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Smashbox launched a silicone makeup "sponge" with a fingerprint texture. I bought a silicone heel pad with a bumpy texture...I wonder if it's a good dupe? πŸ˜… Find this story and more in this week's #BeautyRecap on!

How I picture myself when I get an email opening with "Dear Influencer"...

This week I'm trying this demo lip balm formula containing 2% plantago major L. plant stem cells 🍌🍌🍌 it's a member of the plantain family

In a DPPH test (a test to measure the antioxidant ability) it provided about 30% of the free radical neutralizing ability of Vitamin C as ascorbic acid - but it's much more stable, easier to formulate with, and not acidic

What's interesting is how the product is created! The plant's stem cells are isolated and cultured in a bioreactor, kinda like the lab grown meat you may have heard about! This eliminates the need to harvest plants, and could be used to protect the population of at-risk or hard to grow species. Not only that, it's easier to control the active ingredients that are produced by the plant by controlling the growth conditions - in this case gallic acid. This method also eliminates the use of pesticides and the risk of pests and environmental conditions.

A skincare ester sample pack! Esters used in skincare are usually a combination of an alcohol attached to a carboxylic acid. Ethyl linoleate for example is ethyl alcohol (ethanol) attached to linoleic acid.
Esters can create the "dry" quick spreading texture that are found in many newer facial oils and are promoted as natural dimethicone alternatives. They can also be used to dissolve oil soluble ingredients, which is often used to increase the dispersion of some sunscreens!

They're also much more stable than many unsaturated plant oils, so are useful in extending the shelf life of products as well

Happy Wednesday! This week's #BeautyRecap is up, check it out on β€οΈπŸ™‚

Testing this demo formula this week! It's a facial scrub that uses hydrated plastic microbeads 🌊

Also it's blue! πŸ’™


Air plant babies!

My big box of production samples and some skincare gifts!

Liberty Interactive, owners of QVC, to acquire HSN

ITRI, a Taiwan research institute, have 3D printed Chinese skin for cosmetic testing

Charlotte Cho explains the "3 second rule" of cleansing and skincare

The Rock shares his beauty routine

MAC brings back its Dazzleglass

Find these stories and more in this week's #BeautyRecap on!

I got my lighting right! Except for this giant black pole...

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