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Last night I made a delicious rice, turkey sausage, tomato and onion Spanish rice dinner. I freakin love buying rice mixes and adding stuff to it to make it a meal. So cheap and good! Tonight I might make something vegan, maybe a pasta 🤔🤔🤔 #spanishrice #dinner #girlswholift #eat #foodislife

Just spent too much money on new @gymshark clothes lol; got two of their colorways cropped outfits and I’m slightly nervous to be wearing a crop at the gym. But I’ve been active for 3 years now and believe it’s about time I embrace crop tops. Even though it makes me nervous. And I feel ... bad about myself, sometimes. Body dysmorphia is real and over the last 3 weeks I dieted really low and was working out about 2 hours a day without the gym, cycling every day and doing a lot of bodyweight exercises any chance I could get. Was somewhat reverting to my old disordered way of eating and thinking and I caught myself before I got in too deep. Back to lifting. Back to healthy eating and consuming enough calories for being a 5’8” tall human. It’s so so so easy for me to get caught in loops and feeling like I need to lose like 20 lbs ASAP. I don’t have a great relationship with exercise and food but I know lifting for 30 min to an hour a day is what’s good for me, and I know eating food is good for me. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in that whole body dysmorphia thing. I was doing good for so long but then all those SPRING SUMMER CUT diet things were really wearing on me and I started feeling “huge.” Some of you are better/stronger than me. Don’t be fooled by all those summer cuts. For people like me I just CANT DO IT. Or else I get really sick again really fast. So here’s to me going back to lifting for strength, not to get skinny. Eat the food to fuel myself, not to lose weight. #bodydysmorphia

Just finished up leg day back @ the gym. Swipe 🏋🏼‍♀️ tell me again how lifting isn’t considered cardio 🤧 felt amazing to be back in my normal gym. Did 135 lbs for squats, and 115 for deadlifts. Back down to baby weights but it felt gooood 💪🏼❣️ #girlswholift #liftweights #lifting #cardioishardio #legday

Sorry for being MIA like allll weekend long lol. My dude and I spent the weekend at the buffalo comic con and stayed at a beautiful BNB outside of the city. Lots of soda has been drank. Wore a weird wig. Walked all over. Met the green power ranger. Almost got a pic with hulk hogan but I didn’t wanna pay $140.
Back to gym and regular programming tomorrow. Need to get a few groceries, wash some clothes; early work tomorrow then leg day after work. Picking back up on @blspringfit 12 week guide that I love (tried and true and perfect to get me back on a good schedule). I have had a weird last 4 weeks with gym, took some time off and I’m really, really ready to go back and get my strength and food back in order.
So here’s to regular gym sessions, eating enough food, drinking my water, and feeling gooood 😇 #salad #lifting #buffalocon #nickelcitycon #salad #airbnb #weekend #weekendvibes

Weekend mood lol

Little bean makes it to the gym for the 2nd day in a row. Rode my bike to work today (6miles) but had to catch a ride home lol. I did legz at the gym and couldn’t squat as heavy as I could before so that made me a little sad. So here’s to getting my strength back after my little hiatus lol. It was a really nice break but I’ve concluded I like being strong more than anything. #legday #workout

3 week hiatus over. Mommas back ☠️

Been eating healthier, doing cardio again, enjoy life... and I’m 99.99999% sure all the weight I lost came off my face lol. Feeling like myself again and it’s awesome. Have this stupid UTI but you best know I’m going to the gym once I’m done with lunch to hit shoulders & biceps ☠️☠️☠️ #facechange #workout #transformationtuesday

Had awesome intentions today to wake up early and hit the gym and everything but I woke up super sick with a UTI 😔 these idiot things are chronic for me in the summer. It’s so gross but I try to do everything I can to prevent them but I think I’m just predisposed to getting these. Sitting at an urgent care waiting for meds / testing. I’m hoping I can get meds soon and take a walk or do something moderately active today.
Also I’m soooo going back and forth with BBG vs lifting. I love love love the gym and it’s like really stressing me out that #BBG is only 3 times a week, when typically id be working out 5-6 days HARD. I’m trying to take it easy on my body and realize I don’t need to go hard hard hard alllll the time and this break is much needed. Anyone else get like this? I feel like I need to be working harder than I am and it’s like blowing my mind lol. Taking it “easy” is weird, but #bbg is far from easy, but also... it is easy? It’s hard to explain. I just hope I’m making the right decision. I just want a simple life lol and I was spending so much time at the gym. Which is awesome but I was really obsessed with it and delved into the CUULTURE Lol. I feel like mentally I needed to take a step back and reevaluate my goals. Mehhhhh #words

Reminding myself that even though I’m taking a break from the gym that I am a still very strong bean. I wanna go back tomorrow and lift something heavy. It was a great break but I NEED GYM 😭😭

For my workout today I went for a 30 min bike ride 🚲 and dinner I made a mushroom and bean curry 🍛 been having a weird mental day but hey it’s all good. I get all weird when I take it easy on exercise. Just gotta remind myself easy days are good too 💪🏼💨 #curry #bbg12weekchallenge #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgweek3 #bikeride

Last night I finished my last class ever and took myself out for tofu curry (2nd pic), and today I really wasnt feeling what I brought for lunch and got a mostly vegetarian Indian buffet. Don’t really care about the calories. Just needed fed. Will be doing my workout tonight after work ✅🌱 #eatrealfood #bbg12weekchallenge #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgweek3

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