it. To see what you’re made of. To become the container to hold something bigger than your current reality.

There’s no shortcuts to any place worth going. Do the work. Be prepared it may not come in the exact way you expected it to show up or be what you thought it would look like. Be prepared for shit to show up. Know you can handle it. Know it’s worth it. Know your worth in the process. ✨

Happy birthday babe 💗 Meeting you was the highlight of an already exceptional year & I couldn’t be more grateful. ✨

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