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Christopher R. King  Founder & Designer: CCCXXXIII - Happily Engaged to @__chady__

Have you ever experienced an A5 Wagyu steak? What was your experience? I wrote some thoughts in my latest blog on how I think you can have the perfect experience. Link in Bio #kingsway #CCCXXXIII #A5 #wagyu

For me, there is only ONE WAY. I don’t believe in Plan B. I have always believed if you only give yourself the option of success, then that is the road you will travel. That is the Kingsway! 👑👑👑 #oneway #kingsway #CCCXXXIII

As an entrepreneur building a new luxury company, finding the time to get away can be really difficult. But when you are focused on reaching your goals, you have to find a nearby getaway that inspires you to create beautiful things. Check out my latest blog (link in bio) on my favorite escape @hotelbelair #belairhotel #kingsway #CCCXXXIII
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I love having breakfast @hotelbelair while I work on some of the designs for CCCXXIII. I can’t stop smiling thinking about this new venture with @robdyrdek my brother and business partner. When you follow your passion, work just feels like play! #CCCXXXIII #kingsway #findyourpassion

Enjoy life! Sometimes, we get so focused on our goals and the future ahead of us, that we can forget to enjoy the present moment. This is the journey. This is right now. Enjoy the ride! #kingsway #CCCXXXIII
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There are people in your life that will try to slow you down or try to throw you off course. Don’t get caught in the drama. Keep your focus and use your energy for what YOU want in life! #kingsway #CCCXXXIII

Looking out at the city today, I couldn’t help but think of my first days in Los Angeles. I came here with just a dream. Now I am living that dream!!! #CCCXXXIII #kingsway 👑
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#BTS at Today’s photo shoot @Spago with @tetsuyahagi & @sommpdunn sitting down for some wine & A5 Wagyu! Will be posting the blog about Wagyu this weekend. All you need to know. #burgundy #wagyu #kingsway #CCCXXXIII 👑🍷

When you are an entrepreneur, you never know what will happen around the corner. But when you plan for success, you will always be ready. #kingsway #CCCXXXIII
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Always keep moving. Always keep pushing. There will be days when you are crawling and days when you are sprinting, but as long as you keep moving forward, you will get there. And when you do, you will look back in awe of how far you have come! #kingsway 👑 #CCCXXXIII

Get Your Head in The Game. Everything is about your MINDSET! You can change your entire life just by changing your attitude and perspective. Don’t let all of the negativity out there get to you. Stay focused on what you want and believe that you can have it. And it will be YOURS! #kingsway 👑 #CCCXXXIII

They said it couldn’t be done. I am here to tell you that it can!
There will always be people that shoot down your dreams, kill your energy or try to get in the way of progress. I don’t listen to these people. I don’t surround myself around these people. I stay focused on my journey and my inner voice. #kingsway 😎👑 #CCCXXXIII

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