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kirsten not kristen:)  ·🌼good vibes🌼· 💕10·19·16💕 Levi's Girl❤ Many friends🙃

The worst thing about people in life, is some would rather see you upset than happy🤷‍♀️

Happy 11 with him💞 @woods.levi

My bffl&the one person I'll put up with💗

Appreciation post to my Alli Jo💞
From the time I met you, you always kept it 100 with me! You were always honest with me even if I didn't like it. You and I are so much alike it is crazy! I trust you with every single one of my secretes and as you do me. I couldn't imagine my miller experience without you. You light up everyone's day and you are the 1 person is like trust with my life without a doubt. You have such a big, vibrant personality and that's what I love about you💗 im so glad to call a girl like you my best friend💕 @alli_mitchell_vb

Won our game tonight 12-6 🤘🤘keep em coming! I've never been so proud of my team mates 💞

Because it's its my besties 15th birthday❤❤ I love you💕 @woods.levi

The first guy I ever loved❤

Don't cry over the past, it's gone.
Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived.
Live in the present and make it beautiful ♡

Wonderful things are so much better when you are with wonderful people💞 #mcm🤗🤗

Sketchy rides are better with you 🌞

Much love for my football bestie💕 ready for next week! @alexa.houston15

Had so much fun w/ you this weekend❤ thanks for coming to my 2 person party💕 #QualitynotQuanitity 🤗 ilysm❤ @jasminewhaley15