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Kimberly Walker  Screenwriter. Beauty expert (formerly of Snack connoisseur. Writer of "Comeback Dad (2014)" Currently in the Universal Writing Program. ✊🏾

No, but seriously. I’ve written so many day to night articles and none of them matter. lol

Shoutout to @jazmendbrown for making me feel fancy at this brunch. Wonderful people. Amazing writers. 👍🏾

When your friend knows exactly what kinds of ish you’re into. Thank you, @warrenslburke! #birthdaybehavior

Yaaaaaaaaaaas! My bestie @candicisms sent me a flower cake! It’s purdy. Happy birthday to meeeeee.

The writers got me gluten free and vegan donuts from one of my fav places @fonuts! 😭🎂🙌🏾🎊 My birthday’s tomorrow. I’m turning 19. Don’t @ me.

To all the mothering figures out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

The greatest thing I’ve seen all day. This is a facial mask by @acureorganics.

In case you forgot. 🎂

Black men, y’all get on every nerve that God has placed in my exfoliated body, BUT you’ve always been my first choice. I’ve asked this question to many men and I can count on one hand how many actually verbalized a preference for JUST me. If I did marry a “Kip,” there would likely be a “Deonte” somewhere I couldn’t make it work with.

My ah-mazing bestie @trequility_1908 gifted me this book to celebrate me being in the Universal Writers Program. 😭😭🙌🏾 Thank youuuuuuuuuu! I can’t wait to tear into this! #screenwriting

Hoteptess (n): a dutiful female follower of male hoteps. Will go against own best interests for the elevation of the almighty hotep ruler. Do not engage.

Le jam. Thank YOU @janellemonae for this album in the midst of a week where we desperately needed some Black girl magic, mayhem and majesty. I’m two steps away from wallpapering my apartment with bronzed vaginas and just staying there. Y’all wildin’ this week.

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