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My guy and coaching client, @chop_18 did it perfectly. He set a goal, he picked a race, he trained hard, and he told me he was going to get me a podium pic. That's how you do it in this sport if you want to be successful. Great work Rick!

I was able to get the win last Wednesday at Waterford, but it came with a price. I could feel the form slipping a bit, and the weekend races confirmed my suspicions. Even though there is another race this Wednesday I am skipping it to get in some much needed rest. Despite my want to push harder with my training, I have learned to listen to the signals. Photo courtesy of: #kineticfitnesscoaching

Know the course your rolling on. Like the back of your hand. I took note of this grate during my warm up, and knew that I might have to deal with it at some point. In the last lap there were not a lot of places to move up so I took advantage of the clear outside line, and did a little bunny hop at 30 mph to clear the obstacle.

A combo platter of bad legs, positioning and luck had me coming out of the last corner at the Cycling Lawyer BTR Crit too far back to contend. I managed to get by some guys on the way to the line to finish up 6th on the day.

If you race bikes then you know what it feels like, and what it means, when your legs feel great. This is from last Thursday, and it was a day where my legs felt the best they had in years.

Finished up my 3 days of racing @tourofamericasdairyland with a 3rd place in the Masters 40+ at the Downer Classic. Great races + great racers = great times.

Last day of @tourofamericasdairyland for myself and @fastford223 We spent the morning getting the gear ready, and making sure the numbers were pinned on correctly.

The last 40 seconds of the M40+ Shorewood Criterium @tourofamericasdairyland

I made the trip to Wisconsin to race at the Tour of Americas Dairyland in the masters 40+ race at the Shorewood Criterium. Despite the 6:00 drive the legs treated me well and I was able to get the sprint out of a group of 70 masters racers representing ~20 states. And a cow jersey came with the win!

This is my favorite moment from the weekend: myself and @robertfoshag just finished 2nd and 3rd in the Zeeland Criterium in the 1/2/3 race. I was running my camera the entire race to capture the event, and I pulled it off of the mount right after we finished to ask Rob a question - Me: "What did you think about the race Rob?"
Rob: "You know what, 2 old men did pretty good against the young bucks."

Well I finally did it - winning at Sylvania. I had finished 2nd for three years straight, and made it a mission to not go for the 4-peat. I snuck away solo with 5 to go, and was joined by Rich and Joe 2 laps later. Thankfully the legs still had. A good sprint in them at the end!

Zeeland 1/2/3 finish.

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