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Yesterday was the first day in six weeks that our house was empty. Thank you to everyone who's spent this last month and a half making music with me. @htlnick, @heyitsfcc, @picturesqueband, @campsiteco @jackdrecordings, @k_lueby and everyone else individually. I'm tired, but the good kind of tired where you're proud of all the hard work you've accomplished with good people.
This photo is unrelated..I just wanted a selfie with my new Philips Hue lights.

Can't help but gush over the @rupert_neve 5059. It sounds great, brings space and life to my mixes, and I drool a little bit every time I touch the knobs. Thanks for making great pieces RND! Couldn't do what I do without you.

Music to me is all about making a human connection. Earlier this year, @thebandlokella made the trip down from the frigid, northern tundra of Michigan to come record an album with me. They connected with me by paying me in @papajohns coupons, and I connected with them by them allowing me to do what do with their music.
Check out the full video from @3goatsmovingpic in my bio.

Rick Tips: I've been using my @rupert_neve 5059 to analog...ly sum anything that I've got multiple microphones on to keep track count down and to commit to a sound on the way in.
Today we're summing the @manleylabs Reference Cardioid and the @neumann.berlin km184 on acoustic guitar with @dforrester93 of @picturesqueband and it's sounding slamma jamma.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who's trusted me with their music over these last four years. I know I'm just some kid who sold cell phones for years in the middle of Wal-Martsville, USA, and you had better odds recording with your friend Scud from high school who has a pedo stash and is working on pushing his rap career from his mom's basement with his cracked Waves bundle and a broken sm57, but for whatever reason, you decided to come here instead and we managed to crank out something marginally listenable.
To all of you, a sincere and humble thank you.
📷 @bradrankinstudio

Hey @picturesqueband, you guys ready or what?! Can't wait to make some magic this weekend. And by "magic," I mean grilling some burgers, watching some Netflix, and then realizing on Sunday that we wasted our time and throw something together last minute.
Literally all I do in this room is watch YouTube videos.

Bryce and Garrett of @campsiteco are phenomenally talented. They showed up three weeks ago to document @heyitsfcc's session at the studio. When they got here, they're RV/home broke down.
They've been trying desperately to get the RV fixed but have drained their funds doing so. FCC left a week, but Campsite is still here trying to get their RV fixed.
Now more than ever, they need work. Whether you're local or not, I don't think you'll find more talented, kind people in the industry.
If you have a story to tell, need some video work done, PLEASE reach out to these guys.

Here's a quick tip on how I use the @serpentaudiollc sb4001 on my drum buss to get a tiny bit more love out of my shells in the mix.
Keep in mind, this subtle. At this point, the drums have all been eq-ed and compressed on the way in and the way out. This is just a little bit of last minute compression to get a little extra snap. It's all about that last 5%

Hope you guys dig!
📷 @campsiteco

"Music is all about human connections. It's not about what we do, but how we do it, why we do it, and who we do it with.
- Wayne Gretzky"
- Rick King
📷 @campsiteco

Good news everyone.
Do you dream of one day being addicted to pizza, filled with self-doubt, be in a loving relationship, with an irrational fear of getting older and the inevitability of death just like me?
Well, I can't promise that to any of you, but if you want to build a desk like mine, now you can!
I get asked for my desk dimensions 👏🏻every👏🏻single👏🏻day👏🏻 and you know my hands are too greasy to use a tape measure.
My rad dad took the time to draw up an ultra, precision accurate PDF of the desk plans that we made up in our head. It should answer any of your questions, as long as they're pertaining to the desk build and not the meaning of life.
Hit that link in my bio! I'm out!

Missing these babes.
📷 @campsiteco

Bad news @jackdrecordings. I was talking to the EVH 5150iii last night and she told me she doesn't want to go home. Thank you so much for letting me borrow this beautiful piece of machinery!
If you're not following Jack or his incredible studio, then you're wrong.

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