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Paige Smith- Founder & CEO  A peek behind the scenes: Ethical baby/ kids'-wear and a journey of mompreneurship. πŸ€“ Seen on Kardashian babes | Featured in Vogue | Est. 2011

"There is beauty in simplicity." Many of the recent pieces I have designed are just that- simple. However, I'd say they are anything but boring. As I find myself personally striving for more simplicity in my lifestyle, I find these are often the type of pieces I gravitate toward myself- simple, beautiful staple pieces that I can wear day in and day out. That is exactly what I'm translating into miniature size 😜 Though we have some REALLY great prints coming for Fall, I believe it's always important to have great to-to staples that you can mix and match with anything. I also love a subtle, well-designed, comfortable piece that stands out in its simplicity with great attention to quality & detail. And THAT is why this is one of my favorite pieces right now 😍 This blush sleeveless hoodie will be perfect in Spring, Summer, and Fall! A piece you can wear almost year-round on its own or all the time when layered. That's a win in my book πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #kindredoak

The only way way to start a Monday πŸ’ͺ🏼 Double tap if you agree πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #kindredconfidence
Find the direct link on our "Words to live by" board on #pinterest

Just a friendly reminder that you have one day left to snag The Essential Romper at 50% off!! These are part of our Essential Collection because they are great basics that can be layered, mixed & matched, and they fit for about 2 sizes! That means your babes can share them and wear them for a few years, making your life easier (you don't have to replace EVERYTHING for each growth stage) AND eliminating a lot of unnecessary waste in new children's clothes every time they grow a little. Link in profile, friends 😘 #kindredoak #brickyardbuffalo

This week was my first time staying at an @airbnb and it was the best decision ever! Every inch of this place was adorable 😍 and next door, the owners had the most darling cafe @_piggy_back with included {delicious} breakfast.... you may have seen a peek from my IG Stories this week 😏 Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be posting those pics too πŸ˜… Sorry, I'm not sorry for the overload of pics from this trip 😜
Not only was it the cutest experience, the hosts were the most incredibly kind, beautiful people! That was one of my favorite experiences going through Airbnb as opposed to just staying at the Hilton like I originally planned- being immersed in the culture, meeting the people, experiencing and area the locals loved and venturing out beyond the hotel pool. ❀️ On that note- I can't wait for you to see the influence this trip has made on the some of the pieces we're preparing for Spring/ Summer '18 and even a few last-minute decision for Fall πŸ˜‰ (I can never wait for anything! Haha) All I can say is you're going to want to buy allllll the things; I've already picked out half of Nix's winter wardrobe and a few pieces for Spring (so you KNOW we'll be going up to size 6 this season! πŸ™Š)

I know I just got back from Mexico, but is it too early for a beach vacation? πŸ€” We may settle for the pool instead 😜 Pretty sure Nix will be taking these little shorties with him too; they are buttery soft and the perfect transition from a wet swimsuit to dry off quickly! Anyone else aching for a beach trip? πŸ™‹πŸΌ #kindredoak

I arrived in Guadalajara Monday evening. My mind was swimming with excitement from the opportunity that awaited me in this foreign place, but my heart was heavy and broken from a recent personal event. I've never felt so conflicted, and in that moment I relived a personal fear of mine as an entrepreneur: the fear of true work-life balance. This unicorn that we keep chasing.
But this time was different. Finding a confidence within myself and my abilities has allowed me to focus & separate my feelings when things are hard or stressful at home. I used to think because I had a hard time doing this it meant I was weak or "unsuccessful", but really, who wouldn't? There are no sick days or "personal days" when you're chasing your dreams, and you really just have to figure out a way to be confident that you're doing the best you can and learn to go easy on yourself; I used to have a hard time sharing these things because it made me feel like I'm sharing TMI and I might be judged. BUT- I think it's important we share this side. The emotional rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. The times when life is rough and you have to pull it together because there are no "sick days". And I'm learning how lucky I am to actually be able to do something I love. To have something I can turn to and find happiness in. This is what it's about. These are the small victories that make entrepreneurship such an incredible journey πŸ’• #kindredconfidence

As I find myself at the airport with a long day of travel ahead, I can't help but ask myself why I didn't make a pair of these in my size πŸ˜… They sure would come in handy for today's journey 😜
Speaking of ultimate comfort- if you're obsessed with the softness of these harems like I am, your going to loooove the leggings we have coming your way for Fall. Quantities will be limited (as they are in these bad boys πŸ‘†πŸΌ) So suggest you snag what you can while we have it 😘😘 Happy {almost} Friday, friends!! #kindredoak

Surprise!! @brickyardbuffalo is featuring a limited number of #kindredoak rompers at a reeeeeaalllly great price 😏 Scurry on over and grab one while you can! If you haven't noticed, the teal is my favorite 😜 {Link in profile ❀️}

If Nix was here in Mexico with me, this is the hoodie he would be wearing for the duration of the trip πŸ’— {The Drew Hoodie in Southwest Print} Would you choose this print or the stripe? πŸ€”

It's been a rough day, ya'll. If you saw my post in the Kindred OAK Friends Facebook group, you saw first-hand how emotional I am πŸ˜… But one thing I've really been striving for is finding positive in every situation no matter how bad it is. And after a long, exhausting day of travel, I find myself sitting in the most adorable little pub just down the street from my most adorable @airbnb (LOTS of pics to come later πŸ˜‰) and I'm treating myself to a well-deserved beer. I'm also hoping whatever I ordered to eat is something I recognize when it comes out since my Spanish is rusty, to say the least. So, how was your day?! πŸ™ƒ

Found this adorable journal that was just the perfect reminder. Playing so many roles (a mother, an entrepreneur/ small business owner, a girlfriend, a sister, a friend), it's so easy to get stressed and dwell on all of the things going wrong (with so many things going on, it's easy for there to be a lot πŸ˜…). And, honestly, this is something I struggle with. It's a positive/ negative thing being such a perfectionist sometimes- it means I work hard until the job is done right, constantly striving for something better, BUT it also means sometimes I fail to see all of the positive things and realize my blessings. So, I've been challenging myself to start and end my days with little notes of gratitude. Sometimes when you write things down, they become so much clearer, ya know?

How many roles are you playing each day? I think we often forget to list ourselves in those notes of gratitude.... When is the last time you listed yourself when thinking of all the things you are grateful for? πŸ€” I can tell you one thing- I've definitely started to notice I'm usually last on the list & I feel like maybe that's part of my problem πŸ˜‰ #kindredconfidence

Saturday's call for cute, comfy pants and a day filled with fun. Don't you think? {Pictured: Maxwell Pant & Drew Hoodie} #kindredoak

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