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The mace is becoming one of the fastest growing tools to use within the fitness industry. When used properly, the mace can improve upper body strength, grip strength and even as a conditioning tool. With the appropriate weight, a mace can be used with an 80-year old female for maintenance or a high-level athlete looking to build strength. @mr.maceman, Rik Brown, goes over the essentials of working with a mace and several drills to use with your clients. #kipsonline #personaltrainer #mace


New blog post by KIPS President @tyler_kipsonline. More SEO Tips for fitness professionals to grow their website traffic. Use these tips to save money, build your brand and increase sales! #personaltrainer #kipsonline


KIPS is proud to announce that @mr.maceman has collaborated on an online course for personal trainers interested in learning about the MACE! This course will teach the basics of the mace and be made available for continuing education credit.⠀

Check out the 10 to 2 Drill with Rik Brown below! 💪💪💪⠀
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Do you have bench day coming up soon? Make sure you're hitting your 7 Points of Contact. ⠀

More topics as such brought up in the online continuing education course Speed, Agility & Strength Training. #kipsonline #personaltrainer #benchpress


Drilling how to properly insert and catch the bells is important to keeping those fingers safe! Learn more about kettlebell drills and how to teach your clients. #personaltrainer #kipsonline #kettlebellcoach


Teaching your clients the rack position and how to catch double bells in the clean can be great way to protect those fingers! Learn tips and drills for kettlebells inside the online Essentials of Kettlebell Lifting Certification. #kettlebell #personaltrainer #kipsonline


What are some of the biggest concerns when working with the senior population? It's important as personal trainers that we individualize each program to our client and their needs. Often disease or current fitness level will impede growth. #kipsonline #personaltrainer

Looking for an extra component to your training? Becoming a Wellness Coach can help you create behavior change with your clients. Check out the link below for sample videos and more info! #kipsonline #personaltrainer #wellness

Working with the senior population is a great way to build your client list and find clients that train in the middle of the day. Getting the right certification is the first step. Check out the link below for sample videos and more info. #kipsonline #personaltrainer


Just re-launched!💥👍 The SrFit Mature Fitness Speciality Certification with KIPS! Check out the link below 👇🏼for course previews and more info!⠀

SrFit™ Mature Fitness Specialty Certification provides advanced training for experienced, certified personal trainers who wish to work with Baby Boomers and beyond (mid 40’s+). With this course, you will gain an understanding of how the aging process affects all the systems of the body, identify dietary changes that may be needed, and develop effective training strategies to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and optimal function in your older-adult clients. You will learn how to individualize a training regimen that fits the physiological capabilities of mature adults. This will become even more important as the industry sets standards for personal training, and as the medical community and insurance companies begin to recognize personal trainers as an available option for referring patients who need help with lifestyle change. #kipsonline #personaltrainer


New online certification just launched on KIPS! Check out the online course previews available at the link below. ⠀

Wellness coaching is becoming one of the fastest growing areas within the health & fitness industry. In this online certification you will learn application tools to not only enhance your clients mental training, but also progress your coaching strategy. Becoming a certified wellness coach allows you to add another dimension to your training that isn’t 100% fitness based. Being able to apply change models with your clients will help you create long lasting habits and mentally clear programs. #wellness #wellnesscoach #kipsonline


Such an inspirational post by @ironkidneystrong. We wish you the best in your recovery and can't wait to see you swinging the bell again!⠀

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One-Breath-At-A-Time 🔄 One-Rep-At-A-Time 😊👊💨💪💚🍀 Life is truly humbling..just when we think we are on the "right" path to what we deem defines personal success, fullfillment, life-purpose & true happiness..life has a way of reminding us -- it's all about the #journey folks!! We are not guaranteed the next day, nor the security of a long, healthy life..We can only guarantee ourselves #today 🌍🌈There is nothing more important than living in the #present 😀🌷💯#truth I want to thank all my family & friends for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult and challenging week..I am in good spirits and I hope each and everyone of you live TODAY as your happiest day ever!!! Much love, success & health to you ALL!!!💚💪🙏😊😍🌹💐🍀🌵🍄 #brainhealth #brainpower #itsallinthehead #braintumorsurvivor @dolbystyle #kipsonline @orangekettlebellclub

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