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We had originally planned to use this piece during the video release a couple weeks ago. We decided to pull it after seeing how well the story line came together, and how important it was to keep that flow. Hope you enjoy

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Thanks for the gift @joshabbottband ... c ya round the bend!

Thanks @oceansurfshop for the fresh stick & always taking care of me. Appreciate u bates. Thanks to Luke & Ian for the sessions & aloha spirit. Billy we had a blast and other good times to come. 10 & 2 katie! Love ya mark & Maryann and I'll catch u guys soon! Cheers to parker & justin for lookin out for me! See ya next year

Shared some small glassy ones at the cave w @bccoconutman & @lilliekoi.

Thanks for the start to my days out here @paiabowls ! Till next time

Kip announces the second leg of the #PleadTheFifthTour with @drakewhitestomp and @fairgroundsaints for March!
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Just before the bats showed up..

Off the beaten path the trail ended over an hour into the hike. Halfway through a few bats flew at us.. worldwide panic followed...I got hit rt between the eyes, high pitch yelling from all angles, dust flying in all directions, jeremy shouting for mary, someone in the group may have sharted out of fear (still hazy and very confidential), mary got stuck, and I came out with a large spider bite (assume it was the yellow guy)...

My peeps!! They rep Cleveland well! Love these 2. #markonlyeatschickenfingers

#LastShot music video is here! See it on @entertainmenttonight
Link in bio. @kristencaroljeane @jesstation @jordanmfitzsimmons @box_a_chocolate thank you for putting your soul into this project. Sky is the limit for you guys! Cheers

My buddy pj almost took a job in medical sales about 7 years ago. He had been bartending for the previous 7 years before that & making a good living, but feeling the pressure from family, friends, and overall society in general that he needed a job with more consistent pay, health benefits, etc..I remember pj coming over one day and telling me he was probably gonna take the job, but he dreaded doing it. The job was a great job, but it wasn't what he was burning to do. He said he wanted to be a film maker. I said ya might wanna learn how to turn on a camera first! we had a good laugh, but I saw he was serious. he told me all the different emotions & pressures he was feeling. I think deep down he didn't want to be viewed at as a failure if he crashed and burned. I remember telling him fuck what anyone thinks. If you are burning to try it then go for it, but don't half ass it. The guy has been relentless ever since and is one of the most talented people I've ever been around. I hope you enjoy our interpretation of this song as much as we do. Cheers to this insanely talented cast and pj for all the hard work he put into making this video. Premiers tomorrow. @lifeinrewindfilms


I don't buy into the bullshit societal pressures of what success is and means that most people do. The only pressure I feel is that time clock ticking away and that voice telling me to GO. Everyday, get your ass up and pursue what you love and who you love passionately.
I'm not trying to preach to anyone. I have empathy for anyone feeling stuck. I left home when I was 18. For the next decade, I scraped by financially and mentally every week, as I was working towards a dream. I went an entire winter with no heat in Nashville, because I couldn't afford that bill. I've worked every odd job you can think of; Sold phones out of a radio shack, (boy did I hate that one) laid sod in the south ga heat, maintenance on a golf course, bartended, waited tables, worked a kids summer camp, stocked dollar general shelves, worked retail, was a PA on different music sets, helped school teachers in their classrooms, etc... At every one of these stops I questioned myself, but it was knowing that I was working towards a dream that kept my blood pumping and my spirit alive.

I constantly hear excuses from people when I ask them, "Why don't you go and do the things you speak so passionately about? I realize so many people have complications on so many different levels and I have so much empathy for that kind of thing, but for those that CAN do something about it, It's always the same, "Oh, I wish I could do that." or "Maybe one of these days." Well this life goes quick, and we only get one chance at this thing. Once the book is closed it's simply closed. There is no time like the present to start pursuing your passions, and doing something everyday that gets you closer to a goal. Whether its a new career, going on a trip with your buds, asking out the girl or guy you have been scared to talk to, getting concert tics, etc... GET BUSY LIVING NOW, because you never know when it can all be taken away.
#LastShot... Coming Soon

The older I get, the more I realize I've had a lot of good buddies. The older I get, the more I realize I've had very few friends. The older I get, the more I realize just how much that single word means and the weight it holds. Cherish the true friends....#lastshot. @lifeinrewindfilms

Caught a few waves at sunrise, had my fav coffee on the island, Survived a fake nuclear attack, listened to a sweet woman named Mavis life story while she blew threw a pack of Reds, ate homemade poke, and swapped spit w a dog named Bo.. it's been a good one. @rrgproject

this song took on a life of its own long before I tracked it for slowheart. Hope you enjoy watching the things we have coming over the next few weeks. Real video coming soon

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One last early morning session. cheers costa...till next time

Banana pickin..

@reesetaylor.04 go follow her! She refuses to promote her dancing and she's a little prodigy! I think it's awesome she feels that way and remains humble, but I decided I'd promote for her!

#Repost @rrgproject ・・・
We’re super excited to bring the community together in this space to share stories, laughs, goals, dreams, visions, and a little hot chocolate. #basecamprrg #rrgproject #rrg #redrivergorge

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