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King Keston™  I'm a photographer that's always looking for talented individuals to work with. 🇹🇹📷

Not really interested in where everyone else is going, we're forging our own path. #Teamprogress

Yazahi hat, Yazahi jewelry, Yazahi shirt, Yazahi model, The Takeover has officially begun #Yazahi #Yazahimodel #Makinghistory

Hope you all enjoyed the Eclipse 😂. #Eclipse

It's Money Making Monday wake up early and work hard while everyone is still sleeping, that's how you become wealthy. P.S. Everyone protect your eyes during the Solar Eclipse today. #Moneymakingmonday #Teamprogress #Theworldisyours #Solareclipse #Makinghistory

Set your goals high, then be unrelenting in pursuing them. #Teamprogress #Kestonsaidit #Nofilter

Sometimes I see all the hate and anger out there in the world, and it makes me want to move all my loved ones to a small island where they can grow peacefully and happily without all the hate the world has to offer, then I remember that if I stay I can be a catalyst for positive change, and maybe one day when I have kids, they'll be able to help make the world a better place too. #Spreadlove #Maketheworldabetterplace #Kestonsaidit

While the rest of the world is going crazy, we'll just keep contributing beauty and good vibes through photography. #Photographyisart #Amazingmodeltoworkwith #Beautifulmodel #Nofilter #Goodvibes

Had an awesome time on this shoot yesterday! More photos coming soon. #Amazingmodeltoworkwith #Photographyisart #CamaroSS #Gorgeousmodel #Nofilter

Once again the extremely wealthy have succeeded in getting the poor, and under educated, to fight amongst themselves, while they continue to enjoy the ability to manipulate and control the public into being nothing more than loyal customers. They will keep you buying their beer, and taking out loans at their banks, and keep you in a position to always be controlled by them, simply because you haven't figured out that we're all just human, and the only thing that really separates us is what we know, and the quality of life we live. The moral of the story is we all need to better educate ourselves, and make ourselves wealthy. #Moneymakingmonday #Stopbeingcontrolled #Teamprogress #Theworldisyours #Kestonsaidit

Get cool hard to find Tee's at #Dabonem #Unicornstatus🦄 #Teefor20

Finally a shopping site, by women for women, go check out everything on sale at I think all the ladies will really appreciate this one. #Teefor20 #Girlpower💪 #Realmenlovestrongwomen

There's something beautiful about working hard enough to make it to the top of your craft, on your way up there will be doubters, haters, and many other obstacles in your way, but for those of you that stay focused, persistent, and hard working, an amazing life awaits you. #Truth #Kestonsaidit #Theworldisyours #Moneymakingmonday #Teamprogress

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