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Seriously. All of those NO’s...out of people pleasing & obligation, of shoulds and FOMO...are hogging space for what’s TRULY meant for you, what’s going to light you up and fill you up, rather than deplete you.

Saying an empowered no allows the space for an epic YES, and allows us the freedom to do our best work (without the overwhelm).

Are you willing to say NO to something good, in order to make room for something GREAT? 👇🏼✨

It’s funny how things come full circle. When I first did this shoot with @thesoulecho at the beginning of birthing my coaching business, I thought I had no idea about what SPECIFICALLY I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to be a coach and help people (which given I spent over a decade agonising over what I wanted to do in life, this was a hell of a start!)

As the path ahead of me gets even clearer, I realise I had more of an understanding then than I knew. I knew I wanted to support people through letting go of what was holding them back, uncover & step in to their purpose & live life as the fullest version of themselves in joy and abundance.

That’s still a core part of what I do and what I LOVE about what I do. I truly believe the first step to living life as the version of ourselves we have always dreamed of, in a life we love - is letting go of the shit holding us back. Unknowing ourselves. Healing our past. So that we can continue to grow forward, unlock our passions & purpose and create a ripple effect through the change created.

Today I embark on a week long journey to become a Breathwork Facilitator and I CANNOT WAIT to have this amazing tool in my toolkit to support you in doing exactly that; letting go of what no longer serves you and creating space for what does. Or, as my beautiful client explained the other day after our emotional clearing sessions “there’s so much room for activities!”. [best explanation of that feeling ever!]

It’s total freedom. It’s liberation. It’s home. See you on the other side! ✨

Chatting all things self love and belief over on my insta story this morning. I used to battle with anxiety & had crippling limiting beliefs & habits that sometimes lead to bouts of depression. I had no confidence. I didn’t believe in myself and never thought what was seemingly possible for those around me was possible for ME.

Coming to the space I am in now, of love & acceptance for myself (still have doubts and human days but for the most part I’m there & don’t let that stop me or take me down) - didn’t happen overnight, & has been a daily commitment to unknowing everything I had come to believe about myself. It was through this process, and what it has gifted me (love for myself, my life & excitement for all the possibilities the future holds) that I decided to become a coach to support others through this process.

If you are ready to stop holding yourself back, & step in to what’s truly possible - then apply for the last spot of 2018 for 1:1 coaching in the link in my bio or DM me.

We can work together to clear negative emotions (like fear, anger, sadness & guilt), negative influences (or the choke hold certain experience have on you & clear past attachments), bust through negative beliefs & let go of the story of why you’re not enough once & for all...AND start writing a new story. One you’re completely obsessed by. 💗

If you think it’s possible for everyone but you, it’s not. You deserve to feel joyful about your life & your dreams are closer than you think.

If you think it’s not the right time, it is. Now is always the right time.

If you think you can’t afford it, ask yourself - what is the cost of NOT creating change? What will it look like in 2, 3, 5 years if things stayed how they are?

If I had of known what hiring a coach & stepping outside my fears & in to the unknown would have given me, I would have done it YEARS before I did. If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. ✨

Letting go of the past, the stories & the shit holding us down is the first step to creating real, lasting change. We are never 100% ready - but that’s the beauty of it , it means now is always the perfect moment. ✨

Another amazing @lwyd_collective event down exploring all things hustle and flow. ✨

The highlight of these events for me is seeing everyone have the “aha” moments, the realisation that we all share so many commonalities in our journey and that we can have support through community in that journey, if we choose to.

As someone who has always felt like they had to “have it all together”, be the strong one, look after everyone around’s been a stretch to lean in to receiving that support (which was a common theme last night talking about creating space for flow).

One of the clarity cards that was pulled last night said “to receive is to give”. It feels so good to give, and often we have no problems in doing so. But the second it comes to receiving a compliment, acknowledgment or support - we reject it. In doing so, we are actually denying someone the opportunity to give.

Request support.
Request space.
Allow self care.
Set boundaries.
Say no to the shit that doesn’t feel aligned and create energetic real estate for what does.
Release the grind, step in to your flow.
Find your tribe, rise in love and support together.

Thank you to everyone who has attended one of our events, and gifted everyone in the room with receiving your magic. 💗

Our best work comes from setting boundaries.

From saying no to the shit we don’t want to do & creating space for what we do.

From allowing times of rest, play & fun.

Doing all the little things that make us feel our best so we can give from the overflow.

Letting go of people pleasing & “should’s”. In trusting that some of our greatest ideas come in the ebb before the flow.

How can you create space to do your BEST work, not MORE work? #flowoverhustle

Type YES in the comments if you’re ready to let go of the grind and step in to your best work 👇🏼

[Quote by the incredible @mspackyetti 🙏🏽]

Spent Friday night at the epic #PraiseYou pop up gallery put together by the amazing @lusidart, complete with a panel full of EPIC, empowered women chatting all things empowerment, body positivity, overcoming comparison & feminine leadership.

