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KindPeoples Collective  Voted Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Cruz 2015, 2016 and 2017! Come experience why at 3600 Soquel Ave or 140 Dubois St, Santa Cruz, CA

Big thanks to @serranor56 on Instagram for the incredibly unique and awesome clone he made for us. He made it out of aluminum cans, KindPeoples stickers and a dab mat! Check out his page to see more of his work at #supportlocalart #kindpeoples #cannabisart #clone #handmadeart

Monterey Bay Dream = Bay 11 x Blue Dream. These bright, delicately-colored nugs are caked with glistening, white trichomes, and thin, wispy pistils that almost border on pink. The nose is fresh and sweet, with notes of berries, conservatively-sweetened sugar cookies, savory chlorophyll, and just a hint of sharp cedar. Users should expect a potent, sativa-style high. It will begin with an intensely stimulating head buzz, punctuated by a feeling of euphoria that will lead them toward creative pursuits, and perhaps, a bout of stony, hazy introspection. As that feeling fades away, it is replaced with a clear-headed serenity. Because of these versatile, experiential effects, this flower is not recommended for those who suffer from anxiety. However, it will prove to be quite useful for daytime treatment of stress, chronic fatigue, depression, and appetite loss. #cannabisforyou #medicalcannabis #locallygrown #montereybay #santacruz12th

Forbidden Fruit = Cherry Pie x Tangie. The nugs are bright purple, orange, and fuschia, and the nose is almost like a freshly-peeled blood orange. Actually, scratch that, it smells exactly like a freshly-peeled blood orange! On top of that, the high is extremely well-balanced, boasting pronounced sativa and indica effects. At first, users will feel an uplifted, joyful euphoria, leading to a calm sense of well-being. As time goes on, the high will transform into a deeply-relaxing stone, with a heavy, almost sedating body high. Patients will find that this flower is ideal for treating stress, chronic pain (even migraines), and insomnia. In small doses, it can be quite enlivening and inspiring as well. #cannabisforyou #terpenes #topshelf #purple #fruity #santacruzwaves

Coco Pucks = Red Congolese x Hashplant. These large, dense nugs are super chunky and shaped perfectly. They’re bright in color with various shades of pale lime green, and speckles of bluish aquamarine. This beautiful color palette contrasts with an abundance of thick orange pistils and frosty white trichromes. The nose is sweet, hashy, and very pleasant with notes of sweet berries and mint, spice, and some cheesy earth. Any user familiar with the Sativa powerhouse Red Congolese will recognize the influence of this strain in the uplifting, energizing, and somewhat giddy buzz imparted by Coco Pucks. What makes this flower so great is the mellowing influence that the Hashplant brings to the table. It provides a measure of manageability and relaxation to the burst of joyful energy experienced by most users. Because of this strain’s well-balanced genetics, patients should experience a very enjoyable body high that bubbles up from the core and works its way down the appendages, leaving the body warm, fuzzy, and pain-free. As time goes on, a more substantial stone sets in; this manifests as heavy eyelids, a case of the munchies, and a hazy, cerebral head buzz. All in all, this flower proves to be an ideal medicine for daytime relief of stress, anxiety, pain, nausea, and lack of appetite. #cannabisforyou #flowers #topshelf #medicalcannabis

710 Event happening now at both of our locations! Go to to learn more #kindextracts #oil #wax #liveresin #shatter #sugar #hash #rosin #kief #cannabisforyou

@Ancestree is killing it right now at our 140 Dubois St location! The music and free BBQ will be going on untill 3:30pm today. Catch them while you can! #reggae #santacruz #bbq #4thofjuly #kindpeoples #santacruz

Our free BBQ and live music with @Ancestree starts now at our 140 Dubois St location. The celebration will also feature a Demo by @TheHighestGrade! Please join us in celebrating the 4th of July today! #bbq #livemusic #reggae #free

Our 4th of July Celebration is happening now at both of our locations! Our free BBQ and live music featuring Ancestree will start at 11:30am and go till 3:30pm at our 140 Dubois St location. Happy Independence Day everyone! #celebrate #cannabisforyou #4thofjuly #santacruz #flowers #wax #vape #joints

Get ready for some free live music featuring @ancestree and a free BBQ at our 140 Dubois St location from 11:30am - 3:30pm! We look forward to celebrating with all of you the kind way! #joints #4thofjuly #celebration #cannabisforyou #santacruz

We will be having a Demo for @thehighestgrade tomorrow at our 4th of July Celebration from 12pm - 2pm at 140 Dubois St! Learn more about what sets The Highest Grade apart from the competition at #whatsinyourvape #virgincoldpressed #extracts #vape #co2oil #cannabisforyou #4thofjuly #santacruz

Help out your four legged friends in reducing with the anxiety of the holiday. Learn more about @Therabispet at #CBD #nonpsychoactive #cannabisforcanines #cannabisforpets #calmandquiet

Join us for a free BBQ and live music featuring @Ancestree this 4th of July from 11:30am - 3:30pm at our 140 Dubois St location! Our Dubois St location will also be opening early, at 9:30 am, for the festivities. We are looking forward to another excellent Independence Day celebration with all of you! Learn more at #flowers #eighths #bbq #4thofjuly #santacruz

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