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Kira-Jade  Canadian country singer/songwriter. International performer. Professional princess/fairy/mermaid. Married to my one true love and mommy to baby Steihl

Please excuse the maniacal laugh. But you guyssssssssss this is just so funny and cute! 🐸

When you're having a great eyebrow day but the only social thing you are doing is band rehearsal with a bunch of boys that totally won't appreciate them..... πŸ™ŽπŸ»

*help* I'm considering doing something different this summer and offering a location where you can take your child and their friends during the week for "walk in" princess story time and sing alongs. There would be allotted days a week with time slots available where you can drop in and meet the princess of the day. Your child can come and hear some stories, sing along with the princess and spend time time asking as many questions as they like! There would be coffee and tea available for parents while their child spends time with the princess. I'm pricing out a few locations that I can have for the entire summer and we can decorate into a magical princess room! Pricing would most likely be around $20-$25 per child. That's all the info I have for now but I wanted to see what you all think! Have a magical day and be sure to comment your opinion below!

Steihl woke up this morning and pointed at this wall, wondering "how did those get there". I can't believe how much his mind has been developing these past few weeks. He notices everything and has started repeating everything too! He's incredible.
On a side note, this frame wall has a long way to go! I still have more frames and pieces to add and some rearranging of what's already there but at least it's started!

I'm sticking with all neutral tones for our new house which means bye bye blue! Baby's sleepin, I have a big cup of coffee, Friends is on; I'm good to paint all night long!

πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ welp. There goes that spoon. Also, be sure to check out the piece of oatmeal in my tangled mess of hair. You can thank my spoon wielding child for that. Both the tangles (from sticking a fork in my hair which got stuck from him thrashing it around just a few short minutes ago ) and then the oatmeal from sticky oatmeal covered hands. That's real life folks! Lol. .
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Well he's got a spot in my band if he wants it, that's for sure! I love that one of his very first words is guitar!

Happy Sunday everyone!! Aim to be as happy as steihl is with his pinwheel and sticker stuck to his thumb. It doesn't get much better than that!

🍎🎼With a smile and song. Life is just like a bright sunny day 🎼🍎
Dress by @angelsecretofficial

🍎🎼Hi ho hi ho its off to work I go!🎼🍎

Just bein' a male model and stuff 😎

Basically the epitome of the best date night possible. Live jazz, a glass of wine and my fella ❀️. Excuse us while we slip back in time for a bit..... #aDameAndHerFella

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