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I’m so grateful to have a family and friends who always supporting me whatever I'm doing, or whoever I want to be. hope you also feel it that way !

no more yellow hijab. I do look like tweety, waiting the sylvester to chase me outside the cage ( y know? the famous yellow bird cartoon? )
but still I was happy that day, to be a little part of the happiest moment of @adenura and @valentinohary ‘s wedding. congratulations 🎉🎉🎉
credit 📷 @rezasutrisno

I used to think; it's easy to be anything I want to be. just do it.

but now, there is a very basic, big question in my life; how to be a human. the good one.

and many more questions,
how to live,
how to communicate, without misunderstandings,
how to make or be a friend, (the real one)
how to laugh,
how and when I have to cry, (I cried a lot)
how to deal and live with people and not to be misjudged,
how and when I have to make myself a priority in my own life,
even how to understand my own feeling,

feels like all I’ve done just gone wrong, and they stressed me out. ( I really really do ! )
and.. seems like everybody had no trouble with it but me. WHY ?

gadis (n) desa

ku juga kangen bil !!

yg wisuda sama mamanya cantikan mamanya kemana mana 😩😩😩

(belum move on wisudaan) maaf ya aku masih banyak berhutang budi sama kalian, orang orang yang berjuang bersamaku. semoga masih ada waktu untuk membalas kebaikan kalian semua.. aku pamit :”(

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7 April 2018

Kinari Nur Aulia Padma Negara, S.Ds.


belum kok.

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