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I think us women need to do a lot more smiling. A lot less giving a fuck. A lot less worrying about things that don’t matter. I think sometimes amongst all the bullshit we as women have to go through, and trust me these days it’s a shit ton. From perfection to imperfection to oppressing our emotions in fear of how we might be viewed. I think we’ve forgotten as a gender at times about how fucking powerful we are. Our intuition. Our creativity. Our passion. Our hearts. Our willingness to love and open ourselves to others. Our generosity. All of which can easily be taken for granted. I guess I’m only speaking for myself but I hope the next time someone makes you feel anything less of amazing you have the courage to stand up, ask for that promotion, for the sale, ask for the commitment, ask for what you want. Whatever that is. Don’t take anything less, and if not walk away with your head held high, and your booty popped.

Miami was OK

Well, big 27 coming up. It’s been such a amazing year. Has it been hard? Absolutely. Constant grind. Good days, down days, amazing days. I feel grateful I get to spend my celebration of life in a beautiful place with beautiful people. I’m not going to lie, down days sometimes outnumbered the good. But I persevered. I stuck by myself. I realized so much these past 4 days. About love, laughing, family, and life in general. That’s the funny thing about life. When you take space for yourself. You choose to be single. Love yourself. You live in the moment. You learn to let go. You learn things about yourself. It brings perspective about the people we choose to share our energies with. You accept what is and that everyone has the power to control their own destiny. This year is another year of choosing happy, peace, bliss and hard work. #cloudnine

4 day weekends.

Catching rays on South Beach. Life is good. #grateful

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