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Kira Jamice  πŸ’™Mommie of 2πŸ‘£ Welcome to my pole journey🌈 Working on turning my daydreams into reality!🌎 🐼Pole dancer #polemyemotions

Channeling my spirit animal.

Dance is my passion.
I let all my emotions bottle up and then I let them out thru movements!
Thanks best friend @james.eloi for this amazing song!

Throw your legs,
Point those toes,
And whip that body around the pole!
Shout out to my client @monroe_deville for these amazing tights!!! I already ripped them a bit😭😭

Day time pole is more spinning and strength shapes. Still trying to gain more speed! Night time pole, we focused on the walk and the exotic flow. -I was looking back at my old videos the other day and ya girl use to be really dark. My music, my thoughts, I would see and hear scary shit all the time and I didn't know how to handle it. Yet here I am, alive, healthy, and stronger. Hang in there. Find something to channel all that bad energy into. Movement is life!🐼

Dude my kids are the coolest! 😍😍

I've never seen so much truth in a meme!!!

When I do my hair and Marley's!!! 🍎🍎β™₯️

Excuse me???!
My MarleyCakes

Take my hand, let me bless your life. Or curse it, I mean however he sees it I guess.🀣😭😚β™₯️

Don't ask me about my hair. I want to be free from weave, chemicals from a perm, and make up for just a while. Women are beautiful, crazy creature's. We change our minds every single day and we can look like a whole new person with the right amount of products and time. I wish we lived in a time were beauty wasn't so important. Imagine how many people are overlooked just because of their appearance. If nobody has told you today, your FUCKING beautiful and your amazing because your YOU! Yes you reading this!πŸ€—

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