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King Keston™  I'm a photographer that's always looking for talented individuals to work with. 🇹🇹📷


Kicking it with my super talented sister on my birthday last week. #Goodtimes #Yazahi #Nofilter

A lot of times friends ask me why do I care so much about people becoming wealthy while they're young, and this is part of the reason, it's because I see what's happening, while everyone else is distracted trying to live like celebrities even though they have next to nothing in their bank accounts. It's getting harder for the average person to even rent a decent home, much less buy a home and somehow the general public isn't scared or alarmed by this, if you want to see where the rest of the US is heading Google the homeless rate in Hawaii, look and see how many young people are forced to live on the streets just because they can't afford to pay rent or buy a home. #Wakeup

Wish more people understood this. #Truth💯

In order to truly be successful you need to be able to sacrifice temporary pleasures, to achieve long term happiness. #Moneymakingmonday #Teamprogress #Kestonsaidit #Nofilter

Two months ago I got burned in a fire accident, I had burns across my face, chest, arms and legs, at first I didn't know if I would be able to see properly again which greatly worried me because of my photography, and overall lifestyle change, I figured I could deal with the disfigurement to my face and body as long as I could still do the things that I love to do, I had every reason to be sad, and depressed, but I chose not to, instead I chose to keep fighting and push for a speedy recovery, I'm not back to 100% yet as you can still see some discoloration on my skin, but I'm happy with where I'm at currently, I figured I'd share the before and after photos with all of you in hopes of inspiring you to never let tough situations keep you down, if you fall get back up and start fighting for a better life right away, because if you fight hard enough eventually you will succeed. #Nevergiveup💪

All of our models that we have new hire forms for were paid already today. Congratulations to those of you that won trips to NYC, and congratulations to those of you that won bonus money, and Smart TV 'S. We're re launching our mentorship program looking for models that are serious about becoming Millionaires so if thats you make sure and message me ASAP. #Teamprogress #Theworldisyours #Payday 💰

Wanted to give a special shout out to my good friend @beautydoll_mua for rocking one of our @shopyazahi T Shirts on her latest shoot. It's awesome watching our brand grow with all the support we're getting from friends, family, and just all around good people in general. #Teamprogress #Forbeslist #Model #Yazahi

It's Money Making Monday!!! If you have something that works for you in life, stick with that thing, there will be times where you feel impatient, or you may get tempted to try something that seems better, but often times the grass won't be greener on the other side, if you stay consistent, exercise patience, and work hard, you’ll accomplish everything that you set out to. #Moneymakingmonday #Teamprogress #Theworldisyours #Kestonsaidit #Thetrickistonevergiveup #Keeppushing #Stayfocused

Hey everyone we need your feedback on this one, let us know which box you'd prefer to have our @shopyazahi bags delivered to you in, the "White" one, or the "Wood" one. #Yazahi #Travelbackpacks www.yazahi.com

You can accomplish anything if you want it bad enough, and if you work for it like you mean it. #Hardworkpaysoff #Theworldisyours #Selfmotivation #Getfocused #Teamprogress

Happy Belated Birthday McLovin!! #Goodtimes #Geminipower #Teamgemini♊

#E85🌽 All my race car friends should get this 😎 #Yazahi #Veganpower #Photographyisart #Model #Nofilter @shopyazahi

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