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Akari  ☆14 y/o, ♈️, 🇺🇸 ☆SHINY (キラキラ) edits here! ☆I ❤️Mari and Nico ☆WISHING FOR A NICO UR AND PRAYING FOR FALL MARI

Quickly claimed all the subunit titles! As expected, the goal for these is to clear the subunit’s first song with a team of only members of that subunit! At least 1 card of each of the 3 members of the unit must be there to count. (ex. A team with only yoshiko and mari cards would not earn the guilty kiss badge, but a team with 4 yoshiko, 4 mari, and 1 riko card would work)

The individual titles are a bit different- to earn these, you need to fill up a team with only one girl and clear her duo/trio song with it. Because these are daily songs, you may need to wait a few days before they come back!

Why are you so gorgeous Mari?

Why are you so adorable Mari?

Finally got the 20 n stickers to idolize this cutie ;)


I think it’s really cute how Ruby is using the computer just like her favorite idol Hanayo did in the original S2 ;) Also it’s funny how the computer changed from a desktop computer to a laptop 🖥 💻 Keeping up with the times!

Autumn Riko to Kotori!
Seeing as I’m getting lazy and not doing any edits lately, I’ll give the first person to comment which Kotori head I used an edit request (no self or OC edits though)!
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I will never forget this scene

Angel Kanan to Ochaco (from Boku no Hero Academia) for #mkeg_t3! This was a lot of fun to make, Kanan is my aqours best girl and Ochaco is my UA best girl :) Sorry for the lack of edits lately, school has been keeping me pretty busy and I have a lot less motivation lately. Hope this is worth the wait, especially for all the BNHA fans ;)
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Eli is romeo and nozomi is juliet

Adorable Rina

I love this scene

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