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Herbert "Zerch" White III  🔵Athlete ⚫️ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist 🔴Lincoln Tech Valedictorian👨🏾‍🎓#dieselgymnj #zerchstrength 🔵YouTube- kingofzerchers


I am still tight for time during the week.. Set up to equal out a Pin 2 close to a Pin 1 Pull were a breeze.. That part of the plan is good, so I can take a step back for a few weeks and do accessories... Primary goal in the upcoming weeks is to work on my shoulders.. I definitely feel tightness in my delts while benching and squatting.. My warmups need to be on point and transfer to bench @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars #zerchstrength

A new year with a new look.. Thanks again to @proloccollars for making collars for not only myself but for @strengthandhonorfitness1 @dieselgymnj ..lifting strong and in style ..Straight weight today from everyone and the 1st time being wrapped.. getting back into the monolift moving too so we got a lot of things up our sleeve @westsidebarbellofficial @liftevil @kabukistrengthlab #zerchstrength

Focused more on fast pickups, speed, endurance and mobility @dieselgymnj .. Vector SSB Good Mornings/Box Squats Combo was definitely a good way to work my erectors and hips.. Great conditioning tool during the cold season @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars #zerchstrength

Week 2- Warmed up the rear with Reverse Bands then focused on the front with SSB and Zerchers.. Core and Hip Work all in one to start the week off @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars #zerchstrength

Wrapping up Week 1 strong with my percentages.. A busy night @dieselgymnj ..Overall a great start and feels great being back on a decent split.. The numbers can only go up from here with all the energy I had left in the tank @westsidebarbellofficial @liftevil @proloccollars #zerchstrength

Last training day of 2017, but just another day @dieselgymnj ..The thing that I want to accomplish for 2018 is to enjoy the fruits of my labor, dominate with my overall athleticism and enjoy time with my friends and family.. Happy New Year and Stay Blessed #zerchstrength @westsidebarbellofficial @liftevil @proloccollars

The biggest win for me by far in 2017 is being the Valedictorian of my class.. I made sacrifices.. There is a life outside of the gym.. I stood on that stage for almost 10 minutes.. I had all eyes on me.. To be the one who spilled blood, sweat and tears consistently to better himself.. Some people may not have the desire to have a backup plan, but after I walked off that stage I knew I placed myself in a better position. For my family and the people that appreciate me daily I thank you. 🙏🏾#zerchstrength

Shoutout to @liftevil.. The Death Crest Mens Compression Shorts give me extra comfort, built for training, and zerchering the world.. get yourself a pair at liftevil.com #zerchstrength #liftevil

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.” – Homer Rice #zerchstrength @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @liftevil @dieselgymnj

I been focusing a lot on my body mechanics to make all my movements fluid..my core most definitely feels it but throwing bands back in the mix just helps my body get accustomed to heavier weights..black mini tension is tough but heavy blue tension will take the wind out of you 😂😂 @westsidebarbellofficial @dieselgymnj @proloccollars @liftevil #zerchstrength

I had to put two training days into one due to the weather but it felt great..glad to know my grip hasn’t gone anywhere..lifting heavy is cool but glad to throw in the speed, core and conditioning aspects of my training back in the mix..keeps me separated from the typical lifters and never lose sight of my athletic ability..good looks on liftoffs @dallasbey and @kaylatrainsandshoots for the motivation on pulls @dieselgymnj @liftevil @proloccollars @westsidebarbellofficial #zerchstrength

“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” -Unknown #zerchstrength @dieselgymnj @liftevil @proloccollars @westsidebarbellofficial

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