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Kirk Pickering  On a journey to make the rest of my life, the best of my life. Join me! ☺️KIK: kirkpickering

Felt the need for comfort food over the weekend. So I ended up creating this super clean and healthy version of traditional stuffed peppers that is incredibly tasty too! If you would like to give this recipe a try yourself, visit the link below. While you are there, please do me a favor and "Like" my Facebook page. Thanks! 😊

What do you think about my brand new Nike training shoes? What training shoes do you like best?

I love it when the grandkids join in during a workout. Teaching them that it's fun to live a healthy, fit lifestyle is a wonderful legacy to leave our newer generations. If we all work together, maybe we can help to end the trend of obesity.

Way to Bring It, @theslimmersnowboarder! You look fabulous! I bet you'll notice a huge difference in your snowboarding this winter as well! You'll be carving some great tracks!

It took just 30 minutes of a mixed martial arts workout to totally waste me! But I feel great, and I know that I most definitely burned off some goo today! It's not about perfection. It's about progress and living a healthy, rewarding lifestyle. I've learned that when I focus entirely on the destination, I miss so much of what living life is all about. You can't truly appreciate your accomplishments and make them last without experiencing all the struggles, failures, and small victories along the way. I've learned that to truly succeed, I have to do my best, never give up, have fun, and most importantly, I just need to enjoy the journey. I hope the lessons I've learned along my weight loss and fitness journey can help to inspire and encourage those of you who are just beginning your journey.

Whole, clean and natural dinner! Wild caught Pacific Sockeye salmon, steamed green beans, roast fingerling potatoes. No butter, no oil. Just good, healthy, tasty fuel for the body!

Beautiful transformation, @allyolds! I bet you feel incredible! You rock! 💪😊

Here's my breakfast for today... Clean egg white omelet with veggies and lean ham made with no butter or oil, steel-cut oats, and water. My daily intake is 2400 calories and I'm keeping my macronutrients balanced close to 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.

It only took me 30 minutes of Eccentric Lower Body work, and I'm totally wasted! My glutes, quads and calves are totally on fire!

Here's an easy recipe that makes a lean, balanced, healthy lunchtime meal. Canned white tuna mixed with onion, dill relish, and brown mustard. Stuff the tuna mixture into some raw peppers or hollowed out cucumber halves, and you have a tasty, but healthy lunch!

Way to go, @jennibecomesfit! Awesome results so far! You are going to reach your goal and inspire a lot of people too! Keep doing your best! 💪😊

OMGosh!!! Just completed an eccentric leg workout today, and it kicked my butt!!! This workout only had a total of 13 moves with 10 reps required for each move. The killer was, each rep had a slow 3-count negative (eccentric) move followed by an explosive positive, or concentric move. This adds 45% more force/tension to your targeted muscles, which helps build even more muscle! My quads, glutes and calves are wasted! Time for some post workout supplements! Have an awesome day everyone! 💪😊

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