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Marco Erspamer  Routesetter, Climbing Coach, Climber and Photographer.

Arge Alp 2018, come on guys! it's the beginning of a journey together! #workhard #tocatch #yourdream

Dopo due anni compiuti e passati con me e @gi_jj si vedono giΓ  i primi segni di cedimento πŸ˜‚...auguri blue!! After two years spent with me and giorgia we can see already some results.. πŸ˜‚ happy birthday Blue!!!! πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚ #happybirthday #blue #happydog

"Brush to Clean", another new problem in Daone, the easier line on the right of the big brother "clean for climb". Thanks @jihadclimb89 and tommy for the video and the good day together in the valley!#rockslave #daone #arcoclimbing #brushtoclean #bouldering #climbing #valdaone

Playing with climbing in the begginners's children course! Sooo fun! here an attempt on the most difficult route of the day...fell at the top πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... a good setting creates a good game! #rockslave #arcoclimbing #goodsetting #goodgame #routesetting #playing #climbing #learningplaying

Updating on "clean for climb".πŸ˜‚ today I did the "lower" start, it doesn't change a lot, I added just a move but I like it a little bit more. crazy line! #rockslave #daone #daoneboulder #cleanforclimb #bouldering

This weekend was a blast! the event in daone consisted in 2 days of cleaning of new boulders or re brushing of some classics covered from the moss! it was amazing to see a lot of people together taking care of the valley! this is the best event ever! this is the community that the valley deserves!!! in this 2 days I brushed and prepared the landing of a new problem with @gi_jj and so yesterday it was born "Clean for Climb"!!! really cool problem!!! congrats to all organizers!!! see you in the valley!! #valdaone #cleanforclimb #takecare #newborns #bouldering #rockslave #arcoclimbing

i climbed really few times in this great place, magic wood, not more than 3, the last one the past week. i was shocked about the evidences of the bad behavior of climbers, it's really sad anyone can understand the importance to preserve the rock and respect who will arrive after us...take a look at this really inportant article

Despite the warm , i spent two days in magicwood, but at the end of the first day my medium finger hurted and in the secod day i prefered don't climb and take a look in the the wood to find some boulders to try as soon as i'll recover. hoping to come back soon in this place. πŸŽ₯ here "muttertag". #rockslave #magicwood #warm #bouldering #climbing #switzerland #hoping #tocomeback #soon

Another amazing line in Daone! Big bamboo! It's been a battle against the humidity but I won!! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻😁 thanks @gi_jj for the patience πŸ™πŸ˜š #rockslave #daone #valdaone #classic #greatline #doginlove #bigbamboo

These last weeks , between training camps , me and giorgia enjoied the valley we love the most. And the valley gifted us really good time. I've some projects here but in the last weeks i prefered to repeat some classics: β€’"L'avenir nous reserve rien de bon", β€’"La legge del taglion"e "fotti la censura" (in the same day),
β€’"Bogaboo rider".
The friction in the last weekend was really bad but anyway i tried to climb in the evening and I fell down at the last move of "big bamboo" 😀😑...i'll came back to this problem in the next days and than...focus on some new projects! #rockslave #daone #valdaone #bouldering #ilovethisplace #projects #goodtimes #climbing_pictures_of_instagram

Very busy weeks in this period, after the italian youth championship, i lead a training for the spanish bouldering team and some italians of the youth team, with my friend and good routesetter @marco__giorgio . Big satisfaction to see the improvements of some athletes in coordinations skills during the days of trainings. From tomorrow another week with little athletes of the " Arco-climbing team"!!! #arco #training #routesetter #skills #bouldering

WTF!! Am i seeing double?!?!?! What a big emotion!
This two weeks, end in the best way. really Proud of this guys, Enry gave his best in the most important moment for him and Teo fighted till the end as a tiger even if, before the last problem, he already won, this means to be an athlete ... no the eyes of both you could see the joy of climbing and to have fun to play hard...this is the right path ..this is the start... A big congrats even to Giulia, that in a really busy moment she gets the second place in combined! ..and so the second week of routesetting is over...thanks to the whole team for the great 2 weeks of work togheder...every times, each of us we learn a little bit more. I'm really satisfied about the team work and proud of the result achieved togheder.
When i say "the whole" team i mean "WHOLE team" , lead routesetters included naturally. To consider a result a good result the parameter is not just what we aspected to our work or we would wanted but also if we had a good experience of learning. And i think absolutely we did! Thanks to all of you.

#rockslave #wildclimb #routsetting #routesetter #makeitdouble #athletes #youthchampions #italianyouthchampionship #arco #2018

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