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Comments on dissection. Day 1... 'This is not a normal Monday'. When the time comes, I'm donating my body to medical science.

That decision gives something deeply powerful, meaningful, & mysterious to others who care enough about their fellow humans to do this - investigate, appreciate, & pass on their learning into teaching or facilitating healing.
My major realizations... 1. I can do this. I thought I could but how can you be sure? Understandably, the idea of death & dissection is considered strange & unsettling to most people. It turns out that there is absolutely no issue - for me or for any other first-timers with us. Thank goodness - it's a profound experience to knowledge & learning. Briefing, procedures, processes are with utmost care & respect.
2. Underneath skin, every single one of us is vastly different before we reach the anatomy (muscular layer - we are taking 3 days to get there). Vastly. Every body we are working on (6 of them) is absolutely different to the other in amazing ways to make sense of.
3. In death, this is their one final journey. A way of living on, if you will. Interestingly, I can probably guarantee that they have never been revered this much for absolutely everything about them, & with so much care. There is so much appreciation in this process for the body that has been donated & the secrets it's holding. Observations are made with so much affection.
This is day 1. Just by looking at our cadavers, it's clear that the next 9 days are going to be pretty special.

I saw game of tubes today in London 😁

Today's the day I fly up to St Andrews Uni. Tomorrow's the day that our 10 day dissection work starts. Yesterday this dude was busking with his skeleton. Coincidence? Who cares 😊 I've got nervous anticipation for this experience. It's impossible to know what this will be like, how it's going to feel, & where it'll spin my mind in the first day, never mind the rest. I've felt absolutely ready, it's been a ton of prep to get here, & there are a million good reasons for doing this. Looks like there's 30 of us doing it. I can't be the only one suddenly having a moment of 'have I prepared enough?' & 'maybe I've been too brave...' #britishsummer2017 #schooloflife #anatomy #dissection #fascia #neuromyofascia #yoga #pilates #goingdeep #cantgoback

Summer collection at Royal Academy of Arts #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat

Summer collection at Royal Academy of Arts #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat

Summer collection at Royal Academy of Arts #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat

Summer collection at Royal Academy of Arts #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat

Kaleidoscope drinks, punches of colour, & blueberry coulis.... #primrosepads #inthepresenceofgenius #itmustbebeautifulhesays #japanesestitches #hoochiecoochieman

Attention to detail in that caption... #britishsummer2017 #britishmuseum

British museum.... impressive pieces & information overshadowed by the fact that ALL of this is plundered. Or abandoned, uncared for, & excavated... but there's a fair amount that people wouldn't have wanted to lose, right? Like the Parthenon... How damaged were these pieces, exactly, before they were removed, 'packaged', brought across, & then reassembled? As a community, you're not going to have much love for the people who arrive & then remove some of your greatest work. How barren were these monuments after? Oh well! Impressive achievements of ancient cultures! #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat #finallyrain

Done it! Did it! I've been waiting to visit Sandy's pizza on Seymour Place near Oxford Street for aaaaaages! Because I've seen the Instagram pics, because I know the family & friends, & because their food has been raved about by everyone that I know who has gone! No ordinary pizza then? Now I know 😊 damn delish! You can feel the character in the food and the place and I love.that.street!! πŸ˜‰ @elghanayan #britishsummer2017 #whatwhat #friendships #soulships #waitingforleilaslaundrette

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