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Kirby Leung | Hong Kong  Store Owner - @pyaarhk - 🏡 All things calligraphy ✒️ Wife | Food | Travel | HK / TYO 📩

Even while traveling, I like to get some practice in. Catching up on letterform group # 2 & finishing off our exchanges ✨✌🏼This is written in REAL time & barely fit in the 1 min allotted time. I write extremely slow esp in a large (6mm here) x height where all the details are blown up. Sorry for the wonky video, I forgot my tripod at home. Perhaps I need to make a run to Bic Camera 🤔 Oh and the lighting is terrible cause it’s pouring rain 🌧 #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress #dreaminginscript

I am really enjoying the ‘Word Study’ portion of the @dreaminginscript online course with @masgrimes and our awesome @reddit group. Learning so much & making new friends 🌟✨ ( LPEF, Schmincke Lemon Yellow Gouache , Borden & Riley paper) And ya, nails always on point by 💅🏼#nailgamestrong #dreaminginscript #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress

Writing at a small x-height has always been a daunting thought, but after a few months of practice, I’m finally making some headway & proud of the hard work I’ve been in ✨#cantstopwontstop #practicemakesprogress #dontgiveup #engrossersscript

Not feeling longer length writing these past couple of days, so focused on something shorter and more achievable. Anyone down to exchange a pangram? 👇🏼 #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

Spent the weekend penning a reply to @ink.n.sharps ‘s beautiful letter. Gosh, was my patience ever tested ! 2 drafts with the same spelling mistake later, I come up for air, feeling proud of what I have accomplished ! #practicemakesprogress #dontgiveup #engrossersscript

Practicing words from ‘Lessons in Engraver’s Script Penmanship’ . #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

A piece of practice from yesterday - the smallest I have ever written in 🧐 but loving the size and overall feel. Many elements can be improved upon but #practicemakesprogress & can’t wait to pen it again in a few months to see what has (or has not) changed ! #engrosserscript #engrossersscript

On repeat 🔂 Thank you @masgrimes for posting this exercise as part of the @dreaminginscript online course. My first experience with @reddit but loving all the ‘classroom’ discussions ! Other #dreaminginscript peeps here ? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress #neverstoplearning

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart #helenkeller ❣️ Calligraphy, in my opinion, is felt with the heart - let it all pour out onto the page in front of you & enjoy the ride. #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress

Finding my way back, one stroke at a time. Penholder @uniqueobliques , paper weight @rosemary_buczek , beetle juice ink @foxandquills , LPEF nib & paper @pyaarhk#practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript #dreaminginscript

Don’t be afraid to explore different things - you never know what will tug at your heart strings. Thank you @rosemary_buczek for opening up a beautiful world of illumination to us. Still a WIP, so stay tuned ✨ #hkilluminators #illumination #illuminatedletters #whitevine

Playing around with different shapes and techniques. Thank you @rosemary_buczek for bringing us all together - loving our little group of illuminators ✨ Rosemary’s words really resonated with me - let’s support and blow in one another’s sails ❣️#illuminatedletter #illuminatedmanuscript

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