The whole event really allowed me to sit back and observe how far I have come with my own self doubt and judgments. Just over a year ago I would have found myself in a room full of beautiful, well dressed, strong women & used it as a platform to judge myself. For what I was wearing, how I looked and why I could never “be that”.

Instead, now, in a room full of stunning, strong women - it didn’t matter that I had come straight from work and my bag didn’t match literally anything I had on. It didn’t matter that I was barely wearing makeup & my pimples were showing. Because, now, I have found happiness on the INSIDE.

Looking around the room, I noticed that I didn’t once compare, didn’t judge myself for what I wasn’t. Didn’t listen to the panel of powerhouse babes and criticise where I was on my journey instead of them. I was celebrating how fucking awesome we all were, and how amazing it was to be in a room full of individuality and feminine power. How rad it was that we were all doing the damn thing in our own way. How inspiring it was to hear and resonate with others journeys. To connect, learn and listen.

What others are, doesn’t take away from the raw magic that is YOU. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle - and that’s the way we get to start viewing each other. Sparking our greatness off each other to create more light. ✨

It has taken A LOT of unknowing myself and rewiring my mindset & beliefs to get to this space. I have literally inch by inch clawed myself to this mindset through doing the work on myself. If you’re ready to unknow what’s holding you back, apply for 1:1 mentorship through the link in my bio. 💗

Although I’ve always been a lover of the cycles of the ocean (not getting in though past my knees because, sharks), am obsessed with the moon (#putyourcrystalsout) and get excited by each season change (although let’s be real Australia is just hot/hotter) thing I’ve ALWAYS my own inner cycles & energy levels.

✖️ PUSHING through to do more when my body is asking for rest.
✖️ Lifting weights when my soul is asking for yoga.
✖️ Trying to be productive on a rainy day, instead of building a pillow fort & nestling in to watch Disney movies
✖️ Cramming more hustle in the mornings, when really my drive kicks in later in the day.

The biggest catch this past week; trying to write my menstrual energy cycles off as an urban myth (unless I’m craving vegan pizza the week before, then you best believe it’s real & yes I will have extra cheese, duh.) [thank you @alishabrunton for supporting me with this!]

Learning (and I say learning because I am still in the practice of choosing this) to listen to my inner guidance and work WITH my energy levels is a game changer. This is all the way through how I structure my day to work around when I’m MOST creative and productive, and shuffling tasks that need less energy for when I’m not....and to now beginning to not schedule in huge projects when I’m at the end of my cycle and just want vegan pizza and Netflix and can barely string a sentence together 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

When we flow with what’s here, we actually create more abundance, joy & QUALITY work that fills us up, not drains us. ✨

So pumped to announce the next LWYD (Love What You Do) Collective event - focusing on a hot topic for me lately; hustle & flow. We created these events as a space for women to connect, collaborate & make real, meaningful connections - and they continue to blow us away with the community that is being created.

So if you’re like us, over the hustle mentality, the grind and the burn out BUT still want to get sh*t done and rock your powerhouse self...then the good news is, we can. Just from a much more powerful and abundant way: flow. From this space, of swimming WITH the stream - we can do, be and have our hearts desires AND create massive impact WITHOUT that familiar feeling of continual pushing. Without all the should's and expectations.

This event we are going to dive in to how to tap in to your flow state, so that you can show up to your life, your mission and your vision with EASE...and have some fun along the way too! It's time to bring in our next level of feminine leadership.

This event is FOR YOU:

🌟 If you love what you do or are looking to find or transition into doing what you love
🌟 Want to make meaningful connections with other beautiful women doing the same
🌟 Are ready to step into a life of passion, self belief & success while in a flow state
🌟 If you enjoy being surrounded by supportive like -minded people cheering you on
🌟 If you want to improve your mindset to evolve into the empowered feminine leader you know you can be

Grab your fellow entrepreneur babes & your tickets ❤️ Cannot wait to connect with you all xx {link in bio}

I remember waiting for a good decade for the lightening bolt moment that would strike me in the face with the answer to what my PURPOSE was. The one thing. The big idea. The ultimate answer to my time on earth.

And while I waited, I did...well, pretty much nothing. I dabbled in a few things half heartedly, sure. But I never really went all in on anything...and I agonised myself and sucked the joy out of life in the process.

It wasn’t until I spent 3 months in America that I began to understand that this approach wasn’t working. It would never work. And while I was “waiting”, I would at the very least go home and work on myself so I would be ready when lightening struck.

In finally taking radical ownership for not only where I was at, the path I was on AND the shit holding me back, I finally found the first real solid breadcrumb to my purpose: coaching.

