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SARAH 💫 KATE  Always Wandering and Wondering 🌎✨ 📍Los Angeles @soosarita Email to shoot 💌

Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts And eloquence. - John Milton
Athens, the first city we traveled and so much wonderful history ✨

Crete is the cutest place I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’m living in a dream 😍🇬🇷

This year has been the “year of Sarah” if you ever watch parenthood you would get that reference... lol but really I’ve made so many personal goals this year and I’m trying to reach all of them. I never thought I would be going to Greece alone at 24 years old but here I am and I’m so excited. Ps. This photo was taken on my new camera!!! Here’s to new experiences 🙌🏽 cheers

A few weeks ago I did a project with my students where we created our own planets. Anything they could dream of: kitty planet, pizza planet, music planet, but a lot of them chose to stick with planet earth and it made my heart melt 🌎💗 I love you mother Earth. I hope we all continue to keep taking care of you. Taken by 📸 @zackarimiller

I've been trying to search within everyday and I ask myself new questions so I can get to know myself on a deeper level. It's crazy the things, we learn about ourselves once we stop and look within. Here's my question to you, what activity lights you up with joy?

I'm forever searching for something beyond. When you watch the ocean, do you wait for the waves to crash or watch the shoreline? 📸 @zackarimiller

I will search
for you in crowds
in empty fields
and soaring clouds
In city lights
and passing cars,
on winding roads
and wishing stars.
I wonder where you could be now,
for years I´ve not said your name out loud.
And longer since
I called you mine
time has passed
for you and I
But I have learnt
to live without,
I do not mind
I still love you anyhow (Lang Leav)

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. 📸 @ryuuuzzz

I am planning on traveling a lot this year. I have been doing a lot of research about group trips that go to a lot of different cities or counties in a certain amount of days. I have been leaning more towards a group trip because it will be my first time traveling all alone and I really want to make new friendships along the way. I have been looking into @efultimatebreak @trovatrip and @intrepidtravel are there any others I should be searching? Has anyone ever done a group trip before? Let me know! ✨ Taken by: 📸 @jakesout

I was thinking today of all the people who I've lost too soon and how important it is to do whatever you want because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. If you want to travel to Europe go to Europe. I'm going to stop making excuses and do the things I want in my life. ✨

Let's go back in time. ✨ taken by 📸 @mr.sassychang

The snow is so magical ✨I know most of the east coast people are tired of the snow and cold weather by now but the snow has always made me happy! It links me to my inner childhood and gives me a sense of calmness.
What does the snow make you feel?

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