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my spirit guide Paco de Luzia and I in Rome

hey guys, Penelope here. this is a pic of the benedictions that have forsaken me as I can't lie like this due to an unknown reason as of now (my back's on fuego). I'm shaking like a squirrel in heat and yelping out asking for all the healing viberoos bc the pain is yoked 2 tears rn. If you could so oblige, and also coddle my mom's anxiety today that would be sublime!

my creator creating

at our heart-opening yoga class this morning we were given a valentine with a quote from Louise Hay, but I forget what it said so here's a pic of me that I love bc self love is the beginning of real love nawmeen (I've come such a long way from HS when posting pics of a knife stabbing a valentine teddy bear was my way of acknowledging this Hallmark charade) #progresspic #louisehaynonquote

ugh so annoying when Lena plagiarizes my everything

just a couple of 12-strand DNAers


of all the roads you take in life, make sure a few of them are mine

imagine visiting an unsuspecting place that saturates your dreams every few nights with elaborate memories and dreams not yet realized. I arrived at Fingask one person and left a person more like who I've always wanted to become 🦋 (pic ft. two children who are smarter than I'll ever be and some kinky topiaries)

madre naturaleza

Madonna del Sasso atop Raphael's tomb IX.VI

thank you to every woman and man marching this weekend. thank you for fighting for me.