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  movement, documentary + school programs that bring awareness + healing to the effects of girl-against-girl bullying. 501(c)(3). Founded in 2009.


In honor of #worldkindnessday we’re so excited to share that we’ve brought back our “You Can Sit With Us” shirt! The world can always use a little more kindness, so join us, sit together, spread the love and get your shirt through the link in our bio or at omaze.com/kind 💛

On #worldkindnessday we want to hear about acts of kindness that have impacted you and your community. Tag someone and share about their kind act! Maybe it’s someone who stuck up for you in middle school or in a work meeting, or who recently offered to babysit when you needed some time for yourself. Maybe it’s someone who has dedicated themselves to community service. You can also share about someone you don’t know! Maybe you witnessed a stranger pay for another strangers coffee in line. Or maybe there’s a man who works at your local grocery store whose smile always brightens your day. We want to hear it all! In times like this, it is kindness that will end up changing the world. Let’s recognize the BEAUTY we all witness! 💛

It’s a new month! It’s Fall! It’s a great time to turn over a new leaf and be the change that YOU wish to see in the world. Don’t let peer pressure lead you into making decisions that you will look back and regret or not be proud of years from now. YOU matter. And YOUR actions have the power to make an incredible difference in someone’s life, and in the world. Stand up and be proud of what you choose to do every single day, whether in your school hallways or workplace. YOU MATTER. ✨💪💛 #kindcampaign #youmatter #youCANsitwithus

On Wednesday night, our co-founder @mollymaethomps, spoke on a panel about what her and @laurenpaul8 do with Kind Campaign and about living a life that inspires and empowers. It was a wonderful evening where so many inspiring women (and men!) came together to celebrate one another and living their lives to the fullest, going after their passions and implementing kindness along the way. Check out our story to see more from the night! Thanks to @santamonicaplace and @bloomingdales for hosting! #TheModernMuseIRL #kindcampaign

Your words have the power to reach, touch, and heal those around you. When we share our experiences around bullying with others, we are able to open up the space for healing and connection, reminding people that they are not alone. If you are interested in being featured on our Instagram, please email admin@kindcampaign.com with the subject "INSTA STORY" and share your truth with us. Please keep it short and sweet so we can fit it into an insta pic. #myKINDinstastory

We finished our 13th Founders Assembly Tour on Friday at Millburn and Suffern Middle Schools! The two of us completed 26 assemblies over the course of 15 schools days. It was a whirlwind to say the least, but we left every school feeling so inspired by the ladies and their participation in the conversation. We witnessed so many beautiful moments throughout!
Remember, you can host an assembly at any time, without the two of us leading it! Kind Campaign Assemblies are hosted by faculty and community members, parents and Kind Ambassador volunteers every day of the school year across the world! On average, there are about 350 Kind Campaign assemblies that take place a school year! For more info on how to book an assembly today, fill out an inquiry at www.findingkind.com. All assemblies are free of charge! 💓
@laurenpaul8 + @mollymaethomps
#kindcampaign #freetobekindtour

Loved spending the day with the incredible ladies from Morristown Beard School and H.B. Whitehorne Middle School yesterday!!! Their energy was electric and contagious! So excited to see the beautiful things that happen in your hallways! 💛💛💛, @mollymaethomps & @laurenpaul8
#kindcampaign #freetobekindtour

💓Coolidge School in New Jersey💓

Loved visiting two Promise Academy Charter schools yesterday in Harlem! Your energy was so electric and contagious!
💕, @laurenpaul8 + @mollymaethomps

We are so excited to be speaking in New York and New Jersey on the second half of our tour! The first two assemblies of the week were at the Nest School and St. Brigid. 💕 So many beautiful moments today ladies! We loved meeting you!
💕, @laurenpaul8 + @mollymaethomps

We had such a great day at El Rodeo Middle School and Yerba Buena Elementary School last Friday!! Now we’re wrapped on the California leg of our tour and onto New York! Here we gooooo!
💛, @mollymaethomps + @laurenpaul8
#kindcampaign #freetobekindtour

Had a great day Thursday with the rad ladies at Colina Middle School and Woodlake Community Charter School!! You used your voices to create change within your friendships and school and it was so beautiful to witness!! Keep it up! ✨👯😘💛, @mollymaethomps & @laurenpaul8 #kindcampaign #freetobekindtour

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