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Kirby Leung | Hong Kong  Store Owner - @pyaarhk - 🏡 All things calligraphy ✒️ Wife | Food | Travel | HK / TYO 📩

I am a huge advocate for in person workshops but well structured online courses like @dreaminginscript with @masgrimes really keeps me in check & accountable for my learning ( D’s always keeping us on our toes, right @gretchen.caldwell? 😉 ) Get 10% off ( 30 USD ) by using discount code KIRBYLEUNG if you’re looking into studying #engrossersscript & joining the #dreaminginscript fam 💫💓

Not the best forms, but a new lesson from @dreaminginscript @masgrimes just dropped, so figured I’d squeeze in some practice time before my day begins. #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

Not bad for a ‘warm up’. I was so focused on the loops that I forgot the terminal lobe on the ‘c’. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️ #thisislife #engrossersscript #dreaminginscript #practicemakesprogress

Fresh nails means a #calligravideo stat 💅🏼 Still experimenting to see what kind of lower crossbar I prefer. #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress

The hardest part about the Majuscules Indirect Canopy Group are the canopies. I am realising that mine vary from size & shape almost every single day 🤣 🌳. This one is on the bigger side but I liked the movement & the smoothness of the turns. Swipe to see real time video. #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress

Think ‘canopy’ like the canopy of a tree - @masgrimes 🌳 David, you should put together a list of practice words. These were definitely not chosen at random, right ? Connecting i, u, m is a toughie for me & to also worry about having 2 consistent a’s. Ha! Tough but fun. #practicemakesprogress @dreaminginscript #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript

Yikes, the lack of practice is really showing in my strokes. Feeling a little sad but sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow for much practice time 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I’ve put in the work, so just gotta be patient with myself 💪🏻 If I could I’d be at my desk all day writing 🤣💓 #engrossersscript #dreaminginscript #practicemakesprogress P.S remember this little broom @subashni.n ?🤣 It finally makes an appearance!

2 of the ‘Double Turn Entry’ majuscules from @dreaminginscript & @masgrimes comes in handy. 📍Hong Kong. Where do you guys live? #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript 。LPEF 。4mm x height 。Iron Gall Ink 。Canson Mi-Tientes 。

So focused on the asc loops that I added an extra ‘l’. Oops 🤷🏻‍♀️ #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript 。4 mm x height . LPEF. Gouache on Borden Riley 。

Pretty good for the first word I penned this morning. I wish the primary shade on the majuscule was a little higher up & the minuscule n’s are feeling a tad wide, but both consistently wide 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript #dreaminginscript

As real as it gets. Filmed this only once - 4’26” to pen. I had to speed it up to fit it into this frame. I’m starting to really dig recording my practice because I can look back & see the rhythm , where I retouched and areas I would have approached it differently 。LPEF 。Iron Gall Ink 。 4 mm x height 。Canson 。#engrossersscript #dreaminginscript #practicemakesprogress

As much as I enjoy practicing while traveling, nothing feels more comfortable than being at my own desk. One of the biggest takeaways ( besides many others ) from the @dreaminginscript course is that we are all unique. David has included so many beautiful historical examples and none of them are identical. Learn, study, practice but most importantly, be yourself ! 👊🏼 #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript

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