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Stephen Alain Ko  🛀 Cosmetic chemist and formulator 🎓 Student forever! 💄 #BeautyRecap every week! 👇Check out my blog for skin tips and research! 😊


This week's #BeautyRecap is up! Now with a Science and Research section :) Check it out on KindofStephen.com

Hmm. What's this?

YouTube coming...Soon™

Day 3? 4? What is time even...of working on my friend @justinwu's feature film!

Hey guys and non-guys. I filmed an unboxing for you bros of my huge package. It was too big for Instagram so I had to split it in two so make sure you swipe right (that's what she said) (turns out it wasn't too big sorry bros) (nah just playing way too big). Anyways let me know what you think. Ladies slide in my DMs

"My comb-over has fooled you all."

I'll be back in NYC this October 14th to walk with my friend @tiffanyandlupus and her organisation @lupus_chat to raise awareness about Lupus

I've learned so much from Tiffany over the years...the importance of persistence, advocating for myself and people like me, and how meaningful beauty and self care is

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that is still so mysterious and so many people suffer in silence. Check out walk.lupusresearch.org to find an event near you or to make a donation 💜💜💜 (also I swear to you that is @fanserviced in the back!)

Some brands say they are different. Some brands say they are inclusive. I can tell you that it's just marketing, giving your money to some of them just increases the power and influence of leaders who see others as beneath them, leaders who see their customers as gullible fools, and leaders who don't treat their employees with dignity

I've seen it. I've seen it happen to suppliers who we share, I've heard them being yelled at, being humiliated, being called incompetent. I've seen it happen to my mom when she worked in a lipstick factory and had to fight for bathroom breaks and hot water. I've seen it happen to my young friends in the industry who have their idealism slowly crushed out of them everytime they're told their vision and creativity is wrong

Seeing the above images has made me so emotional. It is so important to look into the world and see yourself reflected in it. There's still more to fix, we need to share that mirror with the indigenous, with people who are transgender, to beauty and communities that have been pushed into corners

I generally don't promote brands, but this is so much more than a beauty line. Rihanna has made a world that I want to live in. A world that bigger brands said was too expensive and too challenging to create. This is what a beauty brand looks like when it is created by a person who is truly passionate about beauty for all. I can't do anything but support that vision

Credits to @naviheaux for putting these images together

I love New York. Sure it's a city where you can find anything, the biggest, and the best. But it's the people that have made it the place I want to call home ❤️So good to see you today @drmklevin, can not wait for your derm clinic!!!!!

Did you ever buttslide down stairs as a kid?

Today’s “beauty” review is actually a medication, called glycopyrrolate. I was recently prescribed this to treat my hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where a person sweats excessively, sometimes for no reason - which is me to a T. I sweat pretty much all over my body as soon as it’s a little bit above room temperature and I sweat from my face and chest whenever I’m nervous.
This causes me anxiety and it’s affected my social life - no one’s been rude or anything about it, but I’m definitely conscious of it. Hyperhidrosis affects about 0.6 to 1.0% of the population, but seems to affect East Asians at a much higher rate...between 6 to 10% depending on the study.
My sweating has even caused me to slowly alter my wardrobe into dark clothing that won’t show sweat stains. On the upside, it’s led me to the discovery (or rediscovery) of linen - for me, it works better than quick dry performance fabrics, and the best thing is that it’s biodegradable and a natural fiber - so doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution like a lot of performance fabrics which use materials like polyester.
So, glycopyrrolate is an oral medication that acts as an anticholinergic, it competes with acetylcholine in our body - the effect is a reduction in secretions like sweat. Because it has a quaternary ammonium group it can’t pass the blood brain barrier - unlike some other anticholinergics, so it doesn’t have central nervous system effects. You might recognize quaternary ammonium as it’s also added onto conditioners to help them bind to the hair!
There are side effects, and in one clinical trial about 30% of the patients experienced some form of a side-effect. The most common are dryness, palpitations, and headaches. You must talk to a doctor before considering this. The reason why I’m sharing this is because this option wasn’t presented to me by my family doctor or a dermatologist. At this point in my life, the potential risk and side-effects are “worth” it to me. ...Read on in the comment section!

A stabilized Ascorbic Acid and an unstabilized Ascorbic Acid walk into a bathroom...

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