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Campaigne  Deconstructing HATE with LOVE.

My right hand🙏🏾 I’m not lying when I say he co-produced this album. He really did.
God blessed me with such a special gift. It’s true having a child is a big sacrifice but I’ve gained more in the last year and a half then I have in the 24 years before him. He is my everything ❤️

Sunday I showcased my album I’m working on with my son, my sister, and brother on stage. Blessed to have had such an amazing opportunity. Looking forward to post production of this album. God is good🙏🏾

Eminem is still the King but you did your thing💯💯. There’s no shame in throwing in the towel when you go against a great. Sometimes it’s more honorable to respectfully surrender. You live to fight another day. Salute to a great battle, probably the best rap battle we’ve seen in a while which comes to no surprise due to the fact that both of these artist came up really rap battling. Good examples of what it should really look like instead of all this wack stuff today. Truce?🤷🏾‍♂️

Been taking some time to renew my mind back home with family and it’s been amazing. I had the best Labor Day ever yesterday. For the first time probably ever most of my cousins, my mom, my siblings, and grandpa (who left right before the picture) got together. We barbecued, danced, laughed, and had a blast. This picture means so much to me and is one of many many more to come. We’re just gettin started. So happy to be home ❤️

A pic from ‘96.

😂😂This boy

This is reality: not always smiles but I still give him kisses 😘 😊

I just wanna saves souls and do the right thing 🙏🏾

@diddy is so dramatic but I’m takin notes 😂😂

This boy loves to read, constantly comes up to me with a book and even makes me read the same one already 5 times lol So blessed to have such a intelligent baby.

This Thursday (July 19th) is FREE entry to our “Made in the 90s” Party starting at 9 pm! Located at 6538 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48210! Come dressed fresh and ready to dance all night!! We got hookah , drinks, food and more til 2 am!

S/O to my new barber the one and only @dbestcuts for hooking me up to day. I’m very grateful God lead me to you. 🙌🏾

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