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Kira, The Light.  Ki✨ medicine womban 🌿 Lang Models

This warrior goddess right here!!!!!!
We’ve only known each for 2 years but it feels like multiple lifetimes.
Thank you for always being there for me during my highest and lowest points along my path.
You really elevated the word ‘friendship’!
You’ve made this human experience even brighter and full of life for me and so many others ☀️
Your courage and authenticity inspires the world to proudly embrace their truth and face their fears.
Your beauty radiates in infinite ways!
I’m excited for your new chapter in life and all of the beautiful experiences you will encounter.
You deserve this!! Happy belated birthday, my sistar.
I love you!! ✨❤️✨
(Our colour coordination wasn’t even planned btw. We just got it like that 😉)

Are you feeding or breaking the stereotype today?
Sometimes it’s necessary for us to step back and uncover the root of our behaviour.
Are you helping humanity move forward or backward?
We’re in this together!

sometimes you have to forgive others in order to free yourself ✨

I’m learning that when you truly love yourself, you have enough to share with the world.
Our ego and fear prevent us from reaching out and spreading positivity and love onto others. This has personally stopped me many many times in my past.
You know those moods you experience when you are filled with SO much love that it overflows?! Yesssssss 🙌🏽
I love everyone and everything! ✨🖤✨ side-note: you should check out this extraordinary artist’s work. every project he creates blows my mind 😭✨

Doing a professional photoshoot with using one ONE magical skincare product?
Thanks to my BB Cream by GarnierCan the result is incredible and real!
It’s highly empowering to be able to embrace my natural skin with only BB cream rather than makeup for a professional photoshoot. I hope I can inspire other women to showcase their natural features and still feel beautiful!
I love using this Skin Active BB Cream for oily to combination skin by Garnier!
I use the shade Medium/Deep as my go-to product to give me a natural and fresh look—and it’s super easy to use! 
The fact that I can skip 20 steps and use one single product saves me SO much time in the morning 🧖🏽‍♀️ 1st Photo: After
2nd Photo: Before @garniercan
#BBcream #SkinActive #unretouched #ad

her energy was her superpower ⚡️ My girl @ziggazaggastudio designed this dope shirt! Click the link in her bio to order your own and spread the cosmic movement ✨ #fuckupsomechakras

I don’t like to complicate the foundation of my views and beliefs with modern labels.
I am not a feminist.
I am simply an individual who is on a mission to strengthen and uplift feminine energy, and encourage others to do the same—both men and women.
I understand and appreciate how different male and female roles are. Our differences do not make one inferior or superior to the other. We create a balance through the harmony of the two.
Men: Don’t be afraid to tap into your feminine side. More and more peaceful moments and magical things will manifest in your life if you do!
Women: Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner-power and raise your voice when necessary. You’re a boss too!

charging some of my babies!
(in order):
•blue quartz
•lemurian seed quartz
•blue goldstone
•rose quartz •opalite pyramid
•tangerine quartz
•blue-green apatite •a dope & ethereal glass sphere that my girl @ziggazaggastudio gave me! (literally a reflection of my essence ✨) •shaman quartz

you may not always be enough for others, but learn to be enough for you 🐭

what a beautiful reminder 🌙

self-reflection mode 💫

Embrace the highs and the lows along your path.
Each step, with or without pain will still bring you closer to meet the strongest version of yourself ❄️ Shot by my sistar 💫@ziggazaggastudio

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