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I’m working on a blog post that talks about confidence and self-love.... what are the biggest things you find you struggle with when it comes to confidence? Physical appearance? Motherhood? Social media comparisons? Your mother-in-law? 😏 Tellll me. .
Also, I’ve decided I need this mug from @madebytracey since it’s basically my motto for 2018 😜 I’ve got zero to give and it feels sooooo good. ❤️

Oh, hey! Did you catch my Live Video over on the Insta Stories? Loooooots of updates 🙌🏼 Check it out to stay in the loop for all the fun stuff going on behind the scenes over here 😘

Do you have a favorite planner you use? 2018 is just around the corner and I swear I’ve been looking everywhere & still haven’t found a planner I’m 100% in love with. This printable planner from @nourishedplanner is pretty cool, but I want to hear what you love.... 🤔
📷: @nourishedplanner

Me: “Man, I really need to finish my Christmas shopping.”
Also me: *see above*
@hashtagbasicbabe nailed it 👌🏼😍 Little Ellie is wearing our Crew Romper And is the cutest thing I’ve seen all daaaaaay!

Are you completely ready for the holidays? Please tell me someone else is as bad of a procrastinator as I am 😅 Confession: Christmas is officially less than one week away and I’ve gotten 3 presents checked off my list. Oh, and I haven’t ordered my Christmas cards yet. 😳 Someone suggested New Year’s Eve cards.... I’m starting to really like the sound of that 🙃
Now..... who’s coming last-minute shopping with me? 🤢🤦🏼‍♀️
PS- I had to repost @samanthahammack adorable wrap job, because well.... obvious reasons stated above 😜

@ourdiaryofdays babe showing us the importance of sleep. I mean, we all look that adorable when we’re sleeping, right? 👆🏼😜 Okay, so maybe it’s not as cute when I’m drooling in my sleep? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But your babe could look this cozy with their own sand swaddle.... pretty sure that one’s true 😉
Friendly reminder- Be sure to snag one by tonight if it’s going under the tree 😘

Happy Monday, friends!! I am seriously so pumped to start a new week. I love the feeling of a fresh start that Monday’s bring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always left longing for more weekend time, but there’s something I love about the hustle and about getting back into our routine. Please tell me I’m not alone here. Tell me what part of your routine is “crucial” to getting your weekend started off right.
I don’t know about you, but routine gives me sanity as a mother and the hustle is what keeps me going personally. I’ve been slacking a little in both of these areas lately because I’ve been “too busy”.... isn’t it funny how we make ourselves “busy” yet it seems to be the time we are least productive?
So this morning, I said “no more”. After overcommitting myself in every area of my life for the last month, I woke up and said “today we start over”. You know how I started? Breakfast 👆🏼 Even though I’ve never been a breakfast person in my life, I know it’s important for Nix to start his day off with a full belly. Plus, I find that when I know I have to make time for cooking in the morning, I know I better get up on time 😅 Even if it’s something as simple as instant pancakes, I love making breakfast on a Monday morning because it gets us in routine and gives us 30 minutes of extra bonding time before school. Because if there’s one other thing I’ve learned about being “busy”, it’s that what “busy” really means is that I’m not actually being present as a mother, a business owner, or a friend.
So cheers to Monday! ☕️☕️ May your coffee cup be full, your pancakes fluffy, and your heart hopeful ❤️ Let’s get this week started 👊🏼
📷: @trevorhooperphoto

When you wake up early on Saturday morning to feed the tiny human(s) in your home even though you want to sleep until noon 😴 I mean, I feel like that deserves an award, don’t you? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #saturdaymorning #motheroftheyear 📷: @parcelpaperco 🙌🏼

It’s Friday! Can I get a double tap for the weekend? 🙌🏼 Hoping to see you at one of our events this weekend! Message me if you need more deets! 📷: @trevorhooperphoto

What does “being a good mother” look like to you?

I find this time of year always has me reflecting on what kind of mother I’m choosing to be for Nixon. I also find that I am often immediately focusing on my flaws and all of the things I am doing wrong. In a sense, I’m proud that my standards for raising this little human have been set very high because I truly want the best out of life for him; however, I think it’s so important to recognize that sometimes “being a good mother” is just doing the best of your ability at that point in time. I won’t lie- there are days where this single-mother, entrepreneur gig feels like it could possibly be the thing that kills me 😅 But this is when I have to remember not every day is a walk in the park for anyone. And it’s important for our children to learn this about life too. It’s important for them to feel our love even when things are tough, and I believe THAT is what makes us great mothers, not doing everything perfectly. ❤️ 📷: @trevorhooperphoto

Just look at this sweet family!! ❤️ @kels_ek honored to have our beanie make the cut for your family pics 😘😘

Last caaaaallll! Go snag your beanies & socks at buy one get one 50% off ❤️ @chantelp26 ‘a little guy just looks so dang handsome in his reversible Rooted beanie, don’t ya think?! 😍

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