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Kajal  🇬🇧 Kindred’s Kitchen | 18 🌼 Thriving on bowls of vegan goodness Personal— @kajal_patel30 I make Youtube videos ↓

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own
You might have seen this quote on my story but I just feel it resonates with me so much. I think food is all about memories and eating what you enjoy to FUEL you for everything you want to do in your life. What I hate the most is when people avoid carbs, thinking they are ‘bad’ for you, when in reality they’re the brain’s preferred source of energy. 🌱
If something makes you happy you should EAT IT! In fact my family convinced me to get vegan sushi for dinner tonight because I LOVE IT so much ahahaha.
Do you like sushi? What food are you guys loving and craving at the moment?

Did you know I like fruit for breakfast? With oatmeal underneath of course!
In this bowl I have:
•dried figs (I love figs so much)
•almond butter
So simple but sooo good—I am really loving tropical fruits at the moment and —-TIP - save the banana till the end and mash it into the oats - it’s amazing!!
I think it’s crazy that my bowls used to have porridge with ONLY HALF A BANANA AND A FEW BLUEBERRIES 😂 Nowadays I crave soo much more and enjoy a variety of fruits on my oatmeal. 🌱
How have your meals evolved over time? Have they changed or are you consistent with your choices?

You might have seen on my story yesterday that my mum made idli - this is a South Indian dish typically made with steamed rice, semolina and lentils, and eaten with a dahl (you can see this + the process for making them on my dinner highlights) 🌱
Today we used the leftover idli to make these burgers. The idli became the ‘buns’ and then we filled with tomato, orange bell pepper, avocado and beetroot. 🌱
It’s a fusion of Indian and American cuisines — and is so versatile as can be eaten with any fillings you like—next time I’d put TOFU AND TAHINI in this. It’s also very nutritious as the lentils give the ‘buns’ added protein and the rice or semolina is a good source of carbs. 🌱
What do you guys think? Have you ever had idli? What would you put in an idli burger? I’d love to hear your thoughts 💚💚


Also, just wanted to say this lunch that I had last week was soooo good. I had boiled broccoli and brussel sprouts with GRILLED tomatoes and sesame tofu with a drizzle of tahini and some avo. •
The sesame tofu also had soya sauce, paprika and lemon juice for some extra flavour. I’ve really been loving grilling things at the moment - bread is also sooo good grilled and beats the toaster! Taking advantage of this while I’m at home as I don’t have a grill at uni 😂

Also in the middle of the dish I have leftover curried veggies made by my mum which had cauliflower, sweet potato and bell pepper. •

I really just love throwing together random ingredients together to make a meal— by no means does this tofu ‘match’ with the curried veggies in theory but ehh 🤷‍♀️ I like it so I’m eating it!! •
Have you had any strange ‘throw together’ meals recently? What’s a random combo you love that is seen as odd?

A slightly later post today but sorry I’ve been busy buying snacks and food all day 😂😂 I brought some incredible snacks, some of which will be part of a grocery haul with a little taste test on my YouTube channel ahaha

Also, wanted to say thanks for all the lovely feedback on my previous post—I really love hearing from you guys both in DMs and comments. •

Also, you might have seen from my stories that I’ve been LOVING super fruity bowls like this for breakfast. Underneath I have some porridge made with soya milk, then I topped with:
•red grapefruit •banana
•red plum
•of course ALMOND BUTTER

I love starting my day with this sweet bowl of goodness — keeps me fuelled for so long too! What have you been having for breakfast recently? •
Also what snacks are you enjoying at the moment? -today I brought @pulsinhq @livias dunx and @deliciouslyella nut butter balls.

Happy Friday 🙌

So you might have noticed I’ve started to change things up a bit on this account. I’ve decided to post some more savoury dishes because as much as I loveeee breakfast and my usual fruity posts, I don’t want it to get monotonous (my breakfast is pretty similar each day with only slight variations) and I don’t want to change what I eat for breakfast just for the sake of Instagram. If I do try new things then of course I’ll post them 😂

I’ve also been trying to post more of my dinner each day on my story and I hope you guys have been enjoying that. •

Despite having this account for over a year I’m still exploring and experimenting with the type of content I want to create. I’ve also been loving making YouTube videos.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the types of posts you like to see. Do you want to keep seeing lots of breakfast, more savoury meals, more on stories, more on YouTube? 🤷‍♀️ any feedback would be appreciated. I hope you have a lovely evening 💛💛

Who likes pancakes? 🙌

I’ve been loving pancakes at the moment but this time I made them SAVOURY. The pancake batter had:
•3 heaped tablespoons of whole wheat flour
•1/2 tsp salt
•1/2 tsp baking powder •Oregano and black pepper
•3/4 cup soya milk (or the amount that gives desired consistency)

Then I topped with herby turmeric and paprika mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and super creamy avo. Such a great combo and I’d definitely make it again. My sister put sweet chilli sauce on hers which is also a good idea 🤗

Have you guys tried savoury pancakes? What would you top yours with? 💛


This is a very random lunch and probably quite weird for many of you but I thought it was delicious and that’s what counts I guess 😂 In this bowl I have:
•Curried Cauliflower •Beets
•Cannelini beans
•Cherry tomatoes
•Soya yogurt and Chilli Pickle

Some of this was leftover from a Mexican meal I had yesterday and I put it together with a poppadom and the curried cauliflower to turn it into an Indian-ish meal. Pretty strange I know but yummy when all mixed together 😋
Would you guys eat this? Do you find it weird? Do you want to see more cultural fusion meals? Let me know below 🤗

BE BOLD WITH FLAVOURS- this is what my dad said when making this marinated Indian spiced baked TOFU packed with flavour. Oooooh I cannot describe how good this was. I had it on ancient grains bread (made with millet, quinoa and linseed) topped with cherry tomatoes, tahini, sunflower seeds and coriander. •

He covered the tofu in:
•Lots of lemon juice
•Dried fenugreek
•Garam masala
•Dried coriander and cumin
Then bake for up to 15 minutes till all the flavours are absorbed— literally an explosion of goodness in your mouth. •
What do you like on top of your toast/bread? 💛

Anyone else have a sweet tooth at the moment? - I’ve been loving cocoa delight nakd bars and dark chocolate. Here I had my favourite @lindt chocolate on my breakfast bowl with amazing juicy raspberries, mango, strawberries, blueberries, apple stars and almond butter. So good - especially when the chocolate melts into the oats underneath 😋 this chocolate is obviously vegan 😂 What’s your favourite chocolate?

Who likes pancakes? I love them, especially topped with lots of fruit and nut butter. The ones from the video had mango and strawberries with chocolate sauce, pomegranate, peanut butter and desiccated coconut. Such a great combo 🙌 In the video I talk about my food philosophy and promoting/ preaching veganism. I hope you enjoy it 💛

Such a simple breakfast bowl— after this photo I covered it in almond butter 😂. It’s a bowl of porridge made with @alpro hazelnut milk, topped with mango, strawberry and plum. What did you guys have for breakfast this morning? 🤗 Also filmed a grocery haul this morning which I’m so excited to upload 🙌

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