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Danny D'Angelo  Wife; muse. Life; 3 daughters-Share my content with credits (at your peril) Proud Dad; @shooter_danyela follow @secretweapontraining

It pays to have good friends. My Pally @billy_bcphotos creates these amazing #watermarks from YOUR signature. Start branding YOUR images with help from @billy_bcphotos today!

The select clips from @shotshow and #vegas that I can show you. Featured: @shelleymychelle (she won’t follow you) @theosusuras and @hupperware #eggdropsoup courtesy of #pingpangpong @goldcoastcasino

#happyvalentinesday It goes against everything I hold dear to pull over on the side of the road for almost anything (other than an empty 5 gallon bucket!) #bansai Love you. @shelleymychelle

Team Secret Weapon came to play at this weekend’s @jprifles 1st annual Southwestern Regional PCC championship! (That’s a mouthful)! A two day match that spanned 11 stages and had us dealing with a bit of rain. We held steady in a diverse field and were pleased with our results. Thanks to @jprifles @bluepress @springfieldarmoryinc for the exceptional prizes, and @secretweapontraining @soundgear_official @jagemannsportinggroup for their continued ongoing support of our craziness.

My wife, my muse, #VegasBaby @shotshow we travel with our bodyguard @theosusuras and a LOT of #2dollarbills #shotshow2019 #dollabillsyall #craps

I shoot quite a bit. Of course, no one notices because I shoot in the shadow of my daughter, @shooter_danyela who turns 16 today. I’m proud. The word “proud” itself solidifies our relationship. I hope and pray that each and every one of you finds this in your own life. Something you can hold dear to your heart and be proud of. #happybirthday #yeller Oh yeah, this is me shooting the stage in 11.86 seconds. #pride #danyeladangelo #trainintherain #itaintraininyouainttrainin

This is my daughter. My oldest. She’ll be 16 in a week. I never, ever talk about my ratings in matches, I tout hers. #danyeladangelo #thatrelaod #teamSWT

I #ski I do not #sled this is why. The #fonze does not sled. No trees were harmed...

There’s nothing more satisfying than scrambling for your phone when you see your Gorgeous wife in the perfect position,
#gettheshot Let’s not forget, the front is the best part. #aspen #notaselfie

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