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Not knowing how to explain these works...

The work of reproduction includes not just all the housework but also listening, caring, connecting, supporting and all the good stuff we need. Most of time women do this work invisibly on top of other works both paid and non-paid. But who reproduces us?

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Exciting conversation about to launch between #silviafederici and swiss economist Mascha Madörin about #unpaidwork #wagesforhousework #care_economy #feminizing_economy

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Questions to live through:
How do we can unlearn (together) - work
- to be a mother - success
- to be an artist - to live together

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´To draw is to put one point of the square in our imagination. ´ this définition came from a friend while contemplating on the one square meter and making connection between art and eduction. Workshop led by Nicolas Paris. To inhabit time together to give a new shape to language.
In my square meter square, I captured a tree being illuminated. #artistmother #artistmama #artandmotherhood

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Drawing spontaneously and contemplating on how a tree grows.

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For a communal recèpe book shared by 29 artists. 아줌마s explaining how to make kimchi in French !

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How do parenting and art live together?
It was the topic of the discussion during the event #eat_talk_make #parentartist discussion around #repascoreen #삼겹살 #kimchi prepared by non Koreans
The table made of cement, cast from the communal table at the atelier was the center piece of the night. Weaving together stories and her-stories. This table was inked and covered by a sheet of large paper on top of which we talked roasted fat pork and drew.
At the end of the evening we lifted off the paper revealing the image on the other side.
Julie Gindre who often draws cute and grotesque creatures made a portrait of me and my son and and it warms my heart.
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This time she was leading and I was assisting. #collaboration #parentchildart .
#motherartist #artistmama #parentartist #engagedart

Surrealist moment at #eat_talk_make last night. We reflected on how parenting (or just living) could be combined with art making and we made our marks or notes on the inked table with paper on top. Then we grilled Three layer pork and decorated the table with three kinds of kimchi prepared by a local chef, who is not at all Korean but has passion for kimchi. We continued drawing writing while eating and talking .... how much better can it get? The only thing that worried us was the art works soaking up the smell. One of my friend who is doing a masters with me talked about #relationalesthetics and the really well known artist whose name I can not pronounce who makes meals at major international exhibitions. The only difference between last night and his installation/ performance is that we do it for life not for art #artforlifesake not #artforartssake
The result of monotype to come soon

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