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Danny Kinka  Wildlife restoration ecologist. Amateur musician, brewer, and radio journalist.

#TigerSalamander hanging out in my yard. So damn cool.

Well, I think I can retire from camera trapping because I’m never going to top this #kestrel picture taken on a @wildskybeef ranch.

Good riddance! #unfenced #wild #free #prairie

prairie sunset

Yo, Lukes at @smelter_city_brewing, how about “Tammany Head” for a beer name? “Marcus Daly's beloved race horse, Tammany, was immortalized in the Montana Hotel Bar via an inlaid wooden portrait gracing the barroom floor. No one was allowed to walk on this part of the floor.” (Cf.,

Come to the prairie, they said. Lots of sun, they said...

“Now a noble heart is breaking. Good night, sweet prince. May hosts of angels sing you to sleep..”

Best early birthday present ever! Thanks for the #axolotl @jmgolla.

New birder benchmark reached: two species in one picture. A snowy owl and a horned lark. That’s a bingo!

...Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The line and level sands stretch far away. .
#PercyByssheShelley #icicle

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