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King Keston™  Photographer/Entrepreneur. 📷🇹🇹


Hey everyone go check out my photography page @photographyisart23 I'll start posting most of my photography work on there from now on, and I'll keep this page for more random post's. #Photographyisart #Nofilter #Awesomemodeltoworkwith

It's Money Making Monday, the goal should be for you to be the CEO of your life, you choose when you work, you choose where you want to live, and you choose the quality of life you'd like to have, in the end its all about freedom and happiness. #Truth #Kestonsaidit #Crynowlaughlater🎭 #Bedifferent #Moneymakingmonday💰

Sometimes I wonder if aliens fly over our beautiful planet and think to themselves "Wow these humans are so stupid, they spend so much time finding new ways to fight one another, they don't realize how good they have it, I guess we'll just wait for them to kill one another and we'll come take over their awesome planet". #Wakeuphumans #Seethebigpicture #Stopbeingsostupid #Kestonsaidit

It's Money Making Monday!!! While everyone else parties, gets drunk/high, and solidifies their future, you make sure you're the one working hard and staying focused on building your wealth, because I promise you one day you'll look back and be happy you missed all the parties, and festivals in your 20's cause you'll be throwing yacht parties in your 30's while everyone else lives check to check in debt. 🛳💰 #Truth #Kestonsaidit #Crynowlaughlater🎭 #Dontsaynooneevertoldyou #Bedifferent #Teamprogress

Had the opportunity to shoot with this gorgeous Model this week, stay tuned more photos coming soon! #Gorgeousmodel #Awesomemodeltoworkwith #Blondebeauty #Photographyisart #Nofilter

Dinner time on the Gulf Coast. #Teamprogress

This one hit home for me especially since we've recently taken over another company and we're continuing to grow at a fast pace, I remember all the people I offered the opportunity to work with us before that turned down those offers, and then I think of the people we work with now that are en route to becoming millionaires, it shows that it doesn't pay to have a closed mind, but in a way I'm actually happy those people said no, because it led me to the people that said yes, and I feel blessed to have those people on our team. #Teamprogress

Stay focused success is just around the corner. #Animalstatus #Focused #Crynowlaughlater🎭 #Teamprogress #Kestonsaidit

Lol only Inbetweeners fans will get this 😂😂😂. #Missthatshow #Inbetweeners #Jaycartwright #Completeditmate☑️ #Goodtimes #Lol

It's Money Making Monday! Now more than ever it pays to be in a position to make a lot of money online and be able to move to anyplace you like without having to worry about getting a job somewhere. It sucks that as regular citizens in the US we always have to look over our shoulders at public gatherings because we never know when some mad person is going to start shooting and killing everyone there, it may be time to start looking into moving to a country where the citizens don't have access to such deadly weapons. Always remember the future favors the wealthy, so that's what we should all be aspiring to be. #Moneymakingmonday #Itstimeforachange #Teamprogress

Good morning, what goals are you working on today? #Teamprogress

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