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Jill Of All Trades 💅🏼💇🏼💄  TRIPLE THREAT based in ATLANTA. For appts please refer to THE BUTTONS BELOW

ATTENTION‼️‼️ running a special on private one on one classes‼️ these are not full day classes they are only 4 hours long‼️ you get to pick what we make you better at (plucking tinting or placing and customizing) you provide your model and frontal along with styling tools; I provide the customizing and tinting kit, certificate and knowledge ‼️‼️you can email to Set class dates (u choose the dates not me we just agree to one) and please be deposit ready if you are sure you want to take the class. ❤️ I’m only doing this until the slots fill up then it’s gone ‼️

@ebextensions was sharing her hair journey and progress so I saw this and decided to share a little bit too!! She took my very first class EVER in Miami !! And from that day she kept in touch and practiced her butt off and I’m so proud of her!! She’s literally my go to stylist in south fla if anyone needs a service !! I mean just look at her progress!!! FROM THE SCALP BIH‼️‼️‼️ students like this make teaching worth it‼️

It’s been on my heart really heavy idk why but I have a strange feeling . It’s the different attitudes vibes and energy from people that’s draining. I find myself having major mood swings, wanting to cut a bitch and all. People are soooo disrespectful!!! I rather go back to dancing before I get disrespected. The hair industry has changed so much and I been here since I was 13 I’m now 29.. I’m bout this shit.

Her application was BOMB‼️‼️‼️‼️ I see that @boldholdlacewigtape ‼️‼️

Stinky butt💙

Old baby onyx 👑definitely dropping King soon.

Good morning ❤️

Hey ladies here’s a little info on class before you decide to email me. Class is held in Atlanta Ga. THey are 4 hours long and u can pick what U want to perfect ( plucking and placing to customizing and natural hairline) the curriculum for that day is on you. But please understand it is a half of day class . You provide your frontal with approval by me and your styling tools. I only provide the glue kit and customizing kit. Slots are filling at a moderate rate but I guarantee they will pick up so be ready if you’re serious ‼️ see u soon ❤️

Meet Ms gayle ‼️‼️ one of my Cali students who came to my dallas class! I wanna say she has to be one of my most dedicated students EVER! From the day I met her I liked her lol she took charge (she’s a Leo too) . But she takes her continual education with lace so seriously ! She tunes into every webinar asks questions and actually listens !! We need more people like this she makes teaching for me worth it cAuse baby I be wanting to say EFF IT so many times!! Thank u for being u @hairometry

The fact that she’s comes all the way from Cali just for me to do her hair is beyooooonnnnnnd meeee! But I can say I’m honored ❤️❤️ full lace wig from @themanesho

Your child ever saved your life ?

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