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Jeremy Kirby  Bi-Coastal: NYC ~ San Francisco ~ LA ~ Portland Photographer | Wood Chopper I am a professional photographer but I take photographs for fun.

Recent work. @kelisimlesa

Sundays are for the #pups!

Hoping to start the weekend with the grace and beauty of @beebosnak

Itching for our next road trip! I've almost enough product lined up for my next travel shoot. DM me if you'd like your product to go on an epic roadtrip down the coast!

Recent work for @rwestmktg for @deschutesbeer. All I can say is that Cape Disappointment failed to disappoint!

@alexakarlee sporting some @handfulbra

Channeling @beebosnak 's vibes today.

There was a time when I thought I would be designing furniture. I'd taken drafting and CAD all through highschool and even dabbled in a few interior architecture classes at UofO. I ended up falling in love with lighting and found my way into photography through shooting architecture. Seems like a lifetime ago, I was 21 and just back from living in Mexico... Anyway, here I am now 13 years later with quite a satchel full of stories and experiences that, at times, I feel I almost dreamt. But I assure you... They we're quite real. Especially the lows. No one talks about the painful parts. Especially now that Instagram controls our realities. Everything is "picture" perfect.

No one talks about the times they went a week with no electricity or the professional partnerships gone bad. How, many creatives can't afford to take a job because of how much $$$ it costs up front for them to produce only to have to wait net 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid. Clients breaking contracts and sometimes flat out not paying after they've received their images. .

I've seen creatives 💯 times more talented than me throw in the towel and get a day job. It's more a test of an iron gut than anything or perhaps being too stupid to quit. .

The national average salary for full-time photography positions is less than $40k and those mostly exist in cities that require at least $65-70k to barely get by.
I have no regrets and I have been lucky... Very lucky. But I am far from unscathed and I've had to start from scratch more times than I can count. I may be too far gone to ever do anything else. So I just keep my 🤞, work hard, and hope for the best.

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