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Herbert "Zerch" White III  ⚫️Sports Conditioning Specialist 🔮#zerchstrength 🔴Granite Supplements Affiliate 🔵YouTube- kingofzerchers

Tonight's mission- Light Squats, Heavy Pulls and Speed Bench.. It was a busy night @dieselgymnj but the good vibes made me forget that I am fighting a cold..breathing through squats was blah but got better the faster I kept moving through my lifts..I had no choice unless someone was going to walk through my footage lol @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements #zerchstrength

Ending the week doing a little bit of everything so I can focus on my school work..I wanted to get a feel of my next wave of training and see what I need @dieselgymnj..Explosive and keeping the joints healthy is my main focus..numbers are moving and my meal prep is still there during the summer time @samcholifts good looks on the monolift @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements 🔮#zerchstrength

Band work, straight weight lockouts and conditioning @dieselgymnj making use to every part of my environment.. What is your excuse? @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements #zerchstrength 🔮

Now who would torture their grip with the Fat Bar and Ohio Power Bar the same day.. me👋🏾 @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements #zerchstrength 🔮

Build and Destroy..No looking back..keep on staying consistent on progress @dieselgymnj .. @samcholifts @beardblaney good looks on the support 🔮#zerchstrength @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements @westsidebarbellofficial

Monolift 101: Make sure they know how to work it so you don't need to do a 515lb static hold lmao 😂 it is all good just readjusted my numbers for the day..bare doubles then singles with 515lb..few more singles and did reverse band work to makeup for earlier and bare..I been doing a lot of shoulder mobility work at home and the earthquake bar definitely woke up my whole body after carrying heavy loads on my is hard yet effective #zerchstrength @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements

Do not put me in a an all-around athlete I put my body to the test constantly..I enjoy my speed, power, and endurance wrapped up in one..gotta love how movements carry over to making all my lifts, rest up and gameplan for the next day #zerchstrength @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements

As training gets harder, I adjust to power complaints, no talking, no sitting around..I am not even overthinking..the mission is to survive 🔮#zerchstrength @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements @realworld_tactical

These past couple of weeks have been on point @dieselgymnj ..the vibes are great.. @beardblaney @samcholifts good looks on the support..the gameplan is looking consistency in and out of training is where it needs to be.. I appreciate the ones who support it and could care less about any negativity 🔮 #zerchstrength @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements

Weapon of Choice- Duffalo Bar..walk-out squats, good mornings, rowing, hip work, and conditioning to call it a day @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude @granitesupplements 🔮#zerchstrength

Everyone was benching @dieselgymnj some way shape or form.. short rest breaks.. @samcholifts good looks on the forearms are fried pulling and pushing with the axle..dips with the anchor chain and enjoy using the isos to keep everything balanced @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @lifters_with_attitude 🔮 #zerchstrength

Walkouts and working a few more inches wider on stance..kept my accessories heavy and felt great to go back to sled conditioning after a few weeks off @dieselgymnj @proloccollars @westsidebarbellofficial @lifters_with_attitude 🔮 #zerchstrength

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