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🅱❌-♊ 96🤺Fear None But Allah ☪  💱Business info ⤵ 🗽 ; #LIYLtheBoss can’t be asking for shit • 🇧🇧🤝🇻🇮

📶 Liyl • The • B o $ $

I ain’t with the favors I got guala to make 🙏🏾

#LiylTheBoss | Last night stu vibes 🤷🏾‍♂️💨

🦇Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you 🏁 #liyltheboss

#pressplay Take a look at what happens when you stay in your lane !!! #MotivationMusic we don’t do the same things !! #iPaintMovies #ℕotjustForMe #LiylTheBoss #camilocommercialfree

Dreams don’t work unless you do .. you don’t have to go 🚥fast , you just have to Go .. 💫

Rise & Grind

I Love You Granny🌹❣You Always Believed in me , Always gave me Great Advice & Always Made me Smile💝 .. I Wont Fail, I Got you. im'a Hold Us Down Just Watch Over All of Us And Guide us in the right directions 💯 .. You know i aint no Dummy i cant do what the Dummies Do🙏 #MoreLife #MoreWins .. #DifferentTypeOfPain💔

🔊 they tryna copy the 🌊🌊 . Been doing this way before this song came out .. More otw #LinkinBio - #KINGLIYL #ℕotjustForMe

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