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Kings Gym official  Mon-Fri 5:30-22 Sat 9-18 Sun 9-17 👑The People’s Gym 👑Train With The Champs 👑 #kingsgym #kingsgymfamily #bekings 👑Home of the Kingshake 👑SignUp 👇

POSING SEMINAR @kingsgymofficial (swipe left for more info)👙
@kerrysexton_pcapro & @phoebehagan_ are very passionate bikini athletes & pride themselves in posing.. & this is exactly why they want to help you, we know what a difference it can make to your overall physique if you know how to pose well - we urge you to practice.. but are you practicing correctly in a way that best suits your physique?! Do NOT forget about your posing, do NOT leave it until the last minute.. it shows!! Posing is something you need to put the work into just as you would your training & nutrition.. let’s leave no stone un turned - register at or message for further details!!!

@phillearney FREE SEMINAR
The mind behind the @advancedcoachingacademy comes back to us for his second seminar. Last time was an amazing event with lots of learning and motivation.

For anyone serious about health , nutrition and training

This is an absolute must

And it's compelety FREE!
(Non members just pay for day pass £5 includes day pass for gym)

Look forward to seeing you all

Be there Thursday October the 11th 6:30 untill 8:30pm
Have a great day


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@hollingshead89 is on the front cover of the latest @flexmagazineuk and it looks epic! •

Here is the behind the scenes shoot from the very talented 📽🔥 @keefikus

photographer 📸 @snhfoto

Thanks @kingsgymofficial what an amazing gym! 💪🏻

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Hustle For That Muscle 💯👑 Just like these 2. The @_legacybros 💪

Make today a productive day 🤓💪

IFBB pro @guycisternino meet and greet with the @centurionlabzuk team on the 4th October

IFBB PRO @phoebehagan_ posing seminar in our studio taking place on the 5th of October
Finally on the 11th we have none other than @phillearney back to discuss all things nutrition, training and business

Keep up to date by following this page as we will continuously posts updates regarding these amazing appearances and events


You’re A Product Of Your Environment, Surround Yourself With The Best💯👑
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You can’t do epic shit, with basic people 🔑

Tag your training partner and make sure you fuck shit up this week! No excuses, no cop outs just straight hard work and commitment 🤙🏽🌍🏋🏽‍♂️: @kingsgymofficial

#TeachMeThursdays with @wizfitnessofficial.

Exercise: Kettlebell Swing

This is an excellent posterior chain exercise when executed correctly. Remember this is a lower body exercise.

Key Points:
- Feet shoulder width apart
- Push your chest out and keep your back straight
- Make sure your core is tight
- Drive the swing from the hips, glutes, hamstrings and heels of your feet.
- Squeeze glutes at the top of the swing.

Muscles worked:
- Glutes
- Hamstrings
- Core
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Our @dodds winning a Comp last year. We’re looking forward to seeing her back on the stage. C’mon @dodds, what are you waiting for? 💯👑 #kings gym #kingsgymfamily #bekings #kingsgymofficial #kingsgymcroydon
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Throw back to winning the overall at the JP classic 🏆

It was great to have @bbc down recently at KINGS interviewing @abritsythe about him taking part in muscle model competitions & international martial arts 🤗Thanks to @bbc @bbcsport
#bbcsport #kingsgym #kingsgymfamily #bekings #kingsgymofficial #kingsgymcroydon


@centurionlabzuk has officially arrived at kings gym

Three amazing new products

High stim pre workout - Rage available in four flavours

Key lime
Fasting grape
Blue slushie

Non stim pump pre workout- Blood rush available in two flavours

Cotton candy
Lemon cherry
Energy Branch chain amimos - Infused bcaas

Available in two flavours
Sour berry blast
Peach pucker



@centurion_labz are an American company with extremely well dosed products owned by two doctors. @guycisternino is the face of the brand and a 6 x @ifbb_pro_league champion
An incredible athlete and will be with us OCTOBER THE 4TH 4PM - 8PM on his UK tour with the rest of the Centurion labs team including @jonchessum the director of @centurionlabzuk
Yet another accomplished athlete

They will be on hand for questions and answers and also training whilst with us

Make sure you put it in your diary guys as it will be one he'll of an evening

We hope to see many of you there and lastly we really hope you enjoy the new products


That Friday Feeling. Let’s Go 😎💯👑 #Repost @hollingshead89 with @get_repost
Morning posing done
Leg day means some rest from cardio on current plan so I like to go and do a few intense rounds of posing in its place.

Can never pose too much as it's something that you can always improve.

I'm far from great at it but I pay my dues and go to my absolute max when flexing and that's all incan account for.

Again we can only be responsible for how hard we work not others.
It's easy to compare and it's easy to feel like your not doing enough but take a moment and look at all that you commit and do daily to be better.

There are alot of things you do that deserve your own respect so maybe just maybe you can take a second or two out of your day and say...I'm doing my best and my best is what matters 😊

Live YOUR LIFE GUYS not other people's expectations of yours... be happy and stay positive in what you do. You are likely doing great

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Keep On Grinding Guys 💯👑

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