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Herbert "Zerch" White III  🔵Athlete ⚫️ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist/Functional Training Specialist 🔴#dieselgymnj #zerchstrength 🔵YouTube- kingofzerchers

This video came out great👍🏾 a lot of blood and sweat this day @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #Repost @nutrabio with @get_repost
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SSB Squats up to 610lb. Block Pulls up to 605lb. Zerchers up to star gazing ⭐️ 585lb. Thanks @georgia_christodoulou @traininsaneorremianthesame @ashi_harambae @hunterdelfa1 @tony_machalany @jazliftspower and rest of the Diesel Gym Family for being supportive. It is crazy how I can bring different lifters together for the moments that I want them to be a part of. Crazy yet calm under pressure lol @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit @squatchamps @kingofthelifts #zerchstrength #squatchamps #KOTL #kingofthelifts

American Cambered Bar Press with Black Minis, Dumbbell Rows, Incline Chain Fly and @beastmetals Farmers Holds for Conditioning. Simple and was moving quickly. Thanks @georgia_christodoulou for the liftoffs @dieselgymnj @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

New Training Cycle consists of everything I love. Strength Plus Short Rest Periods. Squats up to 520lb. Wide Grip and Close Grip Bench with Red Minis with short rest periods. Good looks on the handoffs @traininsaneorremianthesame @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

Great job @georgia_christodoulou on the the monolift. You are the real MVP ⭐️ . Even though I am sick you made sure I was breathing 😂 . SSB Squats for volume reps up to 570lb. Football Bar Press with Black Minis and Pinch Lat Pulldown were a great combo. Primed and Ready for the next training day @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

Cambered Bar Squats up to 630lb. Vector Sumo Deadlifts with Black Minis for speed. Conditioning was Zerchers up to 500lb @dieselgymnj @proloccollars @pioneer_fit @westsidebarbellofficial #zerchstrength

I had to make up for what I missed on Tuesday. Block Pulls up to 635lb. Bench Block 2 Press with Reds up to 225lb. Zercher Split Squats gave me Bambi Legs 😂 so made up for it later on. Belt Squat Good Mornings and a Dumbbell Lunge- Push Up Superset was my conditioning of the day @dieselgymnj @westside_barbell_company @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

Nutrabio Squat Party @nutrabio 🎉 The energy was dope. Squats up to 600lb wasn’t expected, but when your read the IG feed that we are having a party might as well have fun. Great support @justmariahhhh @kaylatrainsandshoots @tony_machalany @hunterdelfa1 @strengthandhonorfitness1 @cocokaklein @jerseyy_08 @sarahhhuns @builtnboosted @nicksedar and the whole squad. Zerchers up to 505lb so I can work all this Pre off @dieselgymnj @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

Squats for a double of 515lb. Squats with 80lb Releasers up to 425lb. Sumo Deadlifts with 80lb Chains up to 425lb. Zerchers up to 570lb @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit @kingofthelifts @squatchamps #zerchstrength

Athlete 1st. Knock out the primaries as quick as possible. Do the accessories and conditioning. Hit everything from all angles. Do not neglect anything @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @pioneer_fit @proloccollars #zerchstrength

SSB Squat up to 600lb. Core Conditioning with Cables. A busy, humid day just to do what I need to do and get out @dieselgymnj @westsidebarbellofficial @proloccollars @pioneer_fit #zerchstrength

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