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Kirbie  Celebrity Interviews / No-BS Beauty Reviews. Host of #PrettyUnfiltered and #KirbieTries; Reporter at @POPSUGARBeauty.

Being shady, per usual 😎😎😎 new sunnies from @jessiejamesdecker's collection with @diffeyewear! Use code KIRBIE to get 20% off your next purchase. Diff donates eyewear to those in need. #makeadifference #diffeyewear

Happy birthday to the person who knows how to comfort me when I'm upset, makes me feel smart and beautiful, and embraces my Disneyland/Halloween obsession. I can't wait to see how great this next year is for us. Love you Babis and I AM GROOT!

Created a simple look you can put together after a day at the beach, using products that are all on sale at the @nordstrom anniversary sale -- including my favorites from @ctilburymakeup. Check out my story for tips on how to not look like a hot mess after laying out by the ocean 🌊

Hey y'all it's #CURVY! Yes, I got this embroidered on a jacket. Figured I'd make it easier for the baristas at Starbucks. 😜@Levis

#AD The @nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on, and a few of my favorite brands are included! Here's a look that will take you from day to date. PLUS all the products fit in your beach bag! 🌊 #Nordstrom

Bene-besties! This week I spent a few days with the lovely people of @benefitcosmetics, learning about heir brand DNA and the pillars the company is built on. I'm so impressed with the morale and leadership at this company, and can't wait to share what I learned with you on @popsugarbeauty! #campimahottie

I couldn't say anything last week, but now I can. Lots of you have asked about my extensions! They're a brand new launch from @ramireztransalon: @LivedInHairExtensions by @extensionology. I've known @anhcotran and @johnnyramirez1 for years and trust anyone in their salon with my hair. They developed an innovative new tape-in that has blown me away. They'll be available for professionals and consumers on 7/23. I personally love how they come tapered, so they don't look like two piles of hair hanging over the shoulders. My friend @colorbychadkenyon took me blonder, then @anhcotran put them in. No need to color the extensions -- they were a perfect match! Congrats Johnny and Anh!!! #livedinextensions #livedinhair #livedincolor

Sorry - LONG POST. I tried #LipSense and I have a lot of feelings. You can watch the full video in my story, but a few things I want to cover, as I'm getting a several of the same comments from distributors:
1. Unfortunately, I didn't buy directly from someone I know who distributes. Many of you have said having the distributor properly educate me on how the product works might change my opinion. Which leads me to...
2. I used this product as instructed. I bought from the Lipsence site, which makes you put in your zip code and buy from an actual distributor. The nearest one is in Compton.
They sent me the product via mail, and I received a sample of the Glossy Gloss, my lipsticks and instructions/precautions. The gloss was never mentioned as a necessary step.
3. 3 lipsticks were purchased. On the site, it never specifies that the gloss is mandatory or even necessary for the product to work.

LipSense is not a product I thought would make my lips better. It's a product known for being long-lasting, and my review reflects that. I know there are several types of alcohols that are normally found in skincare, but for me, the pungent smell, the way it tastes, the way it feels/burns and how it made my lips peel is not enough to warrant me to spend $25 on a lipstick -- $45 if you purchase with the lip gloss. The primary ingredient is denatured alcohol, a solvent, which immediately reduces moisture and is what keeps it from moving /bleeding/smearing. It dries out the lips and erodes the skin. It's long-lasting for events, but it's not something I'd wear regularly, and if the lip gloss/lipstick combo *really* transforms your lips, I doubt I'd experience the benefits using it as sporadically as I do. Also, because not everyone can speak directly with a distributor and might not buy the lip gloss, which, allegedly, is what hydrates the lips from the denatured alcohol (frankly, it sounds like jargon to get people to buy more), I can't recommend this with a clear conscience. #KirbieTries #thekirbiegrip

K ❀️'s P

Feeling shady 😎in my new frames from @diffeyewear! Y'all know the deal: buy a pair of sunnies from DIFF and give people in need reading glasses! Use my code, KIRBIE, for 20% off. And yeah, link in bio. #ad

Happy Up-dependence Day, as my brother used to call it πŸ˜‚ Finishing out this photo series with my favorite edit of this glitter situation. I was worried about the removal process, but it actually slid right off my skin. @melissa.hurkman used Ponds Cold Cream to keep the glitter in place, so it came right off in the shower! (Praise God.)

Had to put glitter all over myself for a shoot last week and I kind of love it how it turned out. Super casual, v. natural and subtle, right @melissa.hurkman? ✨⚑️✨

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