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Kim Aguilar Danoher  Teaching Yoga, Pilates, AcroYoga, Corporates, Prenatal, Kids Yoga, Thai Massage, patience, self love, & happiness.

My soul, these kids have been amazing! Almost end of school term & start of Summer holidays means the 'goodbyes' are coming thick & fast! This private group of kids I teach at their home. It's been around 9 months with them & I don't work much with kids these days (around 3 classes a week) but this lot have a special place in my schedule & possibly my heart (don't tell them. We try to keep it cool πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž). They rock it every time & keep things so fresh with their questions & observations. Today I got asked if there's any Ramadan themed class or sun salute, so we brought in all the moon poses. Deadly serious question: 'But Miss, if there's a Crescent moon, a half moon, & a full moon pose, I can't get my leg back properly - does that make it a quarter moon?' #yoga #yogaindubai #kids #kidsyoga #littlepeople

Right back to Bali at last years retreat & a sneaky vid of our morning flow from @koshka.matryoshka! I'll be teaching tonight at Fraser Suites & from 3 June ... in Bali! Retreat details at & that one final room waiting for someone to slip in and take it! #yoga #dubai #yogalatesbliss #yogaindubai #retreat

Back tracking over pelvis notes & a very effective 'anatomy in clay' program a few months ago. Anatomy is one subject that absolutely cannot be rushed. I've been over pieces & names time & time again & memorizing is impossible. You have to let the brain connect the dots & understand the functions. It's a whole new language of dinosaur-like names! Once you've got it, it's locked in & as simple as ordering your venti-something at Starbucks (for someone who doesn't care for coffee, hearing someone order it is a whole other language!). Happy to say, if you write it out enough times & google each piece multiple times, the puzzle starts fitting together! #yoga #pilates #yogaindubai #yogalatesbliss #fascia #neuromyofascia #spatialmedicine

Back to Bali for our Bliss Yoga retreat (3-10 June - with one room left!) in 3... 2... 1... & all the beautiful spaces in this lush, tropical island! This photo from some playtime after class, when we have *nothing* to do except hang out, talk, sleep, read, chill, swim, relax, sit still, walk, dive, explore, kayak, cycle, eat, reflect, practice, play, pray, & listen to the sounds of nature, local village life, traditional music, running water, waves... #yogaindubai #yogalatesbliss #retreat

Flashback to Bali last year & the serene sunrises on the Pemuteran beaches... I'm wishing Id just recorded the ocean alone for a good 5 minutes, I'm convinced I'd be a puddle of Zen after watching it here on my couch! T-minus 16 days till we're back for our 3rd annual Bali Bliss retreat from 3-10 June! I feel the calling something chronic right now! @yogalatesblissindubai #dubai #retreats #baliblissretreat2017 #yogaindubai

Tonight! Delicious twists wring out the week at our Yogalates Bliss session from 7:15pm-8:15pm on the 7th floor at Fraser Suites. The breeze is blissful, the pool water is so soothing & the view into the night sky puts your world back into perspective... I'll be leading 4 more of our Mon & Wed sessions before heading to lead our Bali Bliss Retreat in June .

San Francisco Yogi, Basma Masri @yogawithbasma, will be taking over our sessions in June & July. We're thrilled to have this pure soul & elegant Yogi sharing her knowledge & style with you soon! .

Book your yogalates session online by heading over to ⚢

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Delicious twists wring out the week tomorrow night at our Yogalates Bliss session - 7:15pm-8:15pm on the 7th floor at Fraser Suites. The breeze is blissful, the pool water is so soothing, & the view into the night sky puts your world back into perspective... I'll be leading 4 more of our Mon & Wed sessions before heading to lead our Bali Bliss retreat in June! San Francisco Yogi, Basma Masri, takes over for June & July. We're thrilled to have this pure soul & elegant Yogi sharing her knowledge & style with you soon! @yogalatesblissindubai

I want that feeling of hitting the dunes hard & streaking across the water at full speed... Qudra sunset with dem pooches 🐎🐎

Qudra sunset with dem pooches. Leila off leash first time & her return is fantastic! πŸΆπŸΆβ€οΈβ˜€οΈ

Every body is unique & yet there are base principles for connectivity, strength, creating tangible flexible change, & relieving stress & strain/injury from impractical movement patterns. I've been Yoga qualified for 7 years, taught private sessions in Dubai almost 4 years, & been on intensive neuromyofascial study for close to 2. You can join my @yogalatesblissindubai sessions on Mon & Wed evenings (tonight) or contact me for one-to-one Yoga, Pilates, & physical work based on groundbreaking Anatomy Trains & Spatial Medicine perspective @karin.spatialmedicine. Passion for healthy movement in people! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ #dubai #yogaindubai #pilates #fascia #neuromyofascia #spatialmedicine #changeiscoming #yogalatesbliss

I've been upgrading my knowledge in an incredibly relevant way. The Bridge program links what you currently know into the framework of fascia & Fascial movement - happening in Zurich, London, USA, & Dubai. Link for more is below. Repost from @karin.spatialmedicine using @RepostRegramApp - Bridge 1 - A program to learn more about yourself.

The Bridge Prelude offers an enriched experience and therapeutic applications to understand and work with the nature of the neurofascial system.

It demonstrates how the fascia is the regulatory system, the greatest sensory organ, our stability system, and the distribution system, offering you new ways to see, to perceive and to work with the body from this fascial perspective.

Through what we do (and even think) we are always creating fascial change. Becoming conscious of this continuous subconscious happening we can elicit profound and sustained change, at will.

Learn more and book now:

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I'm already getting nostalgic about parting ways with clients over the Summer (yay for continuing with some in London). I'm outta here from 31 May. The UAE Summer months draw a line in the sand & we all migrate out of town for a while over school holidays to escape the mad heat. This very distinctive break in the timeline of the year is something I've only experienced in UAE & from being in the freedom of this work.
So it's easier to see how every quarter with clients (old & new) brings its own flavor. The first 6 months of this year there've been more requests for breath work & meditation, which has been rare in the past.
Scar tissue has come up in my face in a big way as a very real factor in inhibiting movement, body function, & blocking connectivity. More importantly, it's been amazing to see how clients having scar tissue work to release this fascia have then been able to feel & connect so much more. Caesarean? Multiple caesarean? Tummy tuck? Abdominal surgery? Other? New? Old? You wouldn't believe what it could be affecting in the greater picture of your function & how it can be relieved & changed - and what may happen after that.
There've also been more specific micro/connectivity results to work on - anatomy & fascia knowledge that affects my Yoga instructions & leads Pilates work. Stuff that (I believe) makes a crucial difference to body connectivity & performance as a whole... the fascia nerd side of me has been strong + clients have been willing & open = immensely satisfying & rewarding partnerships.
With a few clients our season is almost over completely - they're leaving Dubai for good. I'm particularly sad about these ones. But Experience shows that when the gaps open, a new 'special' enters for a new season with a new story. Fresh discoveries commence.
Dubai, UAE.... the sands are ALWAYS shifting πŸ™β€οΈπŸŒ #movement #fitness #dubai #yogaindubai #yogalatesbliss #pilates #fascia #anatomytrains #spatialmedicine

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