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gregg alexander  a creative finding gold in the details. atlantic coast, ns, canada🌲 y o u a r e v a l u e d h e r e.

on growing older. // to a life full of stars and joy and love. having you as a big sister is such a privilege and honour. you’ve taught me so much about what it means to love and honour even if it’s uncomfortable. you love so well and i’m so proud of you. can’t believe you are 30 today and moving into a whole new season but i know it’s going to be rich and full of more living and seeing more of your dreams in front of you. celebrating you today from afar and saving you a dance for the next time i see you. love you D. #30flirtyandthriving #happybirthday #liveauthentic

on falling into feeling at home in the seasons. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

on the care. // sometimes pulling the gold out is finding the safety in silence with people that love you and see you well. grateful for humans that give the time and space you need to walk towards more. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

on moving slowly. // this year has been a journey of crawling out of my self to learn how to love even more. it’s hard crawling out of your pain to be there for other hearts that are hurting but somehow in the listening and hand holding and tears and looking out the window, you find the better part of yourself again and realize you’re not alone. it’s all about Love and taking time to move slowly and pulling the gold out because it’s there. i know you’ll see. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter #yourenotalone 📷: @celinemyette

on healing. // “i can see your heart and here is mine.” #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

on summer and deep love and pulling the gold out and putting these days in my pocket for when we’ve all gone home. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

on feeling othered. // this is where i will always run to feel at home. #livesuthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

glad you’re doing well. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

on taking the time to catch your breath. #wildernessmakesyoubetter #liveauthentic

on opening up and rewiring. // you are good. you are good. you are good. repeat xx. #liveauthentic #wildernessmakesyoubetter

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