I didn’t find this answer on the sidelines, I found it by finally honouring that little voice within & taking action on the shit that scared me. I kept following my highest excitement AT THAT TIME.

Yes, I found my calling. But it’s still evolving, getting more specific all through taking aligned action from a space of self trust. I’m still in the practice of following that inner voice, and giving it space to change and breathe. I’m still gathering new tools, pushing my limits and feeling in to new things within this calling all the time.

The ideas and missions that may come through you in your lifetime may be 1, 5, 10 or more. Stop waiting for the huge lightening bolt moment to start taking action on what excites you & brings you joy. It’s in trusting the little things that the bigger ones come.

In the process, never underestimate the power of being YOU & the impact you already create just by being here. When we give ourselves the gift of owning our light, we in turn give others permission to do the same. In practicing the art of choosing you in a world that creates so much comparison to the contrary, in allowing yourself to just BE, and follow your highest excitement in any given moment, you consciously co-create your life on purpose. ✨

We’ve got a really popping, eye opening conversation that’s been evolving on IG story today! 👀

I saw a post by @kanyewest sharing he was advocating removing the visibility of likes & follower count from social media, so I shared it and put it out to you to poll - do you think that social media should be “number” free?

The conversations have been highly insightful & thought provoking & sent me on a huge spiral of ideas. Imagine a world where there wasn’t entire news articles dedicated to ranking the most liked posts of the year? Where no one knew who the most followed person on IG was?

It would level the field in such a major way. I believe it would open us up to be more authenticity, more creative, innovative & connect on a deeper level.

WITHOUT the comparison trap. Without subconsciously seeing what “works” for other people and mimicking it. Without the frantic refreshing for validation.

We would just be free to express ourselves. Share our truths. In our way, in our lane. Because if we still wanted a measure of engagement, if only WE could see the likes & followers, then there would be no need to stack ourselves up against anyone else in the process. It would just be about improving & refining your own individual expression.

This information/analytics could be shared with businesses if they wanted to see your reach for partnership, but maybe it would even inspire space for this to work differently & more inclusive & expansive too.

It’s definitely a fascinating idea, and it would certainly disrupt the game in a major way. I personally feel it would be amazing & free up so much creative real estate in our lives. As much as we do the work on ourselves, that element of comparison can always sneak in & cause doubt.

There’s a lot more depth to this, & what goes in to enable these feelings, but one suggestion I received today was to soak up content that makes you FEEL good. So simple. Soak up, and be responsible for creating things that make you, and others, feel good. Hell yes!

Would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below & your insights. I’ve also moved the story to highlights. 💖 Would it impact how you show up without those numbers shown?

What exactly is flow state? And why should I give up my hustle for it? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I loooovvvveeee getting shit done. I love being in action...and for a long time I have had resistance show up around just BEING.

In a society that places so much emphasis on the hustle and grind, isn’t flow...just lazy?

Not. At. All. ⚡️

Something that has been getting abundantly more clear to me through my journey - we resist being in flow because we fear we won’t get enough done. Won’t progress fast enough. Will be outmanoeuvred. [side note life is neither a race or a competition]

But what I am uncovering flow really aligned hustle. Being in flow doesn’t mean that nothing happens. It means it happens EFFORTLESSLY. Because what you’re doing is FOR you, it lights you up and pulls you forward.

It’s going with the stream, not against it. In a state of flow, you can 10x what you put out without feeling burnt out. Your level of work increases, because your creativity is on fire. 🔥

The time of the DOING, the GRIND, the HUSTLE...are coming to a close. It’s time to create space for the magic to happen, to step in to alignment and create from the overflow.

And the best part? None of this sacrifices who you are. It only enhances it. The new wave is here. 💫

If you are ready to let go of the resistance holding you back and step in to alignment and flow - I have just ONE spot remaining for an incredible woman to work with me 1:1 for the rest of the year. 🌟 Link in bio if this is you xx

“Mining the moment for something that feels good, something to appreciate, something to savor, something to take in, that’s what your moments are about. They’re not about justifying your existence. It’s justified. You exist. It’s not about proving your worthiness. It’s done. You’re worthy. It’s not about achieving success. You never get it done.” - Abraham Hicks ✨

Perfectly timed for when I found myself thinking this morning...”if I could just get a few more things done off my to do list...”. This list is endless & external, if we choose it to be. I don’t know about you, but i'm pretty much done with wearing ‘busy’ as a badge of honour. With looking for my worth from how full my plate is, how many commitments I have and how many balls I have in the air. With tryinggggg all the time.

Im tired as hell just writing that 🤣

I choose to soak up the moments and savour them.
I choose to be present.
I choose to receive.
I choose to be aligned, and flow with it all.
I choose to realise that FLOW is more powerful than hustle.

What do you choose? ✨

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