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Gabe adores Misha  → I love mish with my whole heart → My name is Gabe and I will never give up on you. → ♂[he/him] → nashcon’18

These two white men just walked on stage ??? #chicon #spnchi

At Alex’s panel there has been at least 50 prank questions and I’m about to scream #chicon #spnchi

MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND !!!!!!! #chicon #spnchi

BITCH I RAISED MY HAND FOR HALES AND JENSEN WAS LIKE “yo blue hair over there” AND I WAS ALL LIKE “FUCK” and the mic was shoved into my face and I might as well have swallowed the mic whole because i sounded so fucking loud :,) and I was like “iM gOnnA hANd THis oVer tO mAh FRaNd” #chicon #spnchi

The sun was born today !

We about to go down #chicon #spnchi

Would y’all fucking believe me if I said not only did Misha remember me but as I left he said “bye Gabe!”. LIKE BITCH I DONT DESERVE THIS I FEEL LIKE I HALLUCINATED IT JSBSKXMKXNC #chicon #spnchi


Ves is a beautiful person, just sayin #chicon #spnchi

If any of y’all see a short small boy with blue hair, come say hello! (Or even better, just attack me with a hug!). This is my seat if you wanted to possibly seek me out :) #chicon #spnchi

If I have not answered you in a long time on dms etc, do NOT take it personal! I am not purposefully ignoring you!

I know I have been gone for a LONG time and I’m so sorry. I needed time to kinda figure myself out and no promises I’m back for good but I’m at least back for this time to do a con spam :) #chicon #spnchi

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