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Kim Aguilar Danoher  Teaching Yoga, Pilates, AcroYoga, Corporates, Prenatal, Kids Yoga, Thai Massage, patience, self love, & happiness.


Millions of fishies! Fishies for me! The superb water at Menjangan Island 🌴 Nothern Bali. Every year at our @yogalatesblissindubai Yoga retreat, we take the group to this underwater paradise for a morning snorkeling trip. It feels as if there's always new fish 🐟 that I never saw previously! And I like to guess which brand name they would be... there are some beautifully luxurious colours & patterns! Also promised myself I'd take more vids of the nicest experiences - for at least a minute. Later in the year it's as if I can feel the memory of the experience on my skin again if I'm watching the water & fish / sunrise waves 🌊... etc. @yogalatesblissindubai @sumberkimahill #yoga #pilates #pilatesdubai #yogadubai

It's scheduled to peak at 40c today in Dubai with 85% humidity, so I'm treasuring this video from two weeks ago of watching soft rain from our villa in Sumberkima Hill, Bali, even more. Every year our @yogalatesblissindubai retreat spots have been breathtakingly beautiful. Sumberkima Hill was no exception - the best of the lot in its own special way. The rolling view down to the ocean had added power to make everything in the world feel just right...

The only part left of the Bali chapter is the last connecting flight, a taxi back to the front door of home, hugs / kisses / doggy licks, & to unpack suitcases. Moving straight on to preparing for the next chapter - UK in July & 10 days of Myofascial dissection. Which means working my way through all the online Gill Hedley videos during the flight. No complaints from my neighbors so far but I did laugh whilst watching slicing during turbulence - will chalk that up as an exercise to toughen my stomach for the experience... preparation indeed... #fascia #neuromyofascia #movement #education #comfortzonechallenge #yoga #pilates

The adventures of the rat & the glue trap... Rat running the beams in my room, which hardly surprises me with the amount of rice from offerings that lies about (not in my room... in the Island 😊). Second thoughts it IS surprising, furry critter should be in his rat mansion near the temple - or any entrance doorway of any building, for that matter - smoking cigars & waiting out the couple of hours before the next prayer. Anyway - looking for a party in my room. I could've just told him how early I go to bed & wake up to get him to throw up his little rat paws in disgust & move on, but the tactic of selling him on my rock star lifestyle didn't occur to me at the time. Ive written this much rubbish about a rat encounter?! Back to the point: I think the pics speak for themselves about the respect for nature vs finding the nearest poison pellet. Glue traps & some acrobatic negotiations, eyeball to fur ball.... the eco friendly future in Karama!

Missing Paco & my pooches something terrible! 2 more days in Bali learning, working, planning... eating & a sneaky massage or two! Mama's gonna be home soon....

At @sumberkimahill almost two weeks ago making the most of the sunrise... Repost from @yogalatesblissindubai using @RepostRegramApp - The world from another angle...🌴❀ If there is one way to sun salute in Bali and feel incredibly grounded, it would be right here at @sumberkimahill's pavilion... an unbelievably beautiful venue overlooking a panoramic view of the tropical land rolling down towards the sea and mountains of java. @kimyogaforlife .

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Kundalini Yoga in the morning at @yogabarn ubud. It's those wide open windows and tropical foliage that get me every time ... #yogainbali

Pooches in Ubud, Bali. The dogs here really do mind their own business. And I haven't seen any higher than mid-calf height. Ours would be giants by comparison!

Throw back to last week on our retreat at @sumberkimahill ... our first sunset Restorative Yoga session was on an island... Sumberkima Hill time it with the tides. When the tide drops then the island rises & we have a pristine Yoga space while they set up a beach BBQ on the other end. I was too busy guiding our group & settling in to the start of our journey to take a step back & really appreciate how absolutely magnificent this was! And a view of the Java Volcanoes πŸŒ‹ as part of it all! Feedback we've received so far mentions this as a highlight 😊🌴🌺 but let's be honest - there were a lot of highlights to choose from! Magical area of Bali ✨✨ @yogalatesblissindubai #sumberkimahill #yogaretreat #yogainbali #bodymindsoul #takemeback #baliblissretreat2017

Aaaaaand it's a wrap! Each one of these fantastic people is well on their way into their next chapter feeling refreshed, relaxed, fulfilled, & uplifted after our Bali Bliss week long Yoga retreat in the paradise of @sumberkimahill. Exactly what we promised & more, because Bali & its people has something so unique that gets into your soul - it cannot be described in a way that does it full justice... yoga twice a day to Sunrise & Sunset, good food, incredible views, activities to explore the beautiful land & culture of Bali, & - with this group - belly laughs lasting for hours! Thank you for an incredible week of moving our bodies, minds, & souls with our Frenchie, Indian (Omani), Iraqi (Brit), Divine South African, the hilarious Santa Barbara 'doctors' (& food vacuums), & our Cali twins! I've adored guiding you through it all & sharing the best that I had to give πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈ #baliblissretreat2017 #yogalatesblissindubai #yoga #yogainbali #yogaretreat #bodymindsoul @yogalatesblissindubai

Finishing the last night of our retreat at a Full Moon ceremony at Melanting Temple. Full of prayers, incense, offerings, flowers, & gamelan music. This has been an exquisite week. Parting is going to be very sweet sorry tomorrow morning! @sumberkimahill has been an absolutely perfect location to unwind & relax down to the smallest cell in the body! And this group has been fun, carefree, & a crazy laugh from start to finish! #sumberkimahill #yogainbali #yogalatesblissindubai @yogalatesblissindubai

This view 😍 it's our last full day at @sumberkimahill ... in discussing how we would want to make it 'perfect' as a last day, there wasn't much that came up - we really just want to be HERE, all day, between the yoga space, the pool, the massage space, the amazing company of this outstanding, hilarious group, & a siesta! After all, how often are you able to give yourself the luxury of time to soak in paradise? @sumberkimahill @yogalatesblissindubai #baliblissretreat2017 #bali #yoga #yogaretreat #yogainbali #yogalatesblissindubai

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