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Kim Zufelt  Mom of 5🙋🏼‍♀️ Esthetician💆🏼‍♀️ Private shuttle service🚘 Baker🍰 Wannabe traveler🗺 Wannabe nap taker😴 All the bad stuff is my fault cuz I’m the mom🤨

We’re SO excited to have family here. Like, so SO excited!!! There may have been tears🤫

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I absolutely LOVE 💕 having a big kitchen now, with enough counter space to make a double batch of cinnamon rolls. My holiday baking will be quite a bit easier with double ovens too🙌🏼. -
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I’m so glad we doubled our house size and doubled the number of bathrooms so that we can STILL cram into one room to get ready every day. It’s the best. Thankfully our master bathroom doubled in size as well. -
On a side note, our kids sang at Stetson’s baptism with 3 of their friends. The bishop requested my “choir of angels” to sing the same song again in Sacrament meeting today and they did great! I love making my kids do things they don’t wanna do😁

On our 10th anniversary we had a sweet newborn boy and celebrated by doing nothing but snuggling on him all night. Today, our 18th anniversary we celebrated with that sweet boy being baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While standing in his white jumpsuit before his baptism he said “I look and feel like and angel.” His baptism was so sweet and we are so grateful to our new ward members who came to support us now that we are so far from all of our family. It was a wonderful day!
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Kids had the day off today so we checked out the #fortworthstockyards
The cattle drive happens twice a day, everyday, just for a little piece of history. I love seeing old historical places and trying new things.
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I’ve ALWAYS wanted an elephant for a pet. Obviously it’s not gonna happen🙄 so fine, I’ll just eat my lunch here and watch them from this fine view.
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I came across this magazine clipping almost 2 yrs ago and fell in love with that painting of the farmhouse. For some reason it makes me think of driving to Dillons Beach and passing thru Petaluma.
I’m not an artist, by any means, but I can occasionally whip up copycats of things I like. Did I make 3 or 7 trips to the craft store? Yes. Did I try to fix it umpteen times? Yes. Did it take me a full week to bring it out of my bedroom? Yes.
I don’t love it as much as the original but at least that massive fireplace wall is less bare.
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This week was birthday week for my little boy blue—the sleepiest, easiest, most cautious, squishiest little boy ever to grace the earth. I recently found some old videos of him as a baby and it brought tears to my eyes. He has been a dream for 8 yrs! He’s still super mellow and easy going and a great friend to everyone he meets. And he’s the only one with blue eyes still. And those freckles!!!

This morning our little Maximus was hit by a car in front of our house. I’m fairly certain he was killed instantly as I was the one to scoop him out of the street. He was a stinker at times—always a runner, never quite got the hang of “Come Max”, never quite housebroken— but he was always a little snuggler and great with the kids. There were lots of sad tears today and poor Vinny is lonely for his little brother. But, we are NOT getting a puppy. Promise.

First time bathing in the new tub. First time bathing in Texas. First time bathing in.....months... probably😬. I figure pool water gets them mostly clean, right? •

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Thank goodness for all the parks here. School hasn’t started yet so Jameson and Stetson don’t have any buddies to hang out with. They spend lots of hours tangling up fishing line at the pond and playing on the jungle gym. The heat has no affect on them...

I have had a few people over the past few years tell me that I have done my kids a disservice by having so many children. I’ve been told that with so many kids I can’t possibly give them my undivided attention and how sad that is for a child to feel like his mother’s attention is always elsewhere. I try not to let this ignorance offend me and instead I politely tell them that my children don’t need my undivided attention because they have sooooooo many other people who love them. And then I think how sad it is to intentionally deprive a child of the gift of siblings. •

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