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Kajal  🇬🇧 Kindred’s Kitchen | 18 🌼 Thriving on bowls of vegan goodness I make Youtube videos ↓

Did you guys know that I like fruity bowls for breakfast? 😂⁣

I think it goes without saying what’s in this bowl now. Just some porridge topped with all my favourite fruit and a drizzle of peanut butter. Also I tried fresh apricots for the first time in a while and they were so good in this. I think there are some things that you just never get bored of, and a fruity porridge bowl is just that for me! ⁣

Do you guys have a meal that you could eat/ do eat everyday?

Tomato and basil puff pastry pin-wheel parcels ⁣

Lovely flaky pastry with a herby tomato sauce that has a hint of spice and a sprinkle of crumbled tofu. Topped off with a drizzle of tahini and fresh basil 😋 ⁣

I brought some vegan puff pastry for this one so I don’t have a recipe for the pastry itself, it’s more the concept behind it that I wanted to share. Of course, I rolled, cut out and shaped the pastry and made the sauce so I guess it still counts 😉 ⁣

This tomato sauce is one of my favourites- I also use it as a salsa for Mexican food as well as a pizza and pasta sauce - incredibly versatile. To make it:⁣

* Put some olive oil into a pan when it’s hot add some ginger and dried oregano, letting it brown slightly - if you wanted to use any veggies add them in here. ⁣
* Then add either fresh tomatoes or half a tin of chopped tomatoes. ⁣
* Add some salt, pepper, chilli powder + any other herbs or spices you like (paprika would be good in this but I didn’t have any) ⁣
* Let it simmer and thicken for at least 5 minutes, this is really important as the heat brings together all the flavours. ⁣

I think it’ll be difficult to explain how I folded them so maybe I’ll do a video on it, using my own pastry next time. ⁣

Raspberry and pistachio overnight oats with pomegranate, coconut and peanut butter. Heavenly.⁣

This one is so easy to make even though it might look like it takes time. ⁣

The overnight oats are simply oats soaked in tigernut milk with raisins and ground mixed seeds overnight. ⁣

All I did for the raspberries is MICROWAVE THEM and they basically bubble up and dissolve to form this lovely compote/jam-like texture. I then put it in the fridge to cool down while I prepared the rest of the toppings. ⁣

Pistachios work so well in this and I quite like to have them roasted and salted because I like sweet and salty flavours together. The pomegranate gives such a great burst of sweetness too. ⁣

I really love this mix of textures and flavours. You can also completely assemble it the night before. I only did the raspberries and toppings in the morning for photography purposes 😂😂⁣

Do you guys have any favourite toppings for overnight oats? I’d love to hear your ideas 💚

Red lentil dhal - Super easy, one pot, quick and delicious. ⁣

* Simply soak your red lentils (or any lentils) for a couple of hours. ⁣

* Add some olive oil, ginger, turmeric, garam masala, dried cumin and dried coriander to a pan - let it sizzle away for a minute ⁣

* Then add the veggies (I used green pepper) and the lentils), along with salt, chilli powder and dried fenugreek (optional)⁣

* Add enough water to cover the lentils, put the lid on and let it simmer for roughly 15 mins until the lentils are cooked. ⁣

Remember you can play around with the spices. If you don’t have these specific ones you can sub for whatever you have - I know most students won’t have all these and you can buy mixed spice if you don’t want to buy them all separately. Also, fresh coriander on top would be so good but I didn’t have any. ⁣

Do you guys like dhal/ Indian food in general? Do you prefer a creamier coconutty curry or spiced curry? I’d love to know 💛⁣

Today I got a lovely message just asking about how I afford vegan food as a student / eating the way I do with lots of recipe testing etc. ⁣⁣
I find that a lot of vegan stuff can be cheap - like supermarket brand soya milk is normally around 60p - things like rice, flour, legumes etc can be brought in bulk and provides so many portions. ⁣⁣
I think that the problem lies in the snack and pre-made/ packaged food market. If you eat special vegan ready meals, buy vegan cheese, and other ‘superfood’ powders etc - it will be expensive. Healthy vegan snacks bars are also heavily overpriced considering how simple the ingredients can be. ⁣⁣
The way I work around this is by⁣⁣
c o o k i n g 👩‍🍳 ⁣⁣
Food is unbelievably cheaper if you make it yourself, rather than buying pre-prepared products. The least prepared the product is, the cheaper normally. For example don’t get pre-cooked noodles, get the ones you have to cook yourself. And don’t buy a stir fry veg packet, buy the veg individually and prepare it yourself. ⁣⁣
I spend around £20 per week on food which is pretty good considering some people buy lunch at uni which ends up costing at least £3 a day just for 1 meal.⁣⁣
It’s easy for me to say all this when I enjoy cooking - I find it pretty therapeutic and relaxing, but if you don’t then don’t worry as demand for vegan food is increasing, it is becoming a lot cheaper. And don’t be afraid to treat yourself to the expensive items occasionally 💛⁣⁣

Lebanese-Mexican Nacho Fusion⁣

Before I get into it I just wanted to mention that I have a new video up on YouTube - it’s a vegan grocery haul if you’re interested 💛⁣

These nachos were so simple to assemble- for the tortilla crisps, I cut up come Lebanese flatbread into triangles and baked them in the oven until they went crispy - so you don’t even need crisps to make them! ⁣

I then topped with:⁣
* Kidney bean chilli (I’ve shared the recipe for this in a previous post) - it’s basically kidney beans, tomatoes, ginger and chilli powder⁣
* Chopped beets ⁣
* Avo⁣
* Crumbled tofu for the ‘cheese’ but you can just buy vegan cheese or any other alternative that suits you⁣
* A dollop of houmous ⁣
* A little fresh basil ⁣
* Tahini⁣

As I used Lebanese flatbread and put on some houmous, it kind of became a Mexican-Lebanese fusion dish so I thought I’d share this combination of ingredients because it’s so different from regular nachos that you might have had before. I really like the variety of textures and flavours here from all the different toppings. ⁣

As always, you can sub the ingredients for whatever you have, and add your own spin to it. Maybe pour on some different condiments? ⁣

Let me know if you have any ideas for this one, or if you have any favourite nacho toppings. ⁣

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far. ⁣

As you might have seen on my story I am LOVING cereal at the moment, I think it’s just because it’s a bit too warm for hot porridge. Here I had wheat biscuits with tigernut milk - the pouring shot is getting better 😂 ⁣

I topped it with some:⁣
* Mango⁣
* Kiwi⁣
* Banana⁣
* Apple⁣
* Figs⁣
* Pomegranate ⁣
* Peanut butter ⁣
* Sweet freedom chocshot ⁣

If you don’t put nut butter in your cereal, you’re missing out for sure! This morning I tried it with tahini (I didn’t take a photo of it) and that was also a really good combo. ⁣

I’ve been loving interacting with you all on my stories and reading your responses for some exercise ideas. I didn’t share every single one of them but I read all of them and you guys gave me some incredible ideas. There are things I hadn’t even heard of or thought about that I can’t wait to try after exams are over. ⁣

If you have exams soon or if they’ve already started then I wish you all the best 🤗🤗⁣

Just a simple meal made of all my favourite things 🤗⁣

Here we’ve got:⁣
* Cous cous⁣
* Crispy tofu and carrots cooked with ginger, garam masala, turmeric, cumin and dried coriander⁣
* Sautéed spinach and plum tomatoes⁣
* Houmous (how creamy and heavenly does it look?!!)⁣
* Avocado ⁣
* Tahini ⁣

One thing I’d recommend for anyone who doesn’t really like vegetables is to do something with them. If you don’t like them raw try sautéing, seasoning with herbs and spices, roasting them - the possibilities really are endless. ⁣

I think vegans can get stereotyped as eating a raw boring salad a lot of the time but with a good dressing or sauce it really can be flavourful and it will fill you up if you add a carb or protein to it. ⁣

Here, for carbs I’ve got cous cous, for protein I’ve got tofu and for fats I’ve got houmous, avo, olive oil and tahini. I didn’t even plan it out that way but I guess if just worked out to be a pretty balanced meal. ⁣

I definitely think that sometimes we can overthink things and naturally a meal can lend itself to being balanced. ⁣

Do you guys have a favourite way to eat your veggies? Do you think about balanced meals or go with the flow?

Who likes overnight oats?⁣

Its really great for summer because I don’t feel like starting my day with a hot bowl of porridge. The last few days have been really warm so I’ve been making this the night before, keeping in the fridge and then adding the toppings in the morning. ⁣

It’s really versatile too; you could do it with different flavoured milk, different nut butters, different dried/fresh fruit etc. So you’ll see lots of overnight oat ideas from me this summer 🙌⁣

For this one I used:⁣
* Oats⁣
* Ground mixed seeds⁣
* Raisins ⁣
* Soya milk ⁣
* Peanut butter ⁣

Just add all the ingredients to a container of your choice and store overnight — you’ll need enough liquid to completely cover the oats. I’m the morning I topped with some defrosted blueberries and extra fruit .⁣

The oats become so creamy and as the raisins absorb the liquid, they become really soft and juicy - I hate chewy, hard raisins. I actually pick the raisins of out my granola because they are rock hard and save them up to add in my overnight oats so that they go all gooey. NO FOOD WASTE HERE! 😂⁣

Finally, the peanut butter flavour mixed into it all is just heavenly - I definitely recommend adding seeds, nuts or nut butter to make it more satiating and it’s also a great source of omegas 💛⁣

I’m excited to play around this combination- do you guys like overnight oats? Or do you have any other ideas for summery breakfast! ⁣

It’s unbelievable how people evolve and change with time. I remember when I started this account I was too scared to show anyone. I didn’t tell my family or friends and I couldn’t even show my face on this account. ⁣

I’m not sure why, I guess showing something you create publicly and writing about your experiences makes you greatly vulnerable. But now I LOVE IT- I really enjoy sharing my ideas, recipes and sometimes failures with you guys - both on here and on YouTube. ⁣

I also never delete a photo, even from the early days of this account where some of my meals looked... well...I’ll just leave you guys to see how awful 😂 I even went through a phase of posting only fruit/porridge bowls - wow things have changed and I actually find that there’s more scope for exploration with savoury meals now.⁣

I’m incrediblyyyy proud of this little Instagram community and I’ve met some lovely people on here. This would be really hard to do without the support so even if your that person who waits an hour just to eat with me because I take too long preparing my meals - thank you! I notice it all😉 Your sweet comments and DMs - everything 💚⁣

I’m pretty happy with how these noodles with stir fried veggies turned out because trust me noodles are so hard to present nicely on a plate 😂⁣⁣
For this recipe, in terms of the stir fry I used:⁣⁣
* Broccoli ⁣⁣
* Carrot⁣⁣
* Cauliflower⁣⁣
* Yellow and green peppers ⁣⁣
* Ginger ⁣⁣
* Chilli powder ⁣⁣
* Salt/pepper ⁣⁣
* Tahini (if you wanted a peanut stir fry you could use peanut butter) ⁣⁣
* Soy sauce - I didn’t have any but I would have added it if I did⁣⁣
* Olive oil ⁣⁣
As you can see it’s really simple ingredients and of course it would work for any veggies you have - beansprouts and peas could be good too. I feel like any nut/seed butter with soy sauce and ginger makes the most incredible dressing for any Asian style dish or salad. ⁣⁣
All you need to do is boil the noodles and then add it to the stir fry. Surprisingly in the UK a lot of noodles are not vegan (they contain egg) so you might have to go for the whole-wheat ones or try and hunt down some egg free noodles to make the dish vegan. ⁣⁣
I hope you all have a nice evening and if you’re in the UK, are enjoying the lovely weather 🌞 ⁣⁣

Hi lovelies - hope you’re all having a great Monday. I’ve actually had a pretty good day— I think the sunshine and weather in general has a massive effect on how I feel. Good weather just makes everything better. Anyone else agree? ⁣

I spent the morning in the library and then had a nice lunch break with some friends. I think in exam season it’s so important to do things for yourself and not lock yourself up in a room to revise. You’d be surprised at how much just talking to people and not thinking about anything exam related, lifts you up. ⁣

I think this is incredibly important nowadays when our ‘breaks’ might consist of half an hour on your phone or on Netflix or any screen pretty much. Human beings are designed to be social and talk to eachother, whether it’s exam time or not! ⁣

There are even studies that have found that a lack of social interaction can manifest itself physically - meaning your body sees it as a sign of stress, to the point where it affects your health. ⁣

Wowww I had planned a complete different caption but started writing this instead - my stream of thought in these captions surprises me everyday 😂⁣

Oh and by the here are some papaya boats with almond butter, granola and fruit that I had a few weeks ago 😂

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