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Kiri Berdan  Mama to Leo & Cosmo the dog, wife to Michael Wayne. Currently reading: Out On The Wire, Hygge, and HP1.

Since March is all about the ladies, I thought I would introduce my child to one of the greatest female authors - J.K. Rowling, of course. Reading all the way through HP1 with my babe and loving every second.

My handsome dinner dates! 😍

Hung out in the garden section of Home Depot today to escape the heat and the house. This is spring break on a budget πŸ˜‰

The Profesor still has me swooning over his big blue eyes, just in case Instagram was wondering. πŸ˜‰

This shaggy pup is getting a grooming sesh tomorrow - adios man bun!

Living far away from all our friends and family is really hard some days. Like, really hard. Today I needed to focus on the good things though, and watching a relationship develop between these two is definitely a good thing. πŸ’›

I melted into one giant puddle today! 😍😭😍

Did a little slow-mo action on Leo's hair today πŸ˜‚

Ever day I find myself looking into those big baby blues of his and falling even deeper in love. πŸ’™

"Uhm, excuse me - your dogs hair looks like spaghetti.", said the little kid at the park. 😍

This little man is my inspiration for this years resolutions. My goals are to become more thoughtful and kind and to act on good ideas, and also to work harder for a healthy lifestyle. I want to be all I can for my sweet boy, and starting with serving others and improving my health seem like the best places to start! ❀️

I finally sat down to write about Leo's birth story. It's incredibly long and filled with intimate pictures - but it's something I wanted to share so that anyone curious about the power, intensity, and sacredness of birth could learn through our experience.
In the next little while I'll post more of my thoughts on natural birth, and part of our breastfeeding journey. In the meantime, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. My goal is to be as honest and real and as unfiltered as I can be about our journey. (Link to my blog is in my profile)

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