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Teammates Eric M, James R and myself got into a 8 man break in the masters 35+ Gaslight Criterium. Paul M rolled away from all of us, and that left it up to Eric and I to do our sprint thing. We did just that with Eric smashing 3rd and myself pulling off 2nd.

Waterford Hills Summer Series - we had the last race of the series tonight and I managed 4th tonight, and 2nd overall in the entire series. It was a fun summer, and congratulations go out to @c.eckart for rolling well each week and winning the overall.

Sorry about the sideways video. Here we have the end of the Corktown M45+ race. With 4 corners to go Rob D. got a front flat and went down. I was on his wheel so I went done too. As well as the next 4-5 guys behind me. Lots of scrapes and bruises, and luckily that was the extent of the injuries.

My working philosophy as a coach has me combing 3 things to help me design weekly training programs. I use my knowledge, athlete feedback, and a little technology to develop my plans. I knew we had @sweetbikes owner, Seth K, in the right place going into this weekend. He also told me he felt like everything was coming together. And the final confirmation was the Garmin chiming in! Good luck at Ore to Shore my man! #kineticfitnesscoaching

Here's a throw back Thursday from 2 weekends ago when @abz_r2r went full gas and landed on the 2nd step at the Big M mountain bike race! She will be back at it again this weekend at Ore to Shore. Wish her luck if you see her! #kineticfitnesscoaching

Breaking a wrist can keep you off of the road, but it doesn't have to slow you down. Here we have Mike G, aka MGTT, getting the win in the Great Lakes State Classic Time Trial. Mike has spent a lot of time on the trainer working on his form while protecting his wrist. The hard work obviously has paid off. Congrats Mike!

Sprinters, I have found the Holy Grail of handle bars. Actually it's a integrated bar/stem combo from @vision_tech_usa called the Metron 5D. It's stiffer than anything else I have ever tried - it just won't budge. And it's flared in just the perfect way so your forearms don't smash into the bars with each violent swing. I have pared it with a @recmounts Wahoo mount, and have added a little safety tape to the top so that I have a secure grip when my hands are on the tops.

To quote my guy @chris_johnson_38 "this is the best pace line I have done in years". We had 8 riders of varying ability on a rolling 7 mile out and back route. Everyone pulled at the max of their ability on the flats, and we rode the hills at tempo. The end result was we stayed together, and everyone got a fantastic workout. #kineticfitnesscoaching

Early A.M. Roll with a client on the dust covered West Bloomfield rail trail. #kineticfitnesscoaching

My guy and coaching client, @chop_18 did it perfectly. He set a goal, he picked a race, he trained hard, and he told me he was going to get me a podium pic. That's how you do it in this sport if you want to be successful. Great work Rick!

I was able to get the win last Wednesday at Waterford, but it came with a price. I could feel the form slipping a bit, and the weekend races confirmed my suspicions. Even though there is another race this Wednesday I am skipping it to get in some much needed rest. Despite my want to push harder with my training, I have learned to listen to the signals. Photo courtesy of: #kineticfitnesscoaching

Know the course your rolling on. Like the back of your hand. I took note of this grate during my warm up, and knew that I might have to deal with it at some point. In the last lap there were not a lot of places to move up so I took advantage of the clear outside line, and did a little bunny hop at 30 mph to clear the obstacle.

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