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What if we released a Kemper Pack this weekend though @jackdrecordings?

If you haven't checked out the @monikerguitars podcast featuring yours truly yet, then don't speak to me or my son ever again!
Click the link in my bio and learn what it's like to Live, Laugh, and Love like a music producer. I chat about the studio, my process, how I approach projects, and my future endeavors to inevitably quit recording and manage a @chilis franchise.
Check it out!

From poor cable management, to setting my house on fire, to where we are today and everything in between, I just wanted to thank everyone who's spent time making music here at King Sound.
You guys and girls mean the world to me. It's been an unforgettably wild ride so far and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Next week, I start tracking the new @heyitsfcc album with @htlnick swinging in to co-producer the pants off it!
We also have a team coming to help us stream the entire session with multiple cameras throughout the studio on @twitch (more info on that coming soon).
This is gonna be rad!

@jackdrecordings taking the spaceship for a spin. Side note: I finished the small rack I built with my dad this weekend. It turned out great! Just waiting for a convenient time to slap some gear in it and run some cables.
You can see it with the @looptrotter Monster Compressor hiding in the corner. Lurking. Waiting.

@jackdrecordings has the studio for the week while I recoup and freshen up on my not getting out of my pajamas and playing video games all day skills.
The guy is so good it makes me sick. The tones he's able to squeeze out of the gear and the performances he's able to capture from artists make me insanely jealous. Love this dude and love having him in my space.

Hire a producer who will make your songs better. Here's a quick A/B of the demo and final's pre-chorus of @altaview's "Pressure."
As producers, mine and @htlnick's goal was to address the pacing leading in to the chorus.

The concern was the line "toooossssiiiinnng, tuurrrrrnnninnnng, something is wrong." was dragging.
The second concern was the break before and after (as well as the delivery of) the word, "hell" right before the chorus hits.

In this quick breakdown, you can hear how we changed the pacing of the pre-chorus and trimmed the fat. The results speak for themselves.
Big thanks to the Alta View boys for being kind enough to let me share this! Also, keep an eye out. They're dropping another new song this Friday.

@jackdrecordings is taking over the studio all week with @lifebydeathband while his place is under construction. Starting guitars this afternoon by capturing a profile on the Kemper. Get triggered Instagram, armchair, purist engineers.

@thebandlokella mixes are done, done, done! They're headed off to @kalajianofdoom for mastering this weekend and man, what an incredibly fun, and worthwhile project has been.
Story time:
I spend way too much time mixing, second guessing myself, doubting myself, and being frustrated. I decided with Lokella, I was going to spend very little time mixing. Follow my ear, make moves that I thought sounded right in he moment, commit, and go. I didn't even take a single mix out to the car. I just sat there for an hour, mixed a song and sent it off.
The goal for me this year is to put out better mixes faster. This was by far one of the easiest, most enjoyable albums I've worked on and I can't believe it's over already.
It's a banger. On to the next project!

Sneaker peaker of a new @altaview track dropping next week. Turn your phone volume up all the way, blow the speaker out, go and get a new phone and then listen to this at an appropriate, but enjoyable level.

Don't get me wrong, I love shoving photos of my studio and bands I'm working with down your throats every day, but I want to also provide quality content.
What kind of content can I provide for you guys that you'll find useful and engaging? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Drop them ideas in the comment section below.

Throwback to some @hitthelightsoh drums! One of the last times I'd use a 184 instead of an sm7b on hi hat. Chalk it up to a temporary lapse in judgement due to a pizza-infused pop-punk euphoria.
Good times. The best times.

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