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Kirby Leung | Hong Kong  Store Owner - @pyaarhk - 🏡 All things calligraphy ✒️ Wife | Food | Travel | HK / TYO 📩

On repeat 🔂 Thank you @masgrimes for posting this exercise as part of the @dreaminginscript online course. My first experience with @reddit but loving all the ‘classroom’ discussions ! Other #dreaminginscript peeps here ? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress #neverstoplearning

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart #helenkeller ❣️ Calligraphy, in my opinion, is felt with the heart - let it all pour out onto the page in front of you & enjoy the ride. #engrossersscript #practicemakesprogress

Finding my way back, one stroke at a time. Penholder @uniqueobliques , paper weight @rosemary_buczek , beetle juice ink @foxandquills , LPEF nib & paper @pyaarhk#practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript #dreaminginscript

Don’t be afraid to explore different things - you never know what will tug at your heart strings. Thank you @rosemary_buczek for opening up a beautiful world of illumination to us. Still a WIP, so stay tuned ✨ #hkilluminators #illumination #illuminatedletters #whitevine

Playing around with different shapes and techniques. Thank you @rosemary_buczek for bringing us all together - loving our little group of illuminators ✨ Rosemary’s words really resonated with me - let’s support and blow in one another’s sails ❣️#illuminatedletter #illuminatedmanuscript

Diaper patterns are a little intimidating but finally using the shell gold I made :) #ontothenextone #illumination #illuminatedletters

Spent yesterday at my desk, letting ideas and colors flow off my paint brush. As @rosemary_buczek reminded us - if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Can’t wait to see what my other classmates come up with ! #illumination #illuminatedletters #24kgilding

Just like that, 2 weeks with @rosemary_buczek has come to an end. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and stories with us. You have touched our hearts in so many inexplicable ways. If y’all ever get a chance, take a class with her or just sit down and have a conversation with her (she’ll be at #iampeth2018) ! Till we meet again ✨😘 p.s this is still a wip, all the filagree is still missing lol #takingmytime #rosemarybuczek

So many ‘invisible’ ovals in this one majuscule. This video was pre - recorded. Can’t wait to get back to my practice routine. 354 Esterbrook with gouache on 4 mm guidesheets, all from my shop @pyaarhk #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

One of my fav #majuscules and I love extending the hairline upwards on the right hand side, ending in a terminal lobe. #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

I turn my paper vertically towards me when applying the false shade at the top of the majuscule F and T ✨#practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

Someone recently shared their earlier work with me that they had posted. I am reminded that there is no pressure to ‘post the perfect ‘ video or writing specimen. Our writing, work and taste will continue to change and improve ( perhaps at times move in the opposite direction ). But isn’t it awesome that technology allows us to easily look back on our journey and to see how far we have come ? Now that, the progress, is what makes me smile. #practicemakesprogress #engrossersscript